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    1. I arrived in England in the early 80s when there were still only three TV channels. I was used to watching Emmerdale Farm and Yes Minister. Then The Young Ones came on and just blew me away. I loved the irreverence. I loved that they share this house, but are all so different. I loved how they smack each other around. It would just flip from one thing to another. It was totally out of the box.I’d watch it with my family or school friends and record it on our VCRs so that we could memorise the lines. Even today, 30 or 40 years later, I’ll see Vyv [Adrian Edmondson] or Neil [Nigel Planer] in something and think: “It’s Vyv!” or: “It’s Neil!” I can still quote the lines.AdvertisementPeople in America know The Young Ones. It had a life here, too. We also got The Comic Strip Presents … with that guy [Alexei Sayle] who did that song about that car [Ullo John! Gotta New Motor?]. I particularly remember the episode Didn’t You Kill My Brother? where he plays the gangster twins.

      I loved 'The Young Ones'.

  6. Feb 2021
    1. Voicing is the act of employees speaking up toconfront what they consider to be bullshit. Em-ployees may ask to see evidence that supports thesuspected bullshit. They may themselves providebullshit-challenging evidence along with alterna-tive statements, and when doing so should becognizant that simple and coherent bullshit willtend to be more appealing than intricate andcomplex truths. Employees may also voice bylaughing at and mocking bullshit. This is a way to“informally show up its emptiness without havingto risk a full-frontal face-off with powerful bullshitartists” (Spicer, 2017, p. 167).
    1. “On Christmas, we ask for a friend as a gift. Once I got it, but it only lasted a day. He escaped. He was Jewish. I said he escaped, not that he died. He was very fast. You know, if I do this joke in Germany, I’ll be arrested. Letting a Jew escape like this?”

      I guess the joke is targeting stereotypes about German

    1. The first joke mocks Jewish foibles from an insider’s perspective. The second mocks the trivializing of the Holocaust. The third mocks Hitler. None of them diminish the horror of the Holocaust itself.

      I like this part. The joke has subject and target. The victims of Holocaust should't be target of the joke but they can be still a subject.

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    1. Люди нарезают круглую пиццу треугольниками и упаковывают в квадратную коробку. И после этого хотят, чтобы ты им доверял.
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    1. The Hyper Text Coffee Pot Control Protocol (HTCPCP) is a protocol for controlling, monitoring and diagnosing coffee pots over a network. The Resource Description Framework (RDF) is a general-purpose language for representing information in the Web. This document defines HTCPCP Vocabulary in RDF in order to allow HTCPCP headers that have been exchanged between a client (in other words, a coffee addict) and a server (a networked device that can brew, store and deliver heated coffee beverages) to be recorded in RDF format. The objective of this vocabulary is to support quality assurance testing, and to serve as a machine-readable component in conformance claims and in reporting languages such as the Evaluation and Report Language (EARL) [EARL Schema].
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    1. Commandez dès maintenant les objets de l'Enlysée, pour une bonne cause et sans dépenser un pognon de dingue !
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    1. [Clock strikes.] BRUTUS. Peace! count the clock. CASSIUS. The clock hath stricken three.

      Whether intentional or not, the clock is an example of an anachronism. This technique is the inclusion of something that appears to be in the wrong time, used as a device or simply a literary mistake.

      Cassius claims that "the clock hath stricken three", signifying the end of the conspirators' meeting about the upcoming assassination. In the Roman era, mechanical clocks were not invented, and the time was told by much more primitive methods.

      This anachronism may have been included as subtle humour, or is more symbolic; it may possibly reference the impending 'strike' on Caesar's reign. Furthermore, the motion of the clock is more dramatic than telling time with a sundial etc.

      Shakespeare's use of anachronisms throughout Julius Caesar is most likely intentional, but nevertheless it enhances the drama of the conspirator's conversation.

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    1. “To a soundtrack of heavy metal, free-software geekstar Jono Bacon recounts the story of how he learned to gently yet productively manhandle groups of unruly Internet folks gathered around a common topic or cause. His process and methods are set out in his book, The Art of Community , where Jono’s non-ego-driven account of community building will aid all manner of bosses, since almost every subject matter these days has a community with hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, and even (as in the case of World of Warcraft) millions of people clamoring around it. (Even David Hasselhoff!)

      The spectre of the Great Hasselhoff has been invoked!