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  1. Nov 2020
  2. Jul 2020
    1. It would be nice if the tests weren't so implementation specific, but rather tested the essence of the functionality. I tried to make them less brittle but failed. To that end, re-writing all the tests in rspec would be (IMHO) a brilliant improvement and pave the way for better tests in the future and more flexibility in implementation.
  3. Nov 2019
    1. La philosophie avait fortifié ma tendance à saisir les choses dans leur essence, à la racine, sous l’aspect de la totalité ; et comme je me mouvais parmi des abstractions, je croyais avoir découvert, de façon décisive, la vérité du monde.

      Beauvoir explicite l’influence de la philosophie sur sa manière d’avoir une « saisie » sur le monde, dans les termes de la philosophie (« essence », « racine », « totalité », « abstractions »).

      L’aboutissement de ce constat, celui de « croire avoir découvert, de façon décisive, les <mark>vérités du monde</mark> », demeure rhétorique (elle » croit », mais n’en a pas la certitude; oxymore avec « façon décisive »…)

  4. Apr 2019
    1. Sartre argued that a central proposition of Existentialism is that existence precedes essence, which means that the most important consideration for individuals is that they are individuals—independently acting and responsible, conscious beings ("existence")—rather than what labels, roles, stereotypes, definitions, or other preconceived categories the individuals fit ("essence"). The actual life of the individuals is what constitutes what could be called their "true essence" instead of there being an arbitrarily attributed essence others use to define them. Thus, human beings, through their own consciousness, create their own values and determine a meaning to their life.[27]
  5. Feb 2019
    1. universal propositions, and would settle in their minds universal truths,

      The desire for both universality and essence is interesting. Universality is a concept with breadth, applicable on a large scale and encompassing many things. Essence, on the other hand, is extremely narrow, focused and boiled down to a pinpoint. It's a juggling act to attempt both.

    2. real constitution, or (as it is apt to be called) essence, being utterly unknown to us, any sound that is put to stand for it must be very un· certain in its application;

      Basically, be careful about naming anything that has an essence that's unknown to us, and it seems that most everything has an uncertain essence, so...

  6. Dec 2018
    1. But there is no such substratum, there is no "being" behind doing, working, becoming; "the doer" is a mere appanage to the action. The action is everything. In point of fact, the people duplicate the doing, when they make the lightning lighten, that is a "doing-doing"; they make the same phenomenon first a cause, and then, secondly, the effect of that cause.

      Sentence reused by Butler in Gender Trouble:

      The challenge for rethinking gender categories outside of the metaphysics of substance will have to consider […] that « there is no ‘being’ behind doing, effecting, becoming; the ‘doer’ is merely a fiction added to the deed – the deed is everything. » […] There is no gender identity behind the expressions of gender; that identity is perfomatively constituted by the very expressions that are said to be its results. » (Gender Trouble Routledge, 1990 p. 25)

  7. Sep 2018
    1. Technology is therefore no mere means. Technology is a way of revealing. If we give heed to this, then another whole realm for the essence of technology will open itself up to us. It is the realm of revealing, i.e., of truth.

      Technology opening itself to us giving us the essence of technology to which we--as a species-- can conquer the mysteries of the natural laws around us. As many fears for the day of the technological singularity, they should not worry since by the fact that that piece of information is unlocked for researchers to tinker then there will always be a counter measure to such an event. Knowing the truth of the machine allows for loopholes of the machine to be exploited and neutralize.

  8. Nov 2017
    1. Accordingly, the correct instrumental definition of technology still does not show us technology’s essence.

      Technology's essence is more than the ability of humans to control it, as thought with most previous technologies. While establishing definitions in the introduction, Heidegger finds it important to establish a distinction between what was instrumental to technology in the past and what we will find technology can become without definitions that limit technology to something outside of the basic, instrumental necessities.

  9. Mar 2017
    1. , se joue un nouvel humanisme.

      Milad. Il y a la question de la dynamique homme-machine dans la production de ce que nous pensons être un être humain. Dans ce sens j'employerais le concept d'humanisme. Pour savoir ce qu'est l'homme, il faut dire ce qu'est la machine. Il n'y a pas deux essences en dialogue, mais le dialogue dynamique produit les essences comme des contre-coups - après-coups. C'est l'idée d'intermédialité de Méchoulan.

    1. telling the truth about my own experiences as a body

      Woolf is so difficult because of her contradictions.She often seems to advocate that there is some essence in women which they haven't been able to discover; but here she seems to suggest a lower-case "truth," in which truth is confined to individual experience. I wonder if the contradictions of her text are part of her mission for "elasticity."

  10. May 2015
  11. Jan 2014
    1. The true essence of DevOps is empathy.
    2. Information exchange requires (and can contribute to) mutual understanding; e.g., empathy.

      What is the essence of empathy? Is it mutual understanding? What else is there?

  12. Nov 2013
    1. Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions- they are metaphors that have become worn out and have been drained of sensuous force, coins which have lost their embossing and are now considered as metal and no longer as coins.

      Forgetting the emblematic property of words as concepts, we adhere false "essence" to concepts and call it "truth" for the construction of convention and thus empty rhetoric, metaphors, and illusions. Not that we can actually construct convention that is not void of essence, but we might consider the folly of acting as if "truth" is real.