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    1. gouverne

      gouverne désigne l'ensemble du système d'organisation et de fonctionnement de la société politique, société désignée anciennement en français par le terme politiE

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    1. Mentioned this to someone who moved to Bushwick and kept saying "I wish more of Brooklyn was like this" with a rebuttal saying "this is why the people who made it attractive to you aren't here anymore" and got the "it's not my problem" shit. https://twitter.com/hollley/status/1641149981678530560. I think that's where being a "transplant" into a different place becomes violent - your presence IMMEDIATELY disrupts the environments you're in (and because of that, you have an obligation to minimize it as much as possible).
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    1. After remaining members of the group performed a tribute to the late Glenn Frey during the Grammys and the show cut to commercial, the group inside the Staples Center saw a bit more. Show producer Ken Ehrlich stopped them from leaving the stage. He said when they were nominated for “Hotel California” in 1977, they didn’t want to attend the awards if they weren’t sure they were going to win, so they didn’t — and then he and Neil Portnow gave them their trophy, all these years later, for “one of the best albums ever made.”


      Eagles skipped the Grammys in 1977 because they didn't want to attend if they weren't sure they were going to win. The ultimately did win that night, but weren't presented with the award until the 2016 Grammys at the Staples Center where the remaining members of the group performed a tribute to the late Glenn Frey.

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    1. In May 1977, Carter and his allies staged a coup at the annual membership meeting. Elected the new executive vice president, Carter would transform the NRA into a lobbying powerhouse committed to a more aggressive view of what the Second Amendment promises to citizens.
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    1. By the early 1970s, Barthes’ long-standing use of index cards wasrevealed through reproduction of sample cards in Roland Barthes byRoland Barthes (see Barthes, 1977b: 75). These reproductions,Hollier (2005: 43) argues, have little to do with their content andare included primarily for reality-effect value, as evidence of anexpanding taste for historical documents

      While the three index cards of Barthes that were reproduced in the 1977 edition of Roland Barthes by Roland Barthes may have been "primarily for reality-effect value as evidence of an expanding taste for historical documents" as argued by Hollier, it does indicate the value of the collection to Barthes himself as part of an autobiographical work.

      I've noticed that one of the cards is very visibly about homosexuality in a time where public discussion of the term was still largely taboo. It would be interesting to have a full translation of the three cards to verify Hollier's claim, as at least this one does indicate the public consumption of the beginning of changing attitudes on previously taboo subject matter, even for a primarily English speaking audience which may not have been able to read or understand them, but would have at least been able to guess the topic.

      At least some small subset of the general public might have grown up with an index-card-based note taking practice and guessed at what their value may have been though largely at that point index card note systems were generally on their way out.

  7. Jun 2016
    1. he “modern scriptor” (Bar-thes, 1977, p. 146) is no longer the sole conceiver, fabrica-tor, and owner of the published article.

      The modern scriptor is no longer the owner of an article