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  1. May 2022
  2. Jun 2021
    1. For example, the Wikipedia article on Martin Luther King, Jr cites the book To Redeem the Soul of America, by Adam Fairclough. That citation now links directly to page 299 inside the digital version of the book provided by the Internet Archive. There are 66 cited and linked books on that article alone. 

      I'd love to have a commonplace book robot that would do this sort of linking process within it for me. In the meanwhile, I continue to plod along.

      This article was referenced today at [[I Annotate 2021]] by [[Mark Graham]].

  3. Mar 2021
  4. robotics.ricopic.one robotics.ricopic.one
    1. closed chain
    2. slow

      Not only are these robots less rigid, they are heavy. Sometimes you have to slow them down because they shake the mount (often a cart). Also, the faster (and proportionally heavier) 5-6 axis robots are terrifying at full speed.

    3. You may have noticed that one of the questions above pertained to the robot’s safety for nearby humans. In some highly controlled environments, this may seem less important, but as robots interact more with humans, working collaboratively, it becomes paramount.
  5. Jun 2020
  6. Mar 2020
    1. These machines actually rely heavily on humans to be useful.

      This is a key point. Watching those impressive astounding videos about these robots we forget how much humans are behind that

  7. Jan 2020
  8. Oct 2019
    1. This being the City of Ryde, political vendettas are never far from the surface.

      That would have to include the vendetta that prompted the call to The Hasbeen, resulting in your misguided story drawing on incomplete facts and coverage dating back to 2014.

      Mental note: This is the type of story that will be perfect for robot journalists when The Hasbeen boosts its editorial quality by replacing its newsroom with robots.

  9. Apr 2019
    1. Boston Dynamics, a company whose main export appears to be unsettling videos of its robotic creations, has offered up one possible answer. Death sounds like 40 robot-dog legs, marching together in unison across a lifeless blacktop parking lot. 

      Future of transport after the zombie apocalypse?

  10. Jan 2019
    1. Robotic thirst quenchers: A 5G service robot serves free bottles of water to travelers at East Railway Station in Hangzhou in China's eastern Zhejiang province on the first day of the Spring Festival travel rush.


  11. Aug 2017
    1. Today, you’re either above the API or below the API. You either tell robots what to do, or are told by robots what to do.

      This is a great way to understand human relationship to automation. See also Vonnegut's Player Piano.

  12. Apr 2017
    1. For about $3,000 each, telepresence robots -- which look like iPads mounted on small Segway self-balancing, battery-powered machines -- are making distance learning easier, clearer and more realistic for online students at hundreds of colleges and universities.

      I think this is cool!

    1. Using 3-D cameras, it builds a picture of the crops, looking for individual plants under stress. Should the tower spot something awry, it dispatches Vinobot. The rover uses its robotic arm to create a detailed 3-D model of the plant, showing scientists the exact angles of leaves, for instance, to determine how different kinds of corn handle drought.

      Really interesting!

  13. Mar 2017
    1. how the world gasped when Boston Dynamics dropped a video of its newest bot, Handle, this week.

      this is one of the coolest things I've ever seen!

  14. Feb 2017
    1. Because the robot built a model of itself that was distinct from its real physical body, he suggested that its creators had – perhaps inadvertently – given it a sense of self.

      Interesting way to think about it.

    2. It was creepy: a four-legged metal crawler that could figure out how to limp if one of its legs was shortened.

      You have to start somewhere!