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    1. This refers to thelonger-term objective of this product, normally 2–10 years out.It is how we as a product organization intend to deliver on thecompany’s mission.
    2. This is the smallest possible actual product that meets the needs ofa specific market of customers.
    3. The purpose of product delivery is to build and deliver theseproduction-quality technology products, something you can sell andrun a business on.
    4. A prototype isnot something that’s ready for prime time and certainly not some-thing your company would try to sell and stand behind. But they’reimmensely useful, as they’re all about learning fast and cheap.
    5. Discovery is very much about the intense collaboration of productmanagement, user experience design, and engineering. In discovery,we are tackling the various risks before we write even one line ofproduction software.The purpose of product discovery is to quickly separate the goodideas from the bad. The output of product discovery is a validatedproduct backlog.
    6. This certainly includes the functionality—the features.But it also includes the technology that enables this functionality.It also includes the user experience design that presents thisfunctionality.And it includes how we monetize this functionality.It includes how we attract and acquire users and customers.And it can also include offline experiences as well that are essentialto delivering the product’s value.
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    1. Concepts, Constructs, and Variables Last updated Aug 21, 2021 Save as PDF 2.1: Unit of Analysis 2.3: Propositions and Hypotheses picture_as_pdfFull BookPageDownloadsFull PDFImport into LMSIndividual ZIPBuy Print CopyPrint Book FilesSubmit Adoption ReportPeer ReviewDonate /*<![CDATA[*/ window.hypothesisConfig = function () { return { "showHighlights": false }; }; //localStorage.setItem('darkMode', 'false'); window.beelineEnabled = true; document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].prepend(document.getElementById('mt-screen-css'),document.getElementById('mt-print-css')); //$('head').prepend($('#mt-print-css')); //$('head').prepend($('#mt-screen-css'));/*]]>*/ Page ID26212 /*<![CDATA[*/window.addEventListener('load', ()=>LibreTexts.TOC(undefined, undefined, true));/*]]>*/ /*<![CDATA[*/ //CORS override LibreTexts.getKeys().then(()=>{ if(!$.ajaxOld){ $.ajaxOld = $.ajax; $.ajax = (url, options)=> { if(url.url && url.url.includes('.libretexts.org/@api/deki/files')) { let [subdomain, path] = LibreTexts.parseURL(); let token = LibreTexts.getKeys.keys[subdomain]; url.headers = Object.assign(url.headers || {}, {'x-deki-token':token}); } else if (typeof url === 'string' && url.includes('.libretexts.org/@api/deki/files')){ let [subdomain, path] = LibreTexts.parseURL(); let token = LibreTexts.getKeys.keys[subdomain]; options.headers = Object.assign(options.headers || {}, {'x-deki-token':token}); } return $.ajaxOld(url, options); } } });/*]]>*/ Anol BhattacherjeeUniversity of South Florida via Global Text Project

      Bhattacherjee, A. (2021). Unit of Analysis: Concepts, Constructs, and Variables. (2), 3. Libre Texts Social Sciences

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    1. centripetal

      wouldn't this be centrifugal? later in the paragraph, the insides are discussed as positive, so, we are seeking to overcome centrifugal forces? The ones pulling us out?

    2. Surprisingly often, protocols herd collective problem-solving behaviors away from tragedies of commons into regimes of serendipity.

      see commons notes above

      also reminds me of this incredible presentation from Tony Hsieh talking about potential for serendipity in the context of cities in this video

      Related to ideas of 'surface area of luck', for which I've struggled to find an exact source. - Sari Azout talks about surface area of luck - Dror Poleg talks about Mathematical surface area here - Also used in this Multidimensional Citations paper

    3. “wicked.

      Quick search says

      The concept of "wicked" problems originated from design theorist Horst Rittel and professor of design methodology Melvin Webber in 1973[1]. They introduced the term to describe complex and challenging problems that are difficult or impossible to solve due to incomplete, contradictory, and changing information[2][3]. Rittel described ten characteristics of wicked problems in his paper "Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning"[2]. — source Perplexity

      Personal origin point for this: Exploring the Problem Space by Entelect Report

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    1. bridge betweengaming theory for learning and TBLT.


    2. “technology-mediated TBLT”
    3. Web 2.0 technologies, defined as technologies that allow users to transform infor-mation and “harness collective intelligence” (O’Reilly 2005: p. 2)

      Definition of Web 2.0 technologies

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    1. Mnuhbdvqhsdqr‘qdltbgkdrr khjdkx snqdbnfmhydsgdhmsdq‘bshnm‘km‘stqdnevqhs,hmf-Snsgdl+vqhshmfhrrsqhbskx‘antsfdsshmfrdmsdmbdrqhfgsq‘sgdqsg‘mhmsdq‘bshmf vhsg nq adhmf qdronmrhakd sn qd‘cdqr- Athkchmf ‘m tmcdq,rs‘mchmfnevqhshmf‘r‘qgdsnqhb‘k‘bshuhsx+‘rgtl‘mhmsdq‘bshnm+rddlr‘mdrrdmsh‘ksgqdrgnkcbnmbdosenqEXB-

      This is true since I can relate to this because I once only cared about getting the question answered, the word count, sentences and correct grammar before submitting my written work. However, that has changed in me because know I feel that I can dig deeper with my writing and be able to connect to the audience I am addressing to.

    2. Ad‘lnqdqdekdbshud’lhmcetk)rdke,‘v‘qd)sgntfgsetk(vqhsdq-

      Understanding your goal as a writer is really important. In order to so you have to know your audience, topic, your connection to the topic you're writing about and background research. Without these key pieces it would be hard to be a more reflective writer.

    3. Vqhshmfhr‘mdwdqbhrdhm+‘r@mmAdqsgnee’0876(e‘lntrkxotsrhs+‘kk‘,snmbdmdrr-Mndkdldmsnesgdvqhshmfoqnbdrrhrtkshl‘sdkxrdo‘q‘akdeqnlsgd nsgdq o‘qsr

      I agree because like trying to go to the gym daily to stay healthy and fit, writing in a way is similar because with practice you can get better with it. Without consistent practice there won’t be any beneficial progress for us writers.

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  10. bafybeicuq2jxzrw7omddwzohl5szkqv6ayjiubjy3uopjh5c3cghxq6yoe.ipfs.dweb.link bafybeicuq2jxzrw7omddwzohl5szkqv6ayjiubjy3uopjh5c3cghxq6yoe.ipfs.dweb.link
    1. The very shift from bounded objects to boundary-forming processes became a new playground and my whole perspective gained anextra dimension of freedom.

      !- in other words : bounded objects, boundary-forming processes * The leap from the unknown to the newly known is a birthing process from the known to a synthesis and new convergence of disparate phenomena into a unitary whole motivated by a compulsion that brings it into existence * Forming a boundary is synthesizing many qualities and bundling into one new one that has some compelling utility * Once formed, the new boundary, the new concept is much like how biological evolution works, from an aggregation of simpler forms that combine and unite to form a new higher level form

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    1. 9.2. Describe general cell signaling strategies and explore the different types of cell surface receptors and singling molecules.

      9.2 Key Concepts

      Chemical Signaling: * Intracellular vs. Intercellular * types of chemical signaling

      Receptors: * internal vs. surface-cell * categories of surface-cell receptors

      Ligand Molecules: * hydrophobic * water-soluble * nitric oxide (NO)

      Work Cited

      Hinic-Frlog, S., Hanley, J. and Laughton, S. (2020). Introductory Animal Physiology. Missausgua, CA: Pressbooks.

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    1. The adapter is where authentication, policy checks, and eventually your domain logic happen. All termini of the protocol’s activity are standardized end events - that’s how protocol and adapter communicate.
    1. Trailblazer offers you a new, more intuitive file layout in applications.
    2. Instead of grouping by technology, classes and views are structured by concept, and then by technology. A concept can relate to a model, or can be a completely abstract concern such as invoicing.
    3. Concepts over Technology
    4. While Trailblazer offers you abstraction layers for all aspects of Ruby On Rails, it does not missionize you. Wherever you want, you may fall back to the "Rails Way" with fat models, monolithic controllers, global helpers, etc. This is not a bad thing, but allows you to step-wise introduce Trailblazer's encapsulation in your app without having to rewrite it.
    1. [pub_2021] 5 important concepts

      1. Equality == vs. === (primitives, object "mem ref")
      2. Async JS (callbacks, promises, async/await)
      3. Error Handling (try..catch, writing defensive code)
      4. ES6 Syntax (destructuring, spread operator, string interpolation)
      5. Array Methods (map, filter, reduce, sort, some, every)
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    1. Preparatory remarks on the concept of an invisible hand: 1. The concept of an invisible hand plays a vital role in Karl’s analysis, even though Smith refers to it explicitly only twice in his two major books, once in The Wealth of Nations, and once in The Theory of Moral Sentiments(2005 [1759]). 2. While there is no generally agreed-upon definition of what is meant by an invisible hand, we shall employ the approach of Ullmann-Margalit (1978), which even Samuels (2011, 291) appears to regard as above reproach.

    2. An invisible hand process is at work if individual human action results in some sort of order that was not specifically designed by those individuals pursuing their own ends. But in order for the invisible hand to operate well, institutions need to be in place for otherwise the human action at play could result in chaos (no order at all).
    3. and institutional structures (street layout, fire prevention measures, moral codes etc) ensure that some sort of order prevails. The hand behind the invisible hand is visible.
    4. more positive-sounding term spontaneous order than the more mystical-sounding invisible hand. Others, however, prefer to use another term. ‘I prefer the term “unintended order” to the more familiar “spontaneous order” because the former conveys that the system of order was not anyone’s intentional design without suggesting, as “spontaneous” might, that there is no way to account for the creation of the system’ (Otteson 2002, 6; see also Otteson 2007, 21).

      The importance of accountability is implied by introducing the term - "unintended order".

    5. Hayek is thus informing us that the framework of our analysis should include institutions that are ‘The results of Human Action but not of Human Design’.
    6. Hayek notes that if we confine our arguments to the natural and artificial realms confusion is bound to ensure: ‘... one would describe a social institution as “natural” because it had never been deliberately designed, while another would describe the same institution as “artificial” because it resulted from human action’ (Hayek 1967, 130)
    7. Preparatory remarks on the concept of an invisible hand: Suppose we identify an order in human affairs. On further investigation we ascertain that although the regularity came about as a result of human action, it did not arise from human deliberation. In other words, the order did not arise from human design. Under such conditions, says Ullmann-Margalit (1978, 263), we have an invisible hand explanation. She refers to this realm of things that results from human action but not from human design as a middle realm (1978, footnote 2) and cites Hayek (1966 and 1960) as her source. An example that comes most readily to the fore as an invisible hand explanation is the one associated with the creation of money (Ullmann-Margalit 1978, 264) or the emergence of language.

    8. Suppose we identify an order in human affairs. On further investigation we ascertain that although the regularity came about as a result of human action, it did not arise from human deliberation.

      Part of ''Preparatory remarks on the concept of an invisible hand". It continues - In other words, the order did not arise from human design.

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    1. A GIMP image may be quite a complicated thing. Instead of thinking of it as a sheet of paper with a picture on it, think of it as more like a stack of sheets, called “layers”. In addition to a stack of layers, a GIMP image may contain a selection mask, a set of channels, and a set of paths. In fact, GIMP provides a mechanism for attaching arbitrary pieces of data, called “parasites”, to an image.
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    1. Learning Domains

      This website provides several examples of domains adults may learn in or engage with. By clicking on each type, you are redirected to a detailed description of the domain. Descriptions include, but are not limited to, definitions, theories and research behind the topic, and real-world examples. You can also find references used in the description, which can be helpful for further exploration. This InstructionalDesign.org website also provides extensive lists of learning concepts (i.e. motivation, personalized learning, storyboard, etc.) and theories (i.e. Adult Learning Theory, Social Learning, Constructivism, etc.). Each learning theory link provides a theoretical definition, applications, examples, key principles, references, and related websites. Rating 10/10.

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    1. If I use the word God or the word Christ, the word Jesus, the word Lord, and in any way it conveys the sense of an existent someone or something outside of yourself, you have the wrong concept of God or Christ.
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    1. Context notes are used as a map to a series of notes. A context note that outlines a more complex concept or broader subject, using links to other notes in the process. For example, while I’m reading a book, I build an outline of the things I find relevant, based on my highlights and notes of the book. Each of the outline’s items links to a separate note explaining the idea in more detail, and usually contains the highlighted text of the book.
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    1. concepts in their raw, unverbalized form

      There is a way to use symbols to evoke an original message in a natural language. Unlike shorthand, which are symbols that have a direct reference to words or syllables, Rozan's notetaking method for interpreters focuses on concepts. Originally published in French in 1956, it was probably not well known at the time Engelbart wrote this report. Interpreters do not work finding word equivalence, but concepts recreated in another language. An example here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpreting_notes

  22. Nov 2018
    1. Educational Technology Leadership and Practice in Higher Education: The Emergence of Threshold Concepts

      This article explores how technology has become the new standard for higher education and this new standard has created a need to develop new concepts on how to view a subject. Additionally, methods to use educational technology resources are described. Rating: 5/5

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    1. and its distance to all points on its left willincreasebyδ

      This relies on an unstated fact that the shortest path between these points is along this line. I don't know how familiar you're expecting the reader to be with this.

    2. tor of 2 is NP-hard, and is therefore as hard as solving the problemexactly

      At this point I wonder: "How does one then distinguish among the many possible solutions that are 2-approximations?"



  24. Aug 2018
    1. "A través de las dificultades de acceso al agua, lo que estaba en juego no era pues solamente una mejora de las condiciones materiales de existencia, sino una lucha por el reconocimiento de su existencia social. Y en la medida en que mi compromiso etnográfico afectaba la dimensión material de las condiciones de vida de los residentes, se inscribía también, de hecho, en la dimensión simbólica de la vida del barrio, revelando así que incluso en las zonas más marginales en apariencia, la vida social tiene que ver con una «doble verdad»16 que el trabajo etnográfico debe aprehender. En este caso preciso, el acceso a la propiedad y a los servicios es el primer momento del acceso a la existencia social, y a su reconocimiento político. " P. 358


    2. El enfoque etnográfico efectuado inicialmente me permitía reintegrar, en el momento de la objetivación, el «sentido vivido» por los agentes (Bourdieu, 1980b): me daba cuenta que este me había servido de aquello que Loïc Wacquant llama un «instrumento de deconstrucción de las categorías» (Wacquant, 2008) utilizadas en los enfoques estadísticos. p. 356

  25. www.dropbox.com www.dropbox.com
    1. The differentiation of the face of the earth is what John K. Wright called “geodiversity.

      Concepto geodiversidad

  26. Feb 2018
    1. “A threshold concept can be considered as akin to a portal, opening up a new and previously inaccessible way of thinking about something.” (p. 1)

      Definition of Threshold Concept

    2. They proposed the idea based on a round of interviews with economics faculty members.

      Does this then "infect" other Bounded Spaces with Economic concepts? In other words, this idea of "Threshold concepts" works for Economics, but maybe profoundly changes other disciplines into something other than what they are?

  27. Oct 2017
    1. Python supports the object-oriented programming paradigm

      The main OOP concepts:

      1. an object as a model of a real object
      2. a class as a factory for objects or as a template that defines the structure of objects from this class and behavior of objects from this class
      3. an object as an instance of a class
      4. a method with or without parameters describes the behavior of instances
      5. calling or invoking method
  28. Oct 2015
    1. It is causing you discomfort and uneasiness, because what we are discussing is flying right in the face of many well-established concepts which you have entertained and employed in your lifetime. This feeling may well be the last whimpers of your inclination to utilize them. I would allow them, if I were you, to simply do their whimpering, since they will spontaneously fade out. Do not give them credit, and do not act upon them.
  29. Feb 2014
    1. Mental structuring is what we call the internal organization of conscious and unconscious mental images, associations, or concepts (or whatever it is that is organized within the human mind) that somehow manages to provide the human with understanding and the basis for such as judgment, intuition, inference, and meaningful action with respect to his environment.
  30. Nov 2013
    1. Here one may certainly admire man as a mighty genius of construction, who succeeds in piling an infinitely complicated dome of concepts upon an unstable foundation, and, as it were, on running water.

      and call it "civilization"

    2. Truths are illusions which we have forgotten are illusions- they are metaphors that have become worn out and have been drained of sensuous force, coins which have lost their embossing and are now considered as metal and no longer as coins.

      Forgetting the emblematic property of words as concepts, we adhere false "essence" to concepts and call it "truth" for the construction of convention and thus empty rhetoric, metaphors, and illusions. Not that we can actually construct convention that is not void of essence, but we might consider the folly of acting as if "truth" is real.

    3. This awakens the idea that, in addition to the leaves, there exists in nature the "leaf": the original model according to which all the leaves were perhaps woven,

      When in actuality "leaf" is merely the distinction of singularity, meaning not "leaves". Not based on an "original" model at all, but a distinction what it is related, and not equal to. Concepts and words only create "context"; the water that all distinctions, all rhetoric, and all convention swims in.

    4. cases which are never equal and thus altogether unequal. Every concept arises from the equation of unequal things.

      Concepts can only be constructed in rhetoric in their relationship to other concepts, as when "this" thing is not "that" thing. Says more of what a thing is "not" than what a thing "is".

    5. it will now be guided by intuitions rather than by concepts.

      intuition vs. concepts

    6. spider

      more spider webs

    7. We don't understand the laws of nature but only how we can relate to them