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    1. 品質管制→品質管理→魅力創造

      基本、體驗、魅力,問題是下一步。 有趣的是,產品的基本取決於social norm。

    1. 比方說關於餐廳在客人用餐後會送上水果這件事,就可以拆解成「本餐廳提供餐後水果你滿意嗎?」「本餐廳不提供餐後水果你滿意嗎?」回答的選項從 1. 喜歡 2. 應該的 3. 無所謂 4. 能忍受 5. 不喜歡 來選擇。


    2. 狩野分析是1984年由狩野紀昭教授提出的方法,又稱KANO Model,一種用以分析顧客滿意度與服務體驗的方法。我覺得狩野很有意思的地方是會透過正、反兩種問法來讓顧客填答一件事情的滿意度,過去我在專案中針對服務品質的研究,多半採用SERVQUAL 和Gaps model of service quality來分析,而KANO的正反問法對我來說就像是開啟了一個新世界。


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    1. According to a survey conducted by Employers Holdings Inc., one out of 10 small businesses report having employees show up to work while under the influence of at least one controlled substance, with lost productivity and potential insurance costs affecting the bottom line of the business.

      This shows statistics so its easier for me to memorize

  6. Nov 2022
    1. You can’t ask everybody about everything, all of the time. This seemingly simple and straightforward statement was one of our most important learnings. It seems obvious when you say it out loud, but implementing this insight is more complicated!To implement the approach of asking developers different questions at different times, you use some math and observation. We needed to get statistically significant data over a certain period of time, for a certain population of developers. However, we set ourselves the constraint to only ask a developer one question, about one thing, every X number of days. So, we couldn’t ask about 300 different tools at once; we needed to narrow our questions down to larger workflows. Even with this narrowing, we could not get enough data unless we asked everybody about all of them, all of the time.Despite our efforts, we still needed to keep a developer survey in place. Developers are happier answering 30 questions in ten minutes, once a quarter, than getting a daily email with one question – even if it only takes 30 seconds to answer.’Note from Gergely: For its own reasons, Amazon does get employees to answer one question per day via the Connections app, as covered in Inside Amazon’s Engineering Culture.

      This an interesting insight, contrasted by seemingly by Amazon's practice. I'll need to explore it because I might find some interesting practices that can be applied to KDA

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  8. Apr 2022
    1. Katherine Ognyanova. (2022, February 15). Americans who believe COVID vaccine misinformation tend to be more vaccine-resistant. They are also more likely to distrust the government, media, science, and medicine. That pattern is reversed with regard to trust in Fox News and Donald Trump. Https://osf.io/9ua2x/ (5/7) https://t.co/f6jTRWhmdF [Tweet]. @Ognyanova. https://twitter.com/Ognyanova/status/1493596109926768645

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    1. ReconfigBehSci on Twitter: ‘@alexdefig are you really going to claim that responses to the introduction of passports on uptake across 4 other countries are evidentially entirely irrelevant to whether or not passports are justified or not?’ / Twitter. (n.d.). Retrieved 31 March 2022, from https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1444358068280565764

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  12. Dec 2021
    1. Nature Portfolio. (2021, December 8). Estimates of COVID-19 vaccine uptake in the US based on large surveys that are used to guide policy-making decisions tend to overestimate the number of vaccinated individuals, according to research published in @Nature. Https://go.nature.com/3EBQPOh https://t.co/rSoclzWIdg [Tweet]. @NaturePortfolio. https://twitter.com/NaturePortfolio/status/1468633979364560899

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