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    1. Clack, you’re dying to hear the end of it–I won’t faint, expressly to oblige you

      The mutual enmity between Clack and Rachel is evident. The question is -- who or what started it? It is very reasonable to assume, based on Clack's language, that her overt hatred towards Rachel has caused Rachel to hate her in return (who wouldn't?). But I'm wondering if Rachel's always had some kind of a "sinful" inclination (which could perhaps explain why she, of all, has the Moonstone) that triggered the conservative mind of Miss Clack to develop envy and detestation.

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    1. Taking critical reflection seriously caused those around them to view them with fear and loathing, with a hostility borne of incomprehension. Surfing on a wave of unbridled enthusiasmfor the process thowtheirwavecolapsedinonthemasthey noticedhowtheircoleaguesbecameangrywheneverthe importance of critical reflection was mentioned.