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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Lad os først analysere digtet "A" af Yahya Hassan, og derefter vil jeg give enperspektivering til Tove Ditlevsens "Barndommens Gade"

      "Os" laver analyse, men gpt giver perspektivering..

    2. Lad os gå igennem digtet "Barndommens Gade" strofe for strofe og foretage enuddybende analyse
    3. Denne analyse gennemgår digtet strofe for strofe og udforsker de forskellige temaer, billeder ogsproglige virkemidler, der anvendes af Tove Ditlevsen i "Barndommens Gade"
    4. Her er en analyse af Tove Ditlevsens digt "Barndommens Gade" med fokus på desproglige virkemidler:
    5. Her er en mere dybtgående gennemgang af hendes litterære stil oghendes betydning for dansk litteratur:
    6. Her er nogle analyse- og diskussionsspørgsmål om Tove Ditlevsens digt "BarndommensGade", der er tilpasset til 6. klasse:
    7. Her er et forslag til etundervisningsforløb
    8. Et undervisningsforløb om Tove Ditlevsens digt"Barndommens Gade" kan være både spændende og lærerigt for eleverne.
    1. Gennem disse aktiviteter kan eleverne udvikle deres forståelse af symbolisme og metaforersamt deres evne til at analysere og tolke litterære tekster på en dybere måde.
    2. Her er nogle forslag til aktiviteter, der kan hjælpe med at introducere ogudforske disse litterære begreber
    3. Her er etforslag til en optimal kapitelinddeling
    4. Disse metaforer er blot nogle få eksempler på den rige og symbolske sprogbrug, som ToveDitlevsen anvender i "Barndommens Gade"
    5. Her er nogle eksempler:
    6. Her er nogle forslag til undervisningsaktiviteter, der kan hjælpeeleverne med at forstå og analysere romanen
  2. Sep 2023
    1. commands="\nthing1@this is thing 1\!\nthing2@this is thing 2!" while read line;do // do your stuff here line <<< $( echo -e "${commands}" )

      Seems to work. Not used to the <<< expression...

  3. Aug 2023
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  5. Dec 2022
  6. Sep 2022
    1. openVALIDATION enables programming of complex validation rules using natural language, such as German or English.
    1. "detail": [ { "loc": [ "body", "name" ], "message": "Field required" }, { "loc": [ "body", "email" ], "message": "'not-email' is not an 'email'" } ]

      not complient with Problem Details, which requires details to be a string

  7. Aug 2022
  8. Jun 2022
    1. I almost feel like I should get to draw the interface that I want for myself. like how Acme lets you grow your own palette of commands as you work.

      Some incarnation of the Fly Pentop/Livescribe focused on this.

  9. May 2022
    1. ```html

      Choose your monster's colors:

      <div> <input type="color" id="head" name="head" value="#e66465"> <label for="head">Head</label> </div> <div> <input type="color" id="body" name="body" value="#f6b73c"> <label for="body">Body</label> </div>


      ```js colorPicker.addEventListener("input", updateFirst, false); colorPicker.addEventListener("change", watchColorPicker, false);

      function watchColorPicker(event) { document.querySelectorAll("p").forEach(function(p) { p.style.color = event.target.value; }); } ```

    1. jquery绑定input的change事件 背景:在做一个登录页时,如果用户未输入验证码则无法点击登录按钮,所以想到了用input的change事件,但是在写完后发现无法监听input值的改变。 解决办法:改为了input事件
    1. $('input[name=myInput]').change(function() { ... });1. 在输入框内容变化的时候不会触发change,当鼠标在其他地方点一下才会触发

      $("input").change(function(e) { // ... });

      $("input").on('input', function(e) { // ....})

  10. Feb 2022
    1. The basic approach is in line with Krashen's influential Theory of Input, suggesting that language learning proceeds most successfully when learners are presented with interesting and comprehensible L2 material in a low-anxiety situation.

      Stephen Krashen's Theory of Input indicates that language learning is most successful when learners are presented with interesting and comprehensible material in low-anxiety situations.

  11. Nov 2021
    1. "Over the past few years I've come to appreciate that freedom of [mental] movement is the key," he said, highlighting the nature of liquidity in putting thoughts to the page. "When you look about the freedom of your own hands moving, you have such incredible freedom of movement."'
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  15. Jun 2021
    1. Bash (like all Bourne shells) has a special syntax for referring to the list of positional parameters one at a time, and $* isn't it. Neither is $@. Both of those expand to the list of words in your script's parameters, not to each parameter as a separate word.
    1. Instead of using a for loop, which will fail on spaces unless you redefine the IFS variable, I would recommend using a while loop combined with find.
  16. Feb 2021
    1. Often, such functions have in fact some hidden input which might be global variables, including the whole state of the system (time, free memory, …).
    1. By default, hashes remove any keys that aren't given as nested filters. To allow all hash keys, set strip: false. In general we don't recommend doing this, but it's sometimes necessary.
    1. It is important to acknowledge that education is essentially a political activity.

      Re-reading this week's chapter, I keep getting hung-up on this line. While I agree that education is affected by political views, I don't know that it is necessarily appropriate to state that education is a political activity. By design (or perhaps, by hope), education should be decidedly non-political. The reality of education, perhaps, is very politically driven, but something about the wording of calling education itself a political activity doesn't feel truly accurate.

  17. Jan 2021
    1. Ensure HTML strings containing user data are sanitized properly to prevent XSS attacks.
  18. Dec 2020
  19. Oct 2020
    1. All validators can be used independently. Inspried by functional programming paradigm, all built in validators are just functions.

      I'm glad you can use it independently like:


      because sometimes you don't have a formElement available like in their "main" (?) API examples:

    1. By default all content inside template strings is escaped. This is great for strings, but not ideal if you want to insert HTML that's been returned from another function (for example: a markdown renderer). Use nanohtml/raw for to interpolate HTML directly.
  20. Sep 2020
  21. Aug 2020
    1. It's worth pointing out that filenames can contain a newline character on many *nix systems. You're unlikely to ever run into this in the wild, but if you're running shell commands on untrusted input this could be a concern
  22. Jul 2020
  23. Jun 2020
    1. See the documentation for HTML::Pipeline’s SanitizationFilter class for the list of allowed HTML tags and attributes. In addition to the default SanitizationFilter allowlist, GitLab allows span, abbr, details and summary elements.
  24. May 2020
  25. Apr 2020
    1. 1- Validation: you “validate”, ie deem valid or invalid, data at input time. For instance if asked for a zipcode user enters “zzz43”, that’s invalid. At this point, you can reject or… sanitize. 2- sanitization: you make data “sane” before storing it. For instance if you want a zipcode, you can remove any character that’s not [0-9] 3- escaping: at output time, you ensure data printed will never corrupt display and/or be used in an evil way (escaping HTML etc…)
    2. This style of validation most closely follows WordPress’ whitelist philosophy: only allow the user to input what you’re expecting.
    1. What Is Input Validation and Sanitization? Validation checks if the input meets a set of criteria (such as a string contains no standalone single quotation marks). Sanitization modifies the input to ensure that it is valid (such as doubling single quotes).
  26. Mar 2020
    1. Resource OverviewBasic OverviewContactsCategory and FormKeywordsThematic KeywordsLocation KeywordsTemporal KeywordsOther KeywordsArbitrary KeywordsTaxonomic InformationAdd TaxaSpatial and Temporal ExtentSpatial BoundsTime Period(s)Vertical ExtentResource ContentData Table(s)Data Dictionary InfoExternal Data DictionaryMethodsResource LineageProcess StepsSource DataData Quality ReportsStatus and DistributionStatus and MaintenancePublication Date and Other DatesDistribution OptionsIdentifiersConstraintsSpecific Resource UsesAdditional FieldsOnline ResourcesRelated ResourcesGraphic SummarySupplemental InfoSpatial RepresentationReference System InfoMetadata Info Methods

      This part needs input from the PI! How do we want to track down the source data and encourage those to be published somewhere?

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  31. Oct 2016
    1. Previously, intensity-dependent metabolic changes have been found with positron emission tomography and blood oxygen level dependent magnetic resonance imaging after TMS to motor/prefrontal cortex; bilateral motor/prefrontal and auditory activation is induced, which becomes stronger with increasing pulse intensity [Bohning et al.,1999,2000; Fox et al.,1997; Nahas et al.,2001; Siebner et al.,1999; Speer et al.,2003]. However, these results are not directly comparable with our EEG findings. Arising a few seconds poststimulus, metabolic changes reflect relatively long-lasting activity of interconnected neuronal networks, whereas we were interested in the TMS-evoked events that occurred within a fraction of a second.