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  1. May 2024
    1. but limiting the conference to 7 or 8 participants given all the duplication of the sent video required. In Element Call Beta 2, end-to-end encryption was enabled; easy, given it’s just a set of 1:1 calls.

      I imagine having to transmit stuff to every peer would not work well for low-bandwidth devices.

      Also, complete connectivity graph is a LOT of connections.

      Additionally, given one channel fails - recipient doesn't see content, while others do. (they could have broadcasted it, hey!)

      Also, won't scale for streaming.

    1. The network is not necessarily com-plete, i.e. it is not required for every node to be able to com-municate with every other node
  2. Aug 2021
    1. A neural network with a hidden layer has universality: given enough hidden units, it can approximate any function. This is a frequently quoted – and even more frequently, misunderstood and applied – theorem. It’s true, essentially, because the hidden layer can be used as a lookup table.
  3. Mar 2021
    1. I am a big advocate of having a complete test base and even erring on the side of caution when it comes to quality engineering and software validation but that is not what we’re talking about here. What we’re talking about here are the tests that we write when we’re doing test-first development and I’m proposing that writing those tests from the perspective of specifying the behaviors that we want to create is a highly valuable way of writing tests because it drives us to think at the right level of abstraction for creating behavioral tests and that allow us the freedom to refactor our code without breaking it.
  4. Feb 2021
    1. Using a terminus to indicate a certain outcome - in turn - allows for much stronger interfaces across nested activities and less guessing! For example, in the new endpoint gem, the not_found terminus is then wired to a special “404 track” that handles the case of “model not found”. The beautiful thing here is: there is no guessing by inspecting ctx[:model] or the like - the not_found end has only one meaning!
    2. A major improvement here is the ability to maintain more than two explicit termini. In 2.0, you had the success and the failure termini (or “ends” as we used to call them). Now, additional ends such as not_found can be leveraged to communicate a non-binary outcome of your activity or operation.
  5. Oct 2020
  6. May 2020
    1. Account Support If you haven't received your confirmation email, you can request to resend your confirmation instructions via our confirmation page.

      This Account Support section only includes one possible problem related to account support

      If you haven't received your confirmation email, you can request to resend your confirmation instructions via our confirmation page.

      What about if you have any other issue with your account? How would you get support then? This would be a good opportunity/place to describe what to do in that case.

      Presumably the answer is to submit support requests at <del>https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/support-forum</del> (to be shut down) or in the community forums.

  7. Apr 2020
    1. A simple, complete Chrome extension which injects a content script to click the button with id="product-addtocart-button" when you click on a browser_action button would be
  8. Aug 2019
    1. This has a scientific basis: Robert Cialdini’s principle of consistency stipulates that when someone takes a small action or step towards something, they feel more compelled to finish.
  9. Apr 2019
    1. for permission to allow Lightspeed Systems to view organizational units on your domain.

      BW: change to "to grant additional permissions."

    2. that will prompt

      BW: change to "prompting"

    1. GG4L syncs with Lightspeed’s products

      BW: Change to "Lightspeed Connect (GG4L) syncs"

    2. Note: Your Client ID and Client Secret are provided to you by GG4L. If you do not have this information contact GG4L (support@gg4l.com) to obtain your Client ID and Client Secret. Note: If Use Term Name is enabled, this value is merged with the Section Alias value.

      BW: [consolidate into one Note section]

    3. your implementation

      BW: [remove]

    4. , o

      BW: Change to ". O"

    5. BW: Add a comma

    1. Log in to your Rocket and navigate to Web Filter > Categories (below Database). Click View Contents next to the category name. Highlight and copy the content within the Showing results for the category: [category name] list. Paste the contents in a spreadsheet then delete everything except for the URL’s listed in column A. Save the spreadsheet as a .csv file and name it according to the category name. In the example below, we copied content from the local-allow category, therefore the file name was saved as local-allow.csv Repeat these steps (view, copy, paste, delete, and save as) for each category listed on the Categories page (this includes all categories below the Categories with Local Changes, Redirected Categories, and Locked Categories sections). Import Custom Categories Hello, Britt Winchester. This content originated from a post with id 49881After exporting custom categories from your Rocket, import the category data into Relay. Follow these steps to import custom category data into Relay: Click the Relay icon (top-left corner of the interface) to begin this process at the Relay home page. Click and expand the Internet Access list, then click Default Rules. Click the green plus-sign (right of the Categories title). Enter the name of one of the custom categories exported from your Rocket, then click Save. Hover within the new category and click the gear icon to open the category menu. Click View Domains. Click the Import icon. The Import Domain List window opens. Note: You cannot import more than 500 domains at once. Click Choose File, locate the exported and saved .csv file, then click Import. Note: Make sure the .csv file name matches the category you created in the previous steps. The list of domains (URLs) within the Local Allow category are listed. Click the back arrow to return to the Default Rules page. Repeat this process for creating and importing custom categories for all categories you exported from your Rocket.

      Space these steps out more since there are so many of them. It looks a little cramped as it is right now.

    2. Begin

      Change sentence to "To begin the migration process, export your Rocket's categories to a spreadsheet, and save the data as a CSV file.

    3. add "and"

    4. Add a comma

    1. Note: If running your Rockets in a cluster, update the parent Rocket before updating the remaining child Rockets. Note: This update includes a patch which requires any 10GB Rocket be restarted after installing this update.
    2. Note: This allows the Smart Agents to interact with your Rockets.

      This doesn't need to be a Note section. It can just be an additional sentence.

    3. are going to utilize

      change to "plan to use"

  10. Sep 2017
  11. Mar 2017
    1. Learningto complete a whole task involves four levels ofinstruction: (a) the problem, (b) the tasks re-quired to solve the problem, (c) the operationsthat comprise the tasks, and (d) the actions thatcomprise the operations. Effective instructionshould engage students in all four levels of per-formance: the problem level, the task-level, theoperation-level, and the action-level.

      Steps is learning to complete a whole task. This could be an extension of our matrix.

  12. Oct 2013
    1. Correction must therefore have its limits, for there are some who return to whatever they compose as if they presumed it to be incorrect.

      Correction has it's limits. Knowing when a work is complete is an important skill.