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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Seven Steps to Identify and Address Unconscious Bias 1. Recognize that you have biases. 2. Identify what those biases are. 3. Dissect your biases. 4. Decide which of your biases you will address first. 5. Look for common interest groups. 6. Get rid of your biases. 7. Be mindful of bias kick back.

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    1. Write your own compiler in 24 hours

      Interesting need to look at this , It would be a good execercise.

  4. Aug 2023
    1. When you wake up, get sunlight in. Andrew Huberman also advocates for that. It tells the brain and body to wake up. It creates cortisol.

      Can be combined with movement/exercise as well which also increases sleep quality. (Movement should not to be too late, however.)

    1. How Exercise Can Boost Mental Health?

      Elevate your mood and well-being with the transformative power of exercise. Discover how physical activity enhances mental health. Explore more >> How Exercise Can Boost Mental Health?

  5. Feb 2023
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  7. Sep 2022
    1. If your institution just spent $500,000 on a proctoring solution (a figure recently reported by Drew Harwell in The Washington Post), or $200,000, or even $30,000, put that number next to these: How many students at your school are food or housing insecure? How many faculty or staff have been furloughed, fired, or forced into early retirement? How many positions are currently frozen? How many faculty or staff have part-time or contingent positions? Then, add up all the money your institution spends on extraneous (often pedagogically suspect) edtech—like cameras in classrooms, plagiarism detection software, the LMS, proctoring solutions—and compare that number to the total budget for the center for teaching and learning.

      An exercise needed to be completed to justify the actions of incompetency. Make the argument this does not align with the mission of our institution.

  8. Mar 2022
  9. Feb 2022
    1. template types or because when i exercise i do specific body parts on specific days so one day i'll do arms one day i'll do like 00:13:57 torso or one day i'll do like legs and so i have them all um split up in that same way uh so the files will be the same file title but it'll have an 00:14:09 additional initial to help me figure out which one is leg day which one is torso day

      WL journaling with specific body parts or yoga methods in title

      eg. padmasana as y-pdma planck as arm-p

    1. A coach is not there to do the work,but to show us how to use our time and effort in the most effectiveway.

      Much as coaches help their athletes become better, teachers are there to help students use their time and work efforts in the most effective ways.

  10. Jan 2022
    1. Townsend, L., Dyer, A. H., Naughton, A., Kiersey, R., Holden, D., Gardiner, M., Dowds, J., O’Brien, K., Bannan, C., Nadarajan, P., Dunne, J., Martin-Loeches, I., Fallon, P. G., Bergin, C., O’Farrelly, C., Cheallaigh, C. N., Bourke, N. M., & Conlon, N. (2021). Longitudinal Analysis of COVID-19 Patients Shows Age-Associated T Cell Changes Independent of Ongoing Ill-Health. Frontiers in Immunology, 12. https://www.frontiersin.org/article/10.3389/fimmu.2021.676932

  11. Dec 2021
    1. Calculate Your Biological Prime Time  During the day, your energy fluctuates. This fluctuation is impacted by what you eat and when, how much caffeine or sugar you consume, how tired you are, how hard you work, what type of work you’re doing, how much you’re using your physical body, and a whole lot more. Sam Carpenter, in his book Work the System, coined the phrase “biological prime time.” He suggests charting our energy during the day for a few weeks. And not just noting your energy highs and lows between six a.m. and nine p.m. You want to jot down your peak times of focus and lack thereof as well as those bursts of motivation. You’d want to note when you exercise and for how long, what times you wake up and go to sleep. Basically you keep a journal with the emphasis on energy and concentration. Think about trying this.

      Biological Prime Time

      • I am trying do this already before through yaml and tags in my daily journal
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  14. Aug 2021
    1. Show that the product of two unitary matrices UUU and VVV is also unitary.

      I would go as follows (spoiler alert, try to solve this by yourself first!): $$(UV)^\dagger=V^\dagger U^\dagger$$ Then we can use the definition of unitary matrix: $$UV\cdot(UV)^\dagger = U\underbrace{VV^\dagger}_I U^\dagger = UU^\dagger = I$$

  15. Jul 2021
  16. May 2021
    1. There are 3 Mechanisms for developing muscle hypertrophy: mechanical tension, muscle damage and metabolic stress
  17. Apr 2021
    1. The prospective ratings demonstrated 10–15% average improvements in global well-being, energy, and negative, cognitive and mood symptoms, with almost no change in psychosis, after individual exercise sessions.

      Fascinating that there are acute benefits (presumably in addition to chronic benefits). Given that negative symptoms in particular are resolved, it may simply be stimulating effects.

    1. Exercise can tackle symptoms of schizophrenia

      Not only am I unsurprised by this, but I'd be surprised if it were otherwise. The logic is that schizophrenia is a sleep disorder, and exercise enhances sleep. Additionally, lack of movement is one of the negative symptoms of schizophrenia. Therefore, this poverty of movement may play a role in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia symptoms.

      I need to start a google search document with predictions prior to actually searching. It will slow down my research speed, but it is necessary in order to provide unbiased data on my intuitive understanding of diseases. It seems like the majority of my strong intuitions are true. Edit: I'll just record the search phrase in my hypothes.is notes. This one was "exercise schizophrenia"

    2. The areas which were most improved by exercising were patients' ability to understand social situations, their attention spans, and their 'working memory'

      That is an interesting set of improvements. These are negative symptoms that are resolved, which is largely what I'd expect. I'd bet there is some effect on positive symptoms too, but with low certainty. Moreover, these results are excellent in that negative symptoms are the hardest to treat.

  18. Mar 2021
  19. Feb 2021
    1. b.)

      -38325 + (-631) + 18792 = -20164

    2. a.)

      Balance in Goods = X-M = 51938 - 89131 = -37193

      BOT G&S = (-37193) + (-1132) = -38325



  20. Oct 2020
    1. Breathing less offered huge benefits. If athletes kept at it for several weeks, their muscles adapted to tolerate more lactate accumulation, which allowed their bodies to pull more energy during states of heavy anaerobic stress, and, as a result, train harder and longer. All of them claimed to have gained a boost in performance and blunted the symptoms of respiratory problems, simply by decreasing the volume of air in their lungs and increasing the carbon dioxide in their bodies.

      Breathing less can increase toleration to lactate accumulation. This is because of increase tolerance to CO2

    1. Many black business owners blamed the problem on lowerclass peoples’ affliction with the “white man’s psychology,” namely, that migrantshad been brainwashed into thinking they had to shop in a white-owned store, eitherbecause whites would punish them if they didn’t or because white stores were nec-essarily higher quality than black ones.48Whether this was the case or not, therewere several other things complicating black consumers’ willingness to shop inblack-owned businesses.

      Breakout Group 02: The evidence above demonstrates the "integration of rural Southern culture into urban African American consciousness" where foodways are a "natural vehicle for the expression…of freedom" because it shows the complication within the black community. Where an expression of freedom is an African American having a grocery store. One would think that the Black owned grocery store would be successful due to "black authenticity" but many Black people feared blacklash from White people for even attempting to be independent but also because many Black people were brainwashed to believe that the white businesses have better quality products over the black owned business.

    1. That is, we envision a cuisine and an attendant lifestyle that is more au-thentic and less stressful, more "natural," than the world in which we live.

      ~Group 4~ Anne Meneley is discussing how olive oil is becoming an increasingly more sought after ingredient because of its praise as a natural ingredient. Though olive oil is seen as a traditional and authentic ingredient, due to media, it is an industrialized product and is only widespread because of that- despite the misconceptions to make people think otherwise. There are many reoccuring themes within the article such as distinction, naturalness, processed, and industrialization to name a few. The quote that is highlighted connects to themes because people truly seem to worship this idea of being and living naturally. The idea of being natural also includes eating naturally and there's this distinction between people who live naturally and who don't. People who idolizes this natural lifestyle seem to think they are being authentic when they are failing to realize that transformations and growth are necessary. Meneley seems to want the reader to think about what industrialization and processed foods mean exactly.

    1. Graeber has a great deal more to say about money and its unique capacityto store value, and also about the ideology of the market with its highlyindividuated notion of human desires (e.g. 2001: 257). His analysis opensup an intriguing question. If in market societies money is a measure, amedium and above all an end in itself (2001: 66) and value-for-moneydominates what we conventionally call the economy, how do other valuescoexist with this monetarized realm and its rationality of quantificationand self-interest? Graeber points out that, in our view of society, marketprinciples can be balanced by family values and altruistic charity (2001:257), but he views these as just ‘two sides of the same false coin’

      In this capitalistic society money makes the world go round. Graeber has a pessimistic view in regards to the idea that family and altruism can balance out greed because he believes that they are in direct conflict to capitalism. Graeber expands further on his thoughts

  21. Aug 2020
    1. “Henneman’s size principle” and it provides the basis for why Myo Reps work so well.Evolution is an effective optimizer. If you are wasting energy, you’re dead. That sounds harsh in the modern, comfortable world, but it’s true, and a large part of how our muscles contract. The brain — via the central nervous system — will only contract as few muscles as it takes to get the job done. If you are walking down the street at a moderate pace, only your weakest muscle fibers will activate, not your strongest ones.

      Henneman's Size Principle says that motor units are recruitted from small to large as the force required increases.

      We use the minimal amount of motor units to get the job done (efficiency). To grow muscles we need to overwork muscles to fatigue, which means doing high intensity or large load exercises.

      Excellent video on Myo Reps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3awPWm97dA

  22. Jun 2020
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  24. Mar 2020
    1. Pulse Pulse Rates and Exercise

      Students in a Stat2 class recorded resting pulse rates (in class), did three "laps" walking up/down a nearby set of stairs, and then measured their pulse rate after the exercise. They provided additional information about height, weight, exercise, and smoking habits via a survey.

  25. Jul 2019
    1. tlten will I ru·gne with you that tl1c slave ia n man I

      I feel as if Frederick Douglass feels it is his duty to bring awareness to the fact that slaves are men. Due to this conclusion all men shall be citizens of the state. Therefor, slaves are not only prevented from many basic human rights but also the right to vote (along with many other civic responsibilities). In my paper I will discuss the civic responsibilities of ALL people (free men, slaves and women).

  26. Mar 2019
    1. Edward Thorndike's three laws of learning. The page does not explain this, but his theories came out in about 1900. His three laws of learning appear to be relevant to our course work. This simple page features black text on a white page. It is brief and it simply describes the three laws of learning. rating 5/5

  27. Nov 2018

      This article discusses the effects of fetal alcohol exposure in adult learning by studying the effects of exercises that stimulates the hippo-campus in the adult rats that were effected by fetal alcohol exposure. The study is entirely based on the scientific research of the neurology of the participants, but provides a course of action that could be applied to human participants as well. The encouraging results indicated that partial restoration of neurological functions in the adult rats was achieved. This inspires hope of introducing exercise to human participants and warrants further exploration of the application to humans since this is not an invasive therapy with low risk to participants. This may also provide some educational changes in special education to include exercise as part of the classroom experience.

      RATING: 5/10

  28. Sep 2018
    1. If you replace >> with >>= \_ ->, it's easy to see why it acts like it does.

      TODO: exercise for the reader.

      Answer: It's because (>>=), as defined, when given a Nothing as the left arg, just doesn't care about the right arg; it's going to yield Nothing. Kind of like the honey badger.

    2. We couldn't have achieved this by just using Maybe as an applicative. If you try it, you'll get stuck, because applicative functors don't allow for the applicative values to interact with each other very much.

      TODO: exercise for the reader. :)

      See my first attempt at this here (specifically, the land function at the bottom of the file). (There's also an Hspec unit test as a sibling to this file.)

      Maybe I'm not understanding something important yet, but it's working.

      Maybe he just hasn't worked up to Monads as state holders yet? Using the "-:" operator he defined basically just results in passing state along in a series of calls, which seems pretty similar, in this application, to ">>=".

  29. May 2018
    1. link

      Tento článek se týká zajimavého aspektu čechů kazdodenni zivota : spodní prádlo. Samožřejmě rozdíly vkusu mezi muži a ženami se objeví.

      Tak, co se týká žen, na útraty dříve oblíbených tangy čím dál víc preferují brazilky a bokové kalhotky. Navíc, ceské ženy raději nosily pohodlí podprsenky včetně sportovní podprsenky než push-up čí kosticové podprsenky. Vsak ceské ženy stále maji rady krasné prádla , jak vyplývá z toho, že podíl modelů se zajímavými detaily jako jsou krajky či pásky neustále stoupá.

      Na druhé straně, muzi jsou předvídatelně vic konzervativní. Ceské muži jsou pravděpodobnější věrni značkám, včetně prémiovým značkám. Na základě toho, muzi projeví vyšší ochota utratit víc peněz za spodní prádlo. O barvách velmi originalni nejsou : převážně kupujou černé čí bílé čí šedé prádlo.

      Avšak, oba pohlaví maji radi bavlněné prádla. Zájimavě Slovenskě ženy v průmerů zaplatí za podprsenky skoro 100 korun víc než ceskě ženy.

  30. Feb 2018
  31. May 2017
    1. Epicatechin is known to prompt cells that line blood vessels to release extra nitric oxide, a substance that has multiple effects in the body. Nitric oxide slightly increases vasodilation, or a widening of the veins and arteries, improving blood flow and cardiac function. It also gooses muscle cells to take in more blood sugar, providing them with more energy, and it enhances the passage of oxygen into cells.
  32. Mar 2017
    1. Exercise is often positioned as something that always lowers blood glucose; however, high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting or weight lifting, can sometimes raise blood glucose. This stems from the adrenaline response, which tells the body to release stored glucose. Often, I find this happens when I’m exercising in the morning on an empty stomach. But this is not a reason to avoid high intensity exercise – studies show it can improve blood glucose for one to three days post-exercise! Note that in some cases high-intensity exercise can also drop blood glucose very rapidly (2-3 mg/dl per minute), especially if you have insulin on board in your pump. The best way to see how individual exercise sessions affect your blood glucose is to test prior and after activity. “The Impact of brief, high-intensity exercise on blood glucose levels” (Diabetes Metab Syndr Obes 2013)
    1. One way exercise can protect against atherosclerosis (and therefore heart disease) is by increasing shear stress on the arterial walls, which causes the endothelium to become less permeable (less accepting of oxidized LDL particles) and produce more nitric oxide (a potent inhibitor of LDL oxidation). You can think of exercise, then, not just as training for your muscles, but also for your arterial walls. It’s enough of an inflammatory stressor to induce an adaptive response. Of course, too much shear stress can be too inflammatory and might actually cause atherosclerosis to progress.
  33. Nov 2016
    1. Exercise: role-playing about a second half of the19th century vals. They do some groups to make all this points and explain to the rest of the groups their researches.

      • First step: students should make a little research about changes over the borders of the Austria-Hungarian Empire. Goal: to know where the Empire was.
      • Second step: common features about climate traits that determine some social relationships.
      • Third step: virtual guides over some cities like Vienna, Hamburg, Budapest: cultural characteristics (folklore, mores). Main monuments of these cities and organisation of the city.
      • Fourth step: little research about nationalism, romanticism, Court culture. Little comparison with Wagner’s nationalism.
      • Fifth step: about garments instead of being dressed like in this period, they have to come to the classroom dressed formally as nowadays but with some characteristic elements like medals, tiara, etc.
      • Sixth step: Dance with each other and ENJOY! Trying to have some characteristic features on their behaviour and acting like Germans, Austrians, Czechs, etc. as seen in classroom: who can fit or not with each other and why; mainly everyone against the Austrians. o Besides: not everyone is a high social class, but most of them acting like servants. Made by: Carlos Fuertes, Josep Rostoll, Alicia Martí, Amador Yera, Josep Coret, Angela Cortes, Amanda Navarro
  34. Nov 2015
    1. elementary school children become increasingly inattentive in class when recess is delayed. Similarly, studies conducted in French and Canadian elementary schools over a period of four years found that regular physical activity had positive effects on academic performance. Spending one third of the school day in physical education, art, and music improved not only physical fitness, but attitudes toward learning and test scores. These findings echo those from one analysis of 200 studies on the effects of exercise on cognitive functioning, which also suggests that physical activity promotes learning.
  35. Sep 2015
    1. The movie "Happy" (http://www.thehappymovie.com) claims that there is something about movement that stimulates feelings of happiness in people in a very direct physiological way. Watching children and animals, it is not a stretch to see a natural connection between joy and movement for living beings. Many great thinkers have noted that the happiness that humans seek is the feeling of aliveness. It seems to me that movement is the very symbol and epitome of being alive - at a very basic physical level, it is the foundation for freedom, empowerment, and generative power. Thus, if one is not enjoying movement, then one is feeling the opposite of aliveness - burdened and enslaved by it. I think it's as simple as that - if you feel enslaved by any activity or anything, it cannot contribute to your sense of liberty and aliveness, can it? Until you can feel movement to be a liberating enlivening thing, it cannot increase your happiness and will actually do the opposite, drag you down.The good news, however, is that we all really enjoy movement, naturally, but have just forgotten - we have turned exercise into a job, an obligation, and forgotten the joy we once felt in it as children. I think everyone can recapture that joy, if they can find the right context and the right kind of movement to enjoy again, and if they can shift their perspective to movement as a source of potential pleasure rather than pain or boredom.

      This reminds me somewhat of the "Primal" notion of play.

    1. One of the greatest buffers against picking up others’ stress is stable and strong self-esteem. The higher your self-esteem, the more likely you will feel that you can deal with whatever situation you face. If you are finding yourself being impacted by others’ moods, stop and remind yourself how things are going well and that you can handle anything that comes your way. Exercise is one of the best ways to build self-esteem, because your brain records a victory every time you exercise, via endorphins.
  36. Jan 2014
    1. In the Middle Ages, just the opposite was true. Reading was generally done aloud, often to an audience. It was an active process, so active that Susan Noakes, in her analysis of medieval reading, points out “that it had been recommended by physicians, since classical times, as a mild form of exercise, like walking.”

      Reading in the Middle Ages considered a mild form of exercise.

  37. Oct 2013
    1. The remembrance of such admonitions will attend him to old age and will be of use even for the formation of his character. It is possible for him, also, to learn the sayings of eminent men, and select passages, chiefly from the poets (for the reading of poets is more pleasing to the young), in his play-time. Memory (as I shall show in its proper place) is most necessary to an orator and is eminently strengthened and nourished by exercise; and, at the age of which we are now speaking, and which cannot, as yet, produce anything of itself, it is almost the only faculty that can be improved by the aid of teachers.