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  1. Mar 2024
    1. Its a powerful software, Adobe is a Horrid company though, and they make everything subscription base, Buy out and monopolize software sweets whenever they can, Generally they are the absolute worst. I recommend learning how to use blender painting or the open source software ARMORPAINT as soon as its available so you don't have to support this scumwater company.In the mean time its the only thing that is widely supported, The united states just needs better consumer protection laws. it all comes down to america's horrid consumer protection laws that make companies like this possible.
  2. Jan 2024
    1. it's the case for this enormous project that i'm really 00:31:23 glad i'm helping with it's in saudi arabia next to a heritage site which is built with adobe and the government decided that they 00:31:35 would actually build an enormous extension

      for - adobe earth project - Saudia Arabia

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Fifteen months into the regulatory review process, Figma and Adobe no longer see a path toward regulatory approval of our proposed acquisition.Figma and Adobe have reached a joint decision to end our pending acquisition. It’s not the outcome we had hoped for, but despite thousands of hours spent with regulators around the world detailing differences between our businesses, our products, and the markets we serve, we no longer see a path toward regulatory approval of the deal.



  4. Jul 2023
    1. The results from both Midjourney and Stable Diffusion seem to be the most convincing and realistic if I was to judge from a human point of view and if I didn't know they were AI generated, I would believe their results.

      Midjourney & Stable Diffusion > Dall-E and Adobe Firefly

  5. Apr 2023
  6. Mar 2023
    1. The language lives on today in words such as adobe, which came from the Egyptian word for brick. The word moved through Demotic, on to Arabic and eventually to Spain during the time of Islamic domination there
  7. May 2022
    1. Please note that Adobe fonts that have not been used in over 150* days need to be reinstalled for use in older Creative Cloud and third-party apps. Creative Cloud keeps apps running smoothly by periodically cleaning up fonts that you don’t appear to be using.


  8. Feb 2022
    1. How to Convert Adobe XD to WordPress within minutes

      One can easily convert Adobe XD website UI designed into a responsive and bug-free WordPress website. There are many ways to do the Adobe XD to WordPress conversion. The blog covers the most easier and prevalent ways of converting Adobe XD to WordPress website.

  9. Oct 2021
    1. Adobe announced the final release Adobe SVG Viewer 3.0 for Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and MacOS 8.x/9.x/10.1. It is available in 15 languages. Compared to version 2.0 more elements, attributes, CSS properties and DOM methods from the SVG 1.0 specification are supported. There is also an internal script engine.

      Adobe SVG Viewer was discontinued January 1, 2009 Adobe - Adobe to Discontinue Adobe SVG Viewer

    2. Michael Bierman announced French, German, and Japanese localizations of the Adobe SVG viewer. All localisations are available at either the US or Japanese sites.

      According to Wikipedia - Adobe Illustrator Adobe SVG Viewer was introduced in 2000.

    1. Adobe Audition: Digital audio workstation software.

      I already have Creative Cloud. I might as well use Adobe Audition.

  10. Sep 2020
    1. The next viable way is to use Adobe CC Cleaner tool - which is not publically advertised. If anyone reading this is facing the problem I have described above, download the CC Cleaner Tool here: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/cc-cleaner-tool-installation-problems.html 
    1. Hi Arthurp,We are not able to reproduce the issue at our end.Could you please try the following steps:-Open Task Manager and kill the process "Adobe Collaboration Synchronizer"-Delete the folder "Synchronizer" located at: C:\Users\arviyada\AppData\LocalLow\Adobe\Acrobat\DC\Acrobat\ Please let us know it helps. Regards,Arvind

      Suggested solution to problem with Adobe Document Cloud (ADC) synchronising comments with shared reviews from Adobe Acrobat.

  11. Jan 2020
    1. Cut and erase artwork Transform your artwork by cutting and erasing content.
    2. Transform artwork Learn how to transform artwork with the Selection tool, Transform panel, and various transform tools.
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