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  1. Feb 2024
    1. Fortes de leur présence quotidienne dans les centres de rétention administrative (CRA) de France métropolitaine et d’Outre-mer, France terre d'asile, Forum réfugiés, le Groupe SOS Solidarités-Assfam, La Cimade et Solidarité Mayotte publient un rapport documentant les principales problématiques observées dans ces lieux et fournissent des chiffres sur les situations rencontrées en 2022.

      Ces associations alertent une nouvelle fois sur l’augmentation constante des tensions dans les CRA et l’importance de prendre en considération la situation individuelle des personnes avant toute décision de placement en rétention ou d’éloignement

  2. Oct 2023
    1. In Council, Member States’ representatives (Coreper) reached a common position on 19 July 2023, allowing the Council to enter in negotiations with the European Parliament. Council notably removed the notion of "critical" from products with digital elements  and deleted a substantial number of the products listed in the Annex III. Council introduced three categories of products, critical for essential entities as defined by the NIS2, that would fall under mandatory European cybersecurity certification by means of a delegated act. The Council moved the reporting of cybersecurity incidents and actively exploitable vulnerabilities from ENISA to the national Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSIRTs) in a two-step process of an initial notification after 24 hours and a second one after 72 hours. Council proposes to postpone the application of the regulation to 36 months.

      EP remarks on the changes made by Council in their proposal. Also note link to NIS2 and CSA.

    2. EP position of CRA, although their own actual position paper seems absent from this page.

    1. CSA d.d. #2019/04/17 ter vergelijking in scope en werkingsgebied met CRA. Hoe past de kritiek uit FOSS hoek ook op CSA en blijkt daar in de praktijk al iets van?

    1. NL rijksoverheid over CSA, is er verbinding met CRA en wat dan?

    1. NL rijksoverheid kondigt de overeenstemming in Raad mbt CRA aan. Kijk naar welke punten ze 'vieren' en de aannames tav impact op SME/FOSS en evt eigen info-huishouding.

    1. DigitalEurope (commercial company club wrt EU digital legal frameworks) position on the CRA trilogue. Kijk waar ze aan willen knabbelen, en wat ze toejuichen. Hoe verhoudt zich dat tot de kritiek uit de SME / FOSS hoek op same?

    1. Antwoorden op kamervragen mbt CRA. PDF zegt paar boeiende dingen over SaaS die niet onder CRA wel onder NIS2 valt bijv. Maar ook dat het onderscheid niet helder is. Van nov 2022, dus in de voorstelfase.

    1. Rijksoverheid beoordelingsfiche CRA, leesbare en heldere PDF erbij. Dit is v okt 2022 en input geweest voor kabinetspositie in de Raad. PDF doorlopen op of er iets staat over de gevolgen voor de overheid zelf anders dan de gemoeide markthandhaving.

    1. German cybersec company on the CRA, some useful graphs (by the EC that I haven't seen elsewhere)

    1. To be clear, global open source software projects will be unable to strictly comply with provisions contained in current drafts of the CRA. Much of the world's open source software will likely soon be either 1) blocked for distribution in the EU or 2) publicly accessible with caveats similar to “this software is not appropriate or approved for use or distribution in the European Union market.”

      Linux foundation's fear of the CRA is not so much the requirements made wrt software, but the requirements of demonstrating/documenting compliance. #openvraag what are the carve outs in current texts? What do the pre-ambles say wrt who specific admin reqs apply to. Isn't OS by definition compliant in the sense that the rationale of OS party is increasing its security?

  3. Mar 2023
  4. Oct 2020
    1. Tips from the Pros: Using Technology to Scaffold Conceptual Development

      Technology can be used in adult learning environments to support concrete representation abstract (CRA) progression. This site gives an example of what that might look like. In the concrete stage students have to learn by doing and virtual environments can give them the experience of doing. Online simulations can also provide that experience. Tools for creating concept maps or infographics help students in the representational stage. When students need to apply knowledge in the abstract stage they can use technology to create videos, conduct interviews, or record podcasts. This was a different view of technology integration than I had read about from other sources and it is something I found helpful when thinking about integrating technology. The author researches online pedagogy and technology and teaches future teachers. 10/10

  5. Dec 2019
    1. criterion-referenced assessment

      Criterion referenced assessment (CRA) is the process of evaluating (and grading) the learning of students against a set of pre-specified qualities or criteria, without reference to the achievement of others (Brown, 1998; Harvey, 2004). ... Thus, CRA is assessment that has standards which are 'referenced' to criteria.


  6. Oct 2018