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  1. Feb 2022
    1. В Кройдоне стоит зайти в известный среди рэперов чикен-шоп "Morleys", рекомендую куриные крылышки и местный бургер.
    1. A drop in antibody levels after infection is normal.

      really good diagram for b cells above

  2. Jan 2022
    1. Take Google Photos for example. Since June 2019, it doesn't sync with Google Drive. You can only see your own photos through their app. Getting them onto a computer you own became really difficult. Google Takeout still lets you export all your photos, but it's a rather clunky, manual process. Twitter makes it hard to get API credentials nowadays, so the API is out of reach for most. Fortunately, I had old ones I could reuse. Reddit's API only returns the last 1000 comments, so it's missing about a decade worth of comments. Many websites just don't offer any API at all.


    1. multi-modal capture

      capture of any type of content (e.g. text/images?)

    2. This usage pattern might come across as a bit odd.

      ok, so looks just like regular search?

    1. For example, we know that the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 leaked out of a lab in Taiwan in late 2021. You can read about it here and here.

      ah ok -- they don't claim Delta has a lab origin, just that there was a documented case of delta leaking out of lab (despite safety protocols)

    2. .

  3. Aug 2021
    1. This is an excellent equation for spin-less particles or spin one particles (bosons), but not to describe fermions (half-integer spin), since there is no information about spin is in this equation. This needs careful consideration, since spin must be an intrinsic part of a relativistic equation!


      1. does it describe spin one particles, really?
      2. why it must be an intrinsic part?
  4. Jun 2021
    1. But I like Zendegi for almost the opposite reasons; it’s full of lots of serendipitous things that could easily have been different
  5. May 2021
    1. Based on this definition a simple prescription for finding the kinetic focus can be derived (Gray and Taylor 2007), i.e., ∂x(t,v0)/∂v0=0 

      ok, so it's "simple" but not very intuitive how to find these kinetic foci

    1. tl;dr – in the past 7 months, three new studies have been published that very much fall in line with the bulk of the previous literature and the analysis in the original version of this article:  As long as sets are taken to failure or near failure, muscle growth is very similar between all rep and intensity ranges.  There is no “hypertrophy zone.”
    2. When I talk about “heavy” or “low-rep” training, I’m generally talking about loads in excess of 85% of your 1rm, for sets of 5 reps or fewer. When I talk about “moderate weights,” “moderate reps,” or “the hypertrophy zone,” I’m generally talking about loads between 60-85% of your 1rm, for sets of 6-15 reps. When I talk about “light weights” or “high reps,” I’m generally talking about loads less than 60% of your 1rm, for sets of 15 reps or more.
    1. There are 3 Mechanisms for developing muscle hypertrophy: mechanical tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress
    1. Since the piston moves down twice and up twice, it does a total of four strokes and the engine we’ve built is known as a four-stroke engine.

      intake, compression, power, exhaust

    1. TED CHIANG: So there’s this computer programmer named Steve Grand. And he wrote a book called “Creation,” which is partly about artificial intelligence, but I guess partly about artificial life. That book, I think, sort of made the most convincing case, I thought, for if we’re going to actually create something that merits the term of being a living thing in software, I feel like sort of the ideas in that book are the ones that I think are most promising. So I guess I’d recommend that.
    1. This point is made beautifully in another favorite book of mine, A Computer Scientist’s Guide to Cell Biology, by William W. Cohen:
    2. One of my favorite books is called The Machinery of Life, by David Goodsell.
  6. Apr 2021
    1. The console is a killer SQLite feature for data analysis: more powerful than Excel and more simple than pandas. One can import CSV data with a single command, the table is created automatically: > .import --csv city.csv city > select count(*) from city; 1117
  7. Feb 2021
    1. Сбор актуальных новостей с учётом фильтров.Просмотр отфильтрованных новостей.


    2. Список источников текстов: Тексты в блоге.Посты и комментарии в социальных сетях (Facebook, ВКонтакте). Посты и комментарии на форумах и сайтах (gamedev.ru, habr.com, etc).История чатов, в которых я участвую (Telegram).Переписка по электронной почте.Тексты как-либо отмеченные мной:ссылка на текст добавлена в избранное;текст добавлен в избранное на платформе, а-ля habr;текст лайкнут в социальной сети. Для некоторых текстов, например комментариев, важен контекст. Поэтому такие тексты необходимо сохранять вместе со всем обсуждением.

      sort of promnesia

    1. Недостающее звено Из предыдущей части видно, что актуальной версии экзокортекса не хватает чего-то вроде базы знаний, автоматически наполняемой из софта, который использует пользователь. В моём случае, например: Постов на всех ресурсах, где я писал (gamedev.ru, facebook, stackoverflow, habr).Веб-страниц, которые я посещал.Моих электронных книг.Лайкнутых проектов на github.Почты и всего, что в неё попадает.Потоков RSS.Заметок, куда же без них. База знаний должна быть крайне дружественной к автоматизации с помощью сторонних инструментов. Без этого она не сможет обеспечить успешную интеграцию всевозможных сервисов. Поскольку сервисов много, а база одна и её разработчики самостоятельно не смогут поддерживать весь необходимый для интеграции код — это задача самих пользователей.  Отсюда четвёртое: экзокортекс будущего позволяет автоматизировать обработку информации.

      promnesia/HPI ;)

    2. Чтобы не быть голословным, приведу несколько примеров обработки, которой лично мне не хватает. В форме запросов на поиск с пояснением. Что я писал про обработку исключений за последние 5 лет? Предполагается, что в экзокортексе есть все мои посты из всех источников, как-минимум, проиндексированные для полнотекстового поиска.Какие научные лаборатории занимаются интересующей меня темой? Ладно, это не мой запрос, а Юлин. Предполагается, что в экзокортексе доступны pdf с её коллекцией статей, с автоматически выделенными из них упоминаниями учреждений, авторов и тематики.В каких обсуждениях участвовали одновременно я и указанный человек?Что я читал про указанного человека за последние несколько лет? Предполагается, что в экзокортекс попадает история моего браузера и автоматически размечается аналогично статьям.Какая информация имеется у меня на темы, близкие к теме «управление информацией»?Что нового произошло в мире за последние дни? 


  8. Jan 2021
    1. In December 2019, Google and Facebook proudly announced a major milestone, which was echoed in news media all around the world: it is now possible to copy a picture from Facebook to Google Photos. This news came in mere months after we celebrated the 50th anniversary of another technological feat: the moon landing of 20 July 1969, when millions of households witnessed Neil Armstrong take a giant leap for mankind.
    1. What if each website had a GraphQL style playground to explore how key topics are connected and what they mean?

      yep! Interesting how Cortex would solve it

    1. ’ve made a point to highlight contours of constant LL in orange. The right plot projects those contours onto the (q,q~)(q,\tilde{q}) plane. These contours lie at the heart of Noether’s Theorem: imagine we slide the coordinates (q,q~)(q,\tilde{q}) around in the plane so that each point moves continuously along a contour of constant LL. Usually the shape of LL is changed when we distort the (q,q~)(q,\tilde{q}) plane below it, but by forcing each (q,q~)(q,\tilde{q}) to flow along a contour, LL is unaffected! A continuous transformation that leaves LL unchanged is called a continuous symmetry of the Lagrangian.

      right, so here q/q' are treated as abstract variables

  9. Dec 2020
    1. wonder how would it look from the pov of a neutrino at rest? distance to Earth will be contracted, but how will the oscillations manifest?

    2. nice derivation of why we only know neutrino mass difference, not the absolute masses

    1. git push tells you exactly what it is doing, and what the new state of the remote branch is:

      hardly a good example though because the delta stuff, pack-reused, etc is not useful at all. I feel like I'm a fairly advanced git user and I still have no clue what are these

    2. When it comes to making functionality discoverable, GUIs have the upper hand. Everything you can do is laid out in front of you on the screen, so you can find what you need without having to learn anything, and perhaps even discover things you didn’t know were possible.

      Well, not quite. E.g. complicated guis like intellij/blender/OS settings/etc often need better ways of discovery: actual search, which somewhat comes full circle

  10. Oct 2020
    1. The gradual upward drift of heart rate is matched by a comparative reduction in stroke volume, which enables cardiac output to be preserved.

      ok, seems reasonable, like mine..

    1. mobile embraces true direct manipulation.

      nah. the files are obscured, so you have no clue where and how they are locked in. That said it's possible to have the same nice experience while having files behind the scenes

    1. What do I mean by “better”? Computing aids and encourages humanity’s noblest pursuits: science, reason, art, philosophy. Computing directly supports improving the mental health, physical health, prosperity, and happiness of all humans. Computing help us master (or at least, doesn’t intensify) our problematic tendencies: addiction, status anxiety, socioeconomic divisions, tribalism, fear, hate. The economic and intellectual horsepower in Silicon Valley and the wider tech world seems to be pointed away from these goals. For example: algorithms designed to maximize watch time, the social media outrage machine, loot boxes and other psuedo-gambling, and smartphone notifications activating Skinner-box tendencies.
    1. Towards a Cambrian era for software

      nice pun!

    2. What should the reverse of this lens be?

      basically, you can't delete data really... The information is conserved so you need some dummy fields to store the unused values

    3. Many apparently simple data transformations have surprising complexity. Imagine a lens that combines a firstName and lastName fields into a single fullName. This lens works reliably in one direction. All names already stored in the system could be combined into a single field, but there are many names which could not be reliably converted back to “first” and “last” names. The result is a so-called lens that can only run reliably in one direction. It might be practical to support transformations which do not succeed on all possible data and produces errors on some input. We have not yet explored these kinds of transformations, but we believe they would be useful.

      definitely something where dependent types could be useful. e.g. fullname could store first + last separated by a special character, and then you'd have to supply a proof that the separtor couldn't occur in either first or last

  11. Sep 2020
    1. The command line parameters are usually just a list or a dictionary with nested structures.

      yeah.. but also often it's more elaborate and dynamic

  12. Aug 2020
  13. Jul 2020
    1. But as Gilad points out, raw speed is seldom an issue. Particularly for the fat client UIs that were the focus of most commercial Smalltalk customers. Smalltalk VMs also had much better performance than the other dynamic languages that emerged and gained some popularity during the 1990s. Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP all had, and as far as I know still have, much poorer execution performance than 1995 Smalltalks running on comparable hardware.


    1. The Dirac field can be described as either a 4-component spinor or as a pair of 2-component Weyl spinors


  14. Jun 2020
    1. The top right corner of their screens were always a nonstop cycle of Dropbox notifications. Because design teams saved all their files in a shared folder like Dropbox, every time a coworker made a revision they would get a notification. And often there were complex naming conventions to make sure that people were using the right versions. Figma solved this problem. Designs in Figma are not just stored in the cloud; they are edited in the cloud, too. This means that Figma users are always working on the same design. With Dropbox, this isn’t true. The files may be stored in the cloud, but the editing happens locally—imagine the difference between sharing Word files in Dropbox vs. editing in Google Docs.

      Ugh. Yeah, but you trade off using real files for some weird cloud thing. Yeah, I know, collaborative editing is hard. Just wish it was solved on the lower level protocol level.

    1. So I created a little subscription tracker in Notion.

      hm. neat interface, although I'd prefer paypal/monzo stats and the source of truth

  15. May 2020
    1. In a world where most employees are remote, this can be harder to do.

      yep, and we really need to fix online communication because of that

    1. They record where you come from, what pages you visit, how long you stay on each, where you click and where you go next.

      imagine if this information was available to you instead

    1. showing just how visually and auditorily intimidating it could be

      dunno, I'm not very impressed..

    1. is there a concept for this?

      yes, "sanity preservation" :P

    2. If this sounds like something you’d be be down to attend - reply and let me know! I’ll follow up with dates and times later this week.

      would be glad!

    3. Six hours later, I had a hacky script working

      It's crazy how it's ought to be almost trivial and yet takes so much time, same here.

    1. huh, looks like different people all came to the same "stack" analogy, I've been using this expressions with my friends for the past 10 years (sometimes literally bending my fingers to keep track of the stack)

    2. damnit. and how am I supposed to annotate this? :(

    1. In Animal Crossing, the sounds of shaking trees to get fruit is inherently pleasurable even after thousands of repetitions.

      to mee, feels terrible, like a cookie clicker type addiction

    2. The Sims Online was a potentially cozy game dominated by a community of sociopaths. Thematically, it had elements of coziness with pleasant house in friendly neighborhoods. However, these went only skin deep. In an attempt to make a ‘realistic’ simulation, many resources including housing were zero sum in nature. This enabled mafia-esque gangs to enforce coercive social structures like protection rackets. Very quickly the place became anti-cozy; a virtual dystopia. Coziness needs to exist at the systems level in order to have social ramifications.

      Reminds me of when some people modded Fallout 2 to support multiplayer and launched a server.. They had to wipe in few days, becaus of groups of people who got power armor and made newjoiners fight each other in exchange for the ammunition, etc..

    1. StorexHub is our offline-first API and plugin platform that allows you to work with Memex data outside of the browser. But it also works between different apps, making it a bit like an offline-first Zapier. You can query Memex data, listen to changes or write to its database.
    1. Since notes and tasks were overlapping so much, I decided to combine them.


    2. This worked well for a few years, but over time, my tasks started turning more from implement X, to research Y, think through Z, etc. Once my TaskPaper had more comments than tasks, I knew that this was not going to work for long.

      huh, exactly my experience with RTM!

    1. The Guix System Distribution (GuixSD) is a GNU/Linux distribution that is based on Nix. It uses Guile as its API language. The key differences between GuixSD and NixOS is that the former uses GNU Shepherd instead of systemd; it doesn’t allow non-free packages; and it uses Linux-libre, a stripped down version of the mainstream kernel with all the proprietary blobs removed.

      right, I guess it makes it unsuitable for me..

    1. For cliff I chose to use the abc module to define an abstract base class, but stick with “duck typing” in the actual application. The developer doesn’t have to inherit from the base class, but doing so helps ensure that the implementation is complete.

      yep, agree it seems like a good balance

    1. Nototo is a spatial note-taking app. It lets you build an ever-expanding, topographical map containing your notes and writing. The app is designed this way to take advantage of another aspect of spatial interfaces: our brains remember spaces better than raw information. In this regard, Nototo is like a software manifestation of a memory palace.
    1. You would attend a conference in the game and socialize with other attendees. You'd go take your seat for the speakers. You might even strike up a conversation with the person seated next to you. The ability to run conferences this way would make them easier to attend and better for the environment.

      omg yes

  16. Mar 2020
    1. Так или иначе, клетки начинают производить вирусный белок и демонстрировать его иммунной системе, а она разворачивает иммунный ответ даже в отсутствие вируса.

      I wonder, when/why do the cells stop producing the viruses?

    1. Red meat (but not chicken or pork; most chickens and pigs are fed high-PUFA feed that gives them high-PUFA meat)

      wow, what?

    1. Because the application’s UI usually has a nicer visual design than a spreadsheet

      I'd argue that haha

  17. Feb 2020
  18. Jan 2020
    1. Services can be started when a device is plugged in,


    1. A service to auto-convert any uploaded PDF to HTML, host it, allow markup, discussionsMultiple uploads of same file redirect to same URLGit-like versioning systemCould be hosted on IPFS?Aggregate discussions from the internet (Reddit, HN)

      possible in Hypothesis! It uses fingerprinting, so doesn't even have to be on the same URL

      Aggregating discussions from Reddit/HN are gonna require some scripts, yeah

    1. Unfortunately, because we do not have transclusive publishing, I cannot quote the material to which these are annotations would be a thorough copyright violation; thus I merely allude, and the reader must pick through the original.


    1. Feynman: I actually did the work on the paper. Weiner: That s right. It wasn’t a record of what you had done but it is the work. Feynman: It’s the doing it — it’s the scrap paper. Weiner: Well, the work was done in your head but the record of it is still here. Feynman: No, it’s not a record, not really, it’s working. You have to work on paper and this is the paper. OK?
    1. something that would be fixed when types are modeled as ∞\infty-groupoids instead of setoids, as in the HoTT line of work.
    1. Because editor is mostly CPU bound, we can usually improve editor latency by using a more powerful machine (good GPU also helps).

      how does gpu help?

  19. Dec 2019
    1. . I think one reason for this is that in some languages a unit test is the simplest way to actually run a function, but Lisp’s interactive style of development gives you an even easier alternative: just run the function in the REPL!


    2. Macros

      agree, macros are pretty special to lisp

    3. recompile the problematic function, and restart the execution of that function (or any other one!) in the call stack!

      ok, that's interesting. I suppose it works if the code has no side effects. also I feel you can kind of do that in pdb although have to admit, I never tried it

    4. The Lisp process will pause execution at that point and open a window in your editor showing you the stack trace.

      you can do same in python or other languages too

    5. In contrast, when working in languages like Scala or Python I almost never find myself writing one single function and compiling or running the project immediately.


    6. In Common Lisp, the development cycle looks more like this:

      you can do same in any language with interpreter: JS/Python

    1. Since the 1950s,[41] theoretical physicists and mathematicians have attempted to organise all QFTs into a set of axioms, in order to establish the existence of concrete models of relativistic QFT in a mathematically rigorous way and to study their properties. This line of study is called constructive quantum field theory, a subfield of mathematical physics,[42]:2 which has led to such results as CPT theorem, spin–statistics theorem, and Goldstone's theorem


    1. Even though Ahrens argues that there neither can nor should be any overview, I disobediently wrote another script to make an SVG image of it using GraphViz. I originally had it generating PNGs but they rapidly got too large. Here’s what the whole system looks like as of this morning:


    1. To my knowledge, this is the only test of consciousness for which a positive result is impossible (or maybe just extremelly difficult?) to explain unless B is conscious.


    1. This visual diagram, based on the GTD workflow diagram, gives a broad visual overview of what this workflow looks like:

      example of GTD workflow with org-mode

    1. The wavefunction Ψ is a 4×1 column vector (also known as a spinor) and each element is a function of space and time, representing the spin state (up or down) of the electron and the associated positron solution.


    2. In its mathematics it is quite unlike any of Dirac’s later works (for example, he brings in fine differences between rational and irrational numbers), and “pre-invents” techniques developed by other people only decades later. (I say pre-invents because the paper was forgotten until recently.)


  20. Nov 2019
    1. Check out my guide to VO2 Max, including the numbers, my lab test, and how to estimate your VO2 Max.
    2. Check out my blood test guide, Know Thy Blood or my blood test biomarker directory for an FAQ and information on the best tests.
    3. Blood Pressure Monitors: High blood pressure is a well-known health risk factor, especially when combined with smoking, obesity, or genetic markers. You can get this measured at your doctor’s, a health clinic, or even using an at-home monitor. Check out my guide to blood pressure tracking
    1. But eventually, we succeeded in showing that quantum mechanics might indeed be incompatible with the assumption of objective facts – we violated the inequality.

      so what does it mean with respect to conscious observers?

    1. As in most previous studies, we used a machine learning approach to automatically sleep score the recordings, as that is the most realistic approach for the large amounts of data that would result from a a good home monitoring solution. Importantly, automatic scoring has been found to outperform manual scoring for this data type

      what is the score?

      ah right, so apparently it means phases of sleep?

    2. expert sleep stage scoring of PSG, in young healthy subjects.


    1. Here’s a report (a) from a person who I trust a lot describing how they cut their sleep from 8 hours to 6.3 hours a day and sustained it for more than a year. Here’s a detailed story (a) with many practical tips from a friend of mine who experimented with many different ways of sleep reduction, including hardcore polyphasic sleep, and settled on the same 6.3 hours of sleep per day schedule. Here’s the best general overview (a) of these styles of sleep that I found.
    2. I spent more than 130 hours over the last 2 months researching and writing this essay (~5 hours to write the outline; ~60 hours to get to the first draft; ~65 hours to edit and fact-check), which constituted essentially all of my surplus free time over this time period.

      wow. Thanks kind of relieving to know that other people also struggle with writing and spend so much time on it. Still sucks though.

    1. I recommend those that Michael Nielsen follows, and this list from Prof. Katharine Hayhoe. Here are some who apparently advise Greta. You should definitely read the IPCC reports, as well, and take courses by real climate scientists, like this one.
    1. sometimes called the Physical Church-Turing Thesis: the statement that our laws of physics can be simulated to any desired precision by a Turing machine (or at any rate, by a probabilistic Turing machine).
  21. Oct 2019
    1. This is one reason I was glad to come across Reframing Superintelligence: Comprehensive AI Services As General Intelligence by Eric Drexler, a researcher who works alongside Bostrom at Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute. This 200 page report is not quite as readable as Superintelligence; its highly-structured outline form belies the fact that all of its claims start sounding the same after a while. But it’s five years more recent, and presents a very different vision of how future AI might look.
    1. These include DOM mutation breakpoints and inactive CSS rule indicators in the DevTools, several new CSS text properties, two-value display syntax, and JS numeric separators.
    1. the reason for this difference is the greenhouse effect. 

      hmm. what about Earth internal temperature (core is like 6000 K, right?)

    1. Mozilla’s RR RR is an advanced debugger that aims to replace GDB on Linux. It offers the full state recordings of the application so that you can replay the action backwards and forwards (similarly to Time Travel Debugging).
    1. I also recommend watching some talks by Evan Czaplicki, Elm’s creator, to give you an idea of how he and the Elm community think. These videos are really good: The life of a file What is success? The hard parts of open source
    1. Aspiring to canonicity, one fun project would be to take the most recent IPCC climate assessment report (perhaps starting with a small part), and develop a version which is executable. Instead of a report full of assertions and references, you'd have a live climate model – actually, many interrelated models – for people to explore. If it was good enough, people would teach classes from it;
    2. But in the notebook format it's much easier for the reader to experiment. Their exploration is scaffolded, they can make small modifications and see the results, even the answers to questions Norvig did not anticipate
    3. The Elements of Style
    4. Perhaps most prominently, the creator of the SuperMemo system, Piotr Wozniak, has written extensively about the many ingenious ways he uses memory systems
    1. Cyclops Camera - a forehead worn camera that could record anything you see and want to capture.

      That's great, but not much point if you can't recall it

  22. Sep 2019
    1. Once HTML5 allowed rich interactivity in browsers, many libraries arose to provide interactive 2D plots for web pages and in Jupyter notebooks, either using custom JS (Bokeh, Toyplot) or primarily wrapping existing JS libraries like D3 (Plotly, bqplot)

      hmm, could probably use it in blog? Nice to provide an image too though, but I guess as long data is in JS, it's easy to reproduce?

  23. Aug 2019
    1. The following example illustrates the relationship between processes, jobs and sessions: The following shell interactions...

      nice visual demo for kernel structures and terminal state

    1. The question posed in the present headline was intentionally provocative. You cannot fall asleep faster, but you can fall asleep fast. All you need to do is to wait for the right time. Instead of trying to fall asleep faster, go to sleep later, and fall asleep fast.

      hmm. maybe try that? wonder if I could have sort of poly sleep one day per week?

    2. For more see Excessive sleeping.
    3. For a visual illustration of circadian and homeostatic components, see section Two-component sleep model in SuperMemo.
    1. Я бы выделила ребят из OBLAST, например, самарское community. Конечно, московский «Гост звук» и все связанное с ним, buttechno, и мне очень нравится такой лиричный проект «Творожное озеро» и «Тальник». Еще уважаю Влада Паршина.
    1. Here are a handful of languages intended for modeling, simulating, or designing physical systems:
  24. Jul 2019
    1. Undo/Redo Have you noticed that Undo support on almost all web applications is either nonexistent or terrible? It's hard to implement, but Core Data solves the problem elegantly. An Undo button encourages users to experiment with the application and not be afraid of making mistakes.

      huh, nice

    1. This is true for people trying to get something done to meet a deadline; but for people motivated by learning — and who aspire to be extremely good programmers — it’s actually more fun to create programs that do less work, but in a more intellectually stimulating way.

      depdends on you specific goals..

    2. Learning Python is, well, kind of rote and boring. It feels like a school that is lacking in advanced classes.

      depends on what you define as 'learning'..

    3. A pure-Lisp person peering down at C sees only pesky syntax, unfamiliar functions, and cryptic comments about cache lines. But a C programmer gazing upward sees a bunch of things implemented in C.

      well, it's not always useful to see things that way

    4. Driving stick is just a good skill to have. More people should have it, in my opinion.


    1. The top-five-problems method – Richard Hamming’s algorithm for doing important work. Periodically ask yourself: “what are the top five most important problems in my field (and life), and why am I not working on them?”


    1. The times and lengths of the flights, and the count, times, and lengths of stops and transfers, can be compared visually.

      neat, squeezing more information into two dimensions

    2. This allows the viewer to differentiate between a book that was unanimously judged middling and one that was loved and hated —these are both

      huh, that's a very neat idea

    1. Damn right I just drew fire breathing sharks.

      very good example of post with engaging style

  25. Jun 2019
    1. ance lies in the fact that it represents the best linear approximation to adifferentiable function near a given point.California S

      wonder if that works?


    1. What does the optimal high-intensity cardio routine look like? Data on this comes from this Meta-analysis of VO2 max trainability. VO2 max has been shown to be a robust predictor of mortality. This relation has held across elite athletes, to average individuals, to the overweight (see Figure 2 from this meta-analysis of vo2 max trainability).


    2. Most of the rest of the claims in this post are supported by this review by Swiss researchers. As far as I know, this is the largest systematic review of exercise studies ever undertaken, reviewing 7000 studies with 80 meeting inclusion criteria covering over 1.3 million subjects. Sheer size, however, is not the only reason to take this study very seriously. As someone who has read hundreds of exercise studies, I can say that the methodology of the meta-analysis done to determine dose-response to exercise is excellent


    1. But files also tend to be clumsy and old-school, poorly adapted for a multimedia-, web-, and mobile-oriented world.

      kinda disagree... they can be well intergrated to be convenient and intuitive to use.

  26. May 2019
    1. Cycles can be broken down into three main phases: Decision: the user is shown some options and takes a decision. Intention: the user approximates the interface that will serve to communicate the decision. Confirmation: the user communicates his decision to the computer.

      hm, makes sense. so you don't necessarily have to perform 'external' and potentially destructive actions with neural interface, it's fine to use a stronger signal to confirm, like speech or blink pattern or finger movement

  27. Apr 2019
    1. the vector potential changes the topology of the vacuum

      not sure if I understand that sentence, but it feels somewhat important

    2. The gauge field AAA is responsible that electrons moving on opposite sides around the solenoid also need to take different paths around the fiber bundle. In the picture above, the gauge field corresponds to the ramps that tell us how the phase factor of an electron changes as it moves through space.

      hm. so, if the electron goes around the solenoid twice (which it can with some probability), we have to count that in as well? That would be even bigger phase shift

    1. At 12 I would guzzle a bottle of Coke or Pepsi nearly every day. At 13, I wouldn’t touch the stuff with a ten foot pole, and I still won’t.

      huh, very similar to my perception

  28. Mar 2019
    1. It suffices to consider a 1+1-dimensional space-time ℝ×S1, in which the spatial direction is compactified to a circle of circumference 2π, rendering the momenta discrete.


    2. The classical equations of motion of a field are typically identical in form to the (quantum) equations for the wave-function of one of its quanta. For example, the Klein–Gordon equation is the classical equation of motion for a free scalar field, but also the quantum equation for a scalar particle wave-function.

      really? but it doesn't have wavefunction interpretation...

    1. He notes that however bad your carbon dioxide levels are during the day they’re probably much worse at night, when you shut yourself up in a small room, close all the doors and windows, and just breathe for like eight hours straight

      that's so true!

    1. It means that a "more elementary" way to look at an SO(3)SO(3)SO(3) rotation is to actually find a corresponding SU(2)SU(2)SU(2) transformation that acts on the spinors χχ\chi while the SO(3)SO(3)SO(3) rotation is just "inherited" and may be constructed as the transformation of a "tensor with two spinor indices" i.e. it is not quite elementary. As we will see, this is really the reason why the spin j=1/2j=1/2j=1/2, smaller than one unit (seemingly the smallest quantum), is possible.

      try to understand that, it seems important...

    1. Putting them into the Hamiltonian, we obtai

      hmm, in classical case they were commuting, whereas because operators are not commuting, we get the 1/2

    1. There is an obvious problem with this, that the Hamiltonian formulation isnot manifestly Lorentz invariant. However, we know it actually is because wederived it as an equivalent formulation of a Lorentz invariant theory.


  29. Feb 2019
    1. We think that a similar mechanism gives mass to the particles related to the weak force. At each spacetime point (country) there is some object (the analogue of gold) that has some orientation in the weak sphere. The details are more complicated because the symmetries correspond to rotations, and we will not describe it here. Essentially, the presence of this object means that the cost of exciting waves does not go to zero as the wavelength tends to zero. And this in turn means that the particles associated to the waves in the weak force field have a non-zero mass. If one sets the price of gold to one everywhere, then one is not free to do gauge transformations to further modify exchange rates. For this reason people sometimes say that the gauge symmetry is broken. This is conceptually misleading because the gauge symmetry is still present, if we remember that we need to also change the price of gold.


    1. We have said above that electromagnetic waves are associated to particles called photons, and that the mass of a photon is related to the energy it takes to excite a wave with a very long wave length. Using our analogy we have seen that this energy cost (the gain) goes to zero as the wavelength gets longer. This, essentially, is why the photon has no mass.


    1. ok, so he didn't finish the experiment yet, apparently

    2. Lavaan syntax

      what's that?

    3. I decided to get a Netatmo weather station device.


  30. Jan 2019
    1. So what if we had the power of these tools and what if we could drop this data into the blockchain and what if we said that human data privacy was a human right?

      that escalated quickly...

    1. Think something like “Photoshop for linear algebra”.

      TODO hmm. kinda like interpreter, which shows some context and suggests what you can do with an object?

    1. Mathematicians say the set of left-invariant vector fields is the Lie algebra of GGG.

      so what?

    1. Here is a sound clip which first plays a 540.61 Hz tone paired with a perfect fifth (at 810.92 Hz), and then plays the same tone paired with 800 Hz, which is the interval referred to as "the wolf".

      annoying... I can't hear differences :(

    2. n comparison, a less simple ratio—here, 300 Hz and 573 Hz, related by a 100:191 ratio—will sound somewhat less pleasant when played together:

      fucking hell.. they both sound ok