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    1. Holy mackerel, when I saw the subject line of this topic I thought about Zoot – which I have not thought about in many months, and not for many years before that. Zoot was my introduction to this sort of “everything bucket” app. I also tried Info Select – which is also on Windows and may be an answer to @Claude’s question, assuming it’s still updated – and then to DevonThink and Evernote. My introduction to Zoot was an article by journalist James Fallows, of all people. He is the former editor-in-chief of The Atlantic, and reports mainly on public policy and politics. I wonder if he is still using Zoot? Three more probable options: Microsoft OneNote will be the most accessible to most Windows users. It doesn’t get you the search and “see also” of DevonThink. Obsidian and Roam Research take a different approach to the content-organization problems than DevonThink/OneNote/Evernote do. They rely on links and backlinks, like a personal Wikipedia. But they achieve the same goal of organizing information. They have search. AFAIK there’s nothing comparable to “see also,” but users report the same kind of serendipitous connections just by following the links they themselves made in the past. Another liability of Roam and Obsidian compared with DT: DT supports pretty much any kind of document that your computer can read, whereas Obsidian only supports Markdown, PDF, and images. I’m not as familiar with Roam, but I believe it has the same limitations. P.S. Partial answer to my own question: Fallows comes up in this forum as a person who advocated DT in a 2005 NYTimes article about “everything bucket” apps.

      From a discussion on DEVONthink alternatives for Windows users.

  3. Aug 2022
    1. ```html

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      css .select { color: transparent; appearance: none; padding: 5px; background: transparent url("https://cdn4.iconfinder.com/data/icons/ionicons/512/icon-arrow-down-b-128.png") no-repeat calc(~"100% - 5px") 7px; background-size: 10px 10px; }

      .select-container { position: relative; display: inline-block; }

      .select-container::before { content: attr(data-content); pointer-events: none; position: absolute; top: 0; right: 10px; bottom: 0; left: 0; padding: 7px; font: 11px Arial, sans-serif; white-space: nowrap; text-overflow: ellipsis; overflow: hidden; text-transform: capitalize; } js const selectContainer = document.querySelector(".select-container"); const select = selectContainer.querySelector(".select");

      select.value = "lorem ipsum dolor sit amet"; selectContainer.dataset.content = select.value;

      function handleChange(e) { selectContainer.dataset.content = e.currentTarget.value; }

      select.addEventListener("change", handleChange); ```

    1. ```html

      <div class="select-sim" id="select-color"> <div class="options"> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="" id="color-" checked /> <label for="color-"> Select an option </label> </div> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="red" id="color-red" /> <label for="color-red"> Red </label> </div> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="green" id="color-green" /> <label for="color-green"> Green </label> </div> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="blue" id="color-blue" /> <label for="color-blue"> Blue </label> </div> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="yellow" id="color-yellow" /> <label for="color-yellow"> Yellow </label> </div> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="pink" id="color-pink" /> <label for="color-pink"> Pink </label> </div> <div class="option"> <input type="radio" name="color" value="turquoise" id="color-turquoise" /> <label for="color-turquoise"> Turquoise </label> </div> </div> </div>


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    1. Find Games in Your LanguageIf you're using Search in a language other than English, then your language will be shown first in the language filter control, and that control will be moved to near the top of the search page.
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    1. The remembrance of such admonitions will attend him to old age and will be of use even for the formation of his character. It is possible for him, also, to learn the sayings of eminent men, and select passages, chiefly from the poets (for the reading of poets is more pleasing to the young), in his play-time. Memory (as I shall show in its proper place) is most necessary to an orator and is eminently strengthened and nourished by exercise; and, at the age of which we are now speaking, and which cannot, as yet, produce anything of itself, it is almost the only faculty that can be improved by the aid of teachers.