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    1. What we traditionally think of as the "Learning Management System" (LMS) is referred to as the "Tool Consumer" (TC) as it "consumes" the tool.

      "TC" definition

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    1. The Microsoft OneDrive LTI app integrates with your LMS to bring Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft 365 directly into your most important workflows that include: Attaching resources and organizing content. Starting collaborative documents. Creating and grading assignments.

      Options for LTI

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    1. the wealth of apples.

      Are these apples, or any of the other delectable goodies on Genome Island, stored in an OAR (or LOR)? Can one find apples of the same design in OSGrid or another VW?

      Note: Annotations for this page, a 'category' listing of posts, are not seen if one views any one of the posts. (See this post, for example.)

  9. Jul 2021
    1. Point solutions could evolve socially, and so, collaboratively.

      Strands of content form fibers that can be tthreaded best in a local K-12 space.

      Karen Costa suggests that someone "create a tool for students to plan their online work and time management. It needs to aggregate all of their courses and include due dates"

    2. Is there a bottom-line where the horizon meets these challenges, or…

      Yes! At the local level.

      Who in your local school district is using tools that work well with students?

      What tools work best for which learners, and perform most efficiently for their mentors?

    1. Objects built in Minecraft do not have builder identifiers like those in SL and similar worlds, and anyone can make or break objects anywhere.

      "...makes it really difficult to figure "

      wilson Huckleberry may have a solution in his pockets already...

      Note: First tag in Booklady's space.

    1. Works with

      Works with...

      Also works with Chrome's copy-link-to-highlight (option on right-click of highlighted text, like this:





    1. she said you could be one of those people that sits in the back and answers

      Inviting folks like Dorothy Nell to see this cool new tool in action!

      (Clicking on highlighted text should open the annotation tool.)

    1. Middle School Science Units that Support Disciplinary Literacy

      Digital literacy taught alongside science curriculum = Disciplinary Literacy?

    1. Teaching Metadata IG

      "Metadata...presents educators and trainers with continually evolving pedagogical challenges."

      "...a forum for exchanging experiences and advice on the content of curricula and on classroom methodologies"

      "innovation in metadata design, implementation & best practice"

    1. Media Cafe

      Visitors to this Second Life coffee shop could wear their own objects.

      • like the Matrix-styled sunglasses attached to my avatar's nose with its own website. .
    1. M.I.T. OpenCourseWare

      Here, Hypothes.is annotation layer provides a collaborative space for communication. Next, I will post a comment to this old, old blog post, given readers a link to this public annotation.

    1. Shouldn’t Tech Developers (such as yourself) be reaching out to Schools/ Teachers/ Districts FIRST to create and design tech rather than the other way around?”


      Reaching out again with new project MentorsOnline.NET

      Notes: 1st edit of annotation for update of info

      • 2nd use of tag: LTI-test-team
    1. Google Meet training and help

      Scenario: Team building exercise, group tag(s) sorting downstream readers/ viewers (audience).

      Note: First use of tag: LTI-test-team

    1. The Corn Field is a region of mythological status where once naughty avatars were sent to think about what they had done.

      "mythological status"

      Reinforcing middle school grammar and writing skills while promoting social learning around topics such as a mythology in a game such as Minecraft or Roblox.

      APB: Ephemeral Flan, Booklady...wilson Huckleberry too

      This annotation flags archive.org's 2009 capture (its earliest) of this Second Life Wiki article. It could also be a launchpad* for an assignment.

      LTI Note archive.org's timeline panel, in the context of constructive learning, could lead to engaging inquiry about particular subjects.

    1. Cool Beans Coffee Shop

      Cup o' joe with folks at Cool Beans was a steady blend of irregulars with some top shelf virtual world designers .

      "Enjoy some good music and great coffee."

      The music was good.

    1. The list of all Alt Codes for special characters and symbols. Learn How to use Alt Key Codes? for special characters and symbols.

      Drag-n-drop learning.

    1. Da Vinci Theme for Art

      My own use of "widget" began with notes speculating on the use of one particular object.

    1. 3 Annotation Tools to Promote Active Reading on MasteryConnect Assessments

      Staking out the Canvas annotation space on a hunch. Will we see Hypothes.is implement Presence first? Messaging and presence mean chat/notifications, right there in the sidebar, managing presence.

    1. Mastodon is a free, open-source social network server based on ActivityPub where users can follow friends and discover new ones.
    1. Product DevelopmentStrategic DirectionOperations and PlanningGlobal Partners and Resources


    1. Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

      Scenario: students follow lesson links to this page, having

      • easy tagging, posting and sharing of webpages
      • bookmarking and annotation
      • chat/IM, wiki-blog-forum, notification options, online indicators for notices and assignments, online availability of mentor(s), classmates, course outlines, resources...

      ...and, all bundled in one tool [or a new browser]...

      ...then plug content from another space (i.e., Canvas, or maybe WebQuests) and sky's the limit.

    1. Bookmarking: Possible features

      Late in '16, when this browser extension came to life, several functions and features jumped out as likely candidates for secondary education.

      One of these was vocabulary highlighting: importing a vocabulary set to highlight each term (where it appears in any page) with tooltip definitions...on any page visited...incredible!

    1. If you are interested in developing an integration

      Evernote's UI/UX is top shelf; slick, elegant; but, is it extensible? Does it bring the X in XMPP?

      For example: An empty button could be added to the pop-up. A module that can be customized to inject approved widgets...such as chat/IM, or just a Home button keyed to the school's website.

      I once bought a game add-on ($2-3) that came with an extensible button by default. That was a million dollar seller, if memory serves. (See mystical cookie).

    1. It’s also most effective when the instructor is alongside students, participating in the annotations and conversations.


      Adding messaging and chat to Hypothesis could go a long way toward helping with this.

      David Bokan proposes WebAnnotation in the Browser

    2. Of course, if you’re interested, I am more than happy to talk more with you about social annotation and these particular tools, as well as demo them for you as well.

      Many threads emerging in the annotations here: https://github.com/bokand/web-annotations

    1. WebRangers is an effort to harness oeen technologies, already available on the Internet, to augment education. A vocabulary highlighter could note each word in a pdf, page or article, compare it against a set of terms (managed by parent/mentor/teacher),

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    1. custom_*

      Custom values can be sent

    2. LTI provides can return:

      • Grades
      • Other information (URL, HTML snippet etc.)
  17. Feb 2018
    1. I have been arguing for some time that Caliper should be used as a data interoperability exchange standard between apps that operates through the LTI window

      How does the whole Caliper thing relate to data H might generate?

    2. LTI Advantage can also enable the tool provider to give the LMS links that support single sign-on to specific places within the tool,
    1. your student roster in Perusall will automatically populate as students each launch into Perusall from the LMS for the first time.

      This is I believe what has been proposed by Atomic Jolt.

    2. create Perusall courses through the LMS

      Equivalent of groups?

    3. without having to log into Perusall separately

      the key!

    4. If they log in to Perusall directly (i.e., at perusall.com), then they will be seen as a second user.)

      I wonder why?

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    1. An extension to standard LTI, external tools can be configured to appear when a student is submitting content for an assignment. When a tool is configured, users will see an additional tab during assignment submission for assignments that accept online submissions. If a user selects a homework submission tool, a popup will appear where the external tool will be loaded. The tool should direct users to select or build some piece of content, then submit that content to the tool. The tool will then redirect the user to the LTI success URL with some additional parameters. Canvas will take this information and submit it for the current user as their submission to this assignment.

      I would really like to see an end-to-end example of this!

    1. An LTI app that wraps annotation around Canvas files


      Please keep me posted on this one. Thank you!

  23. Jun 2016
    1. Configurations Canvas Moodle Blackboard Sakai Desire2Learn

      These may e the key links to making an LTI app work in other LMSs besides Canvas.

    1. this is the type of context from which the user is accessing the app. If it's provided, this will most likely be CourseSection

      So a Canvas user is mapped to a course and, possibly, a course section. The former could be used to auto-provision a group. The latter, though, could be used (optionally) to create multiple private groups in a course. If I'm right, then that's neat.

    2. Learner Instructor

      I suppose we'd need to map these roles to user roles in H. Or at least map a teacher role to an imminent group admin role.

    3. unique id referencing the user accessing the app. providers should consider this id an opaque identifier.

      Is the fact that this and the below are not labeled "required" mean that SSO/authentication/whatever is not a requisite part of being an app in the store?

    1. specific course

      Auto-provisioning h account and assigning user to a group, mapped to course.

  24. Mar 2016
    1. add content to a rich content editor.

      Add a tool to a rich content editor?

      How could we inject the h JS code into a pages or set of pages so that h was always on there?...

    2. at the account level,
    3. This simple demo app lets the user pick from a list of fish pictures. The picture they choose will be inserted into the rich editor.

      So it adds content, not functionality?

    1. Canvas: Navigation Extension

      So there is a redirect LTI or app that allows one to do this. I can currently get Hypothes.is in the nav.

      This is a link to an h group from within a Canvas course:

    1. These extensions are used to add functionality on top of that connection.

      OKAY! So LTI extensions add functionality in addition to authorization.

    1. Generally the form is submitted via JavaScript to an iframe rendered on a page within the consumer, so the user does not have an extra step when trying to launch an app.

      Generally, but not always?...

      I'm okay if there's a second step. That could be:

      1) activating h within the LMS

      2) linking out to a via.bouncer page

    2. a consumer key and shared secret which are used to sign any messages passed between systems
    3. some service that integrates with the LMS

      But how?

    4. identity assertion

      So it's just or mostly SSO?

    1. if you have an interactive assessment application or virtual chemistry lab, it can be securely connected to an educational platform in a standard way without having to develop and maintain custom integrations for each platform.
    2. from simple communication applications like chat, to domain-specific learning environments
  25. Nov 2015
    1. LMS INTEGRATION - Soomo seamlessly supports single-sign-on access and gradebook integration with your school's learning management system.

      keys to the castle

  26. Aug 2015
    1. An external tool can ask for an xAPI callback URL, and then POST back an interaction activity to Canvas. This will update the activity time for the user in Canvas, and add a page view for that tool. Page views will show up in the course analytics section as activity.
  27. Jun 2015
    1. ability to deploy in a variety of learning environments due to the diversity of implementation approaches that schools utilize .

      Again, LTI is key here. We want to be able to integrate/interoperate with lots of L/CMSs.

    2. Have low technical requirements – i.e. use standard classroom hardware and are interopera ble with other software solutions

      Does this mean LTI?

  28. May 2015
    1. I find it disturbing that the example "learning" tool is a classified ad.