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    1. According to Cuende, “A DAO is an internet-native entity with no central management which isregulated by a set of automatically enforceable ruleson a public blockchain, and whose goal is to take a lifeof its own and incentivize people to achieve a sharedmission.

      Great definition of a DAO

    1. It was first unveiled during a multimillion dollar heist which led to a hard fork of Ethereum. Reentrancy occurs when external contract calls are allowed to make new calls to the calling contract before the initial execution is complete.

      Reenter attack - The DAO. Basically withdrawal calls before the end of initial execution.

    1. The more community members are free to gain governance power and influence the protocol, the easier it is for attackers to use that same mechanism to make malicious changes. 

      indistinguishability problem and premissionless voting

    2. inefficient outcomes

      incentive failures, inertia or active capture by malicious actors

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    1. Establecida como una AG de responsabilidad limitada, la empresa descentralizada está estructurada de manera que posee entidades independientes que a su vez están incorporadas en jurisdicciones de todo el mundo.

      What kind of legal entity is convenient for a descentralized app (or startup)

  5. Apr 2022
    1. Nick Tomaino 在这篇文章中阐述了一个观点, 就是以比特币为首的一些项目其实也推出了开源分散组织的概念 (比如 DAO 以及开源开发组织). 在颠覆金融系统之外, 中本聪所创造的比特币也会颠覆公司的形式.

      经济学家通常认为, 公司的存在有两个主要原因: 尽量减少交易成本以及汇总资本和人员. 公司在几十年以来都是人们协作首选的形式, 但是比特币在没有公司的情况下蓬勃发展, 背后没有公司, 没有中央组织支持, 而是通过代码 (组织规则) 和激励措施 (代币) 将包括矿工、开发人员、用户的参与者聚集到一起, 共同创造价值.

      比特币是具有公司的优点 (最小化交易成本、汇总资本和共享资本以及为贡献者提供工作保障) 的组织结构的第一个例子, 并结合去中心化的所有权, 不受控制的数据以及受到制衡的决策权的优点. 比特币在全球范围内提供给人们赚钱机会, 并且建立明确的激励机制, 创造了公司无法实现的去中心化的新产品 (无法被 censor 的数字货币).

      然而, 这种分散式组织架构的缺点也很明显: 分散决策很难很慢, 很难衡量参与者真正的贡献, 权力下放导致了很多滥用...

      Nick Tomaino 最后总结说 2017 年是分散式组织的早期, 未来这种协作形式会渗透到主流, 越来越多新的分散组织会建立起来, 传统的公司也会在未来慢慢转型过渡到 Crypto 化的分散组织.

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    1. Should the transaction fees dry up, your UST is now backed by air and you're back to betting the project grows in the future. Looks like it's reached a critical mass though and is continuing to grow and can easily support the current burn rate.

      Woah! "Your UST is now backed by air"

    1. Another example could be experiments with different forms of crypto currencies. One example of such smart money could be SEEDS, a payment platform and financial ecosystem designed to empower humanity and heal the planet. 

      Hmmm. I'm very dubious that SEEDS is going to go anywhere and represent this bizarre "let's sprinkle it in crypto dust phenomenon".

    1. DAOstack is an open source project advancing the technology and adoption of decentralized governance.

      Tip om een dao te bouwen




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    1. When the originators of DAOstack set about to architect solutions for decentralized governance, they recognized that given the complexity of the problem, the best solutions would emerge only over time, especially since needs would vary across use cases.So, first and foremost, they designed DAOstack to be not a fixed offering in decentralized governance, but rather a sandbox for ongoing experimentation, in which bits and pieces of governance infrastructure can be easily mixed and matched for each organization, like LEGO building blocks or WordPress templates.

      An evolutionary approach is optimal.

    1. 1. How can the community achieve legal clarity for DAOs?

      Some attempts are COALA's DAO Model Law and Wyoming's DAO law

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