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  1. Nov 2023
    1. trying to edit a super small video a  short actually on DaVinci Resolve and I cannot do anything anything it's like the weirdest thing  uh so I guess there is a super uh deep learning curve to start using this software


    1. cap cut their Auto caption uh feature works much much quicker and oftentimes a lot more accurately

      Auto Caption: especially if CapCut 剪映 jianying, jian ying (made by ByteDance, think TikTok) also offers Chinese caption, I'm sold!

    2. there is a feature that both cap cut desktop and DaVinci Resolve both have but in my opinion and most importantly in my experience cap cut does this better than DaVinci Resolve

      Can't wait to find out

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    1. How to change video width and height in Premiere Pro

      change video height and width,