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  1. Nov 2023
    1. If all national energy and climate goals are reached, this value is lower by 25%, and by 60% if the world gets on track to limit global warming to 1.5 °C.
      • for: stats - fossil fuel industry - valuation in a 1.5 Deg C world

      • stats: fossil fuel industry - valuation in a 1.5 Deg C world

        • current 2023 valuation: 6 trillion USD
        • current NDCs met (short of a 1.5 Deg C world): 4.5 trillion USD
        • 1.5 Deg C world: 2.4 trillion USD
  2. Jan 2023
    1. the only way to stop the crime of Crisis is put an end to oil and coal consumption and zero emissions that's what science 00:50:35 is telling us and this means that Capital linked to oil coals and gas should lose its value

      !- fossil fuel value : science tells us that it needs to stop to zero

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    1. It should be recognized that these basic note types are very different than the digital garden framing of 📤 (seedbox), 🌱 (seedling), 🪴 (sapling), 🌲 (evergreen), etc. which are another measure of the growth and expansion of not just one particular idea but potentially multiple ideas over time. These are a project management sort of tool for focusing on the growth of ideas. Within some tools, one might also use graph views and interconnectedness as means of charting this same sort of growth.

      Sönke Ahrens' framing of fleeting note, literature note, and permanent note are a value assignation to the types of each of these notes with respect to generating new ideas and writing.

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