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  1. May 2024
    1. Đie New York Times berichtet über die Folgen des gerade abgeschlossenen Deals zur Schuldenobergrenze für die Dekarbonisierung. Vieles spricht dafür, dass zwar der Bau der Bau der neuen Mountain Valley Pipeline für Erdgas beschleunigt wird Investitionen in die Netzinfrastruktur, die entscheidend dafür sind, ob die Energiewende in den USA gelingt, aber weiter aufgeschoben werden können.


  2. Apr 2024
  3. Mar 2024
  4. Feb 2024
    1. Sollte Trump zum zweiten Mal Präsident der USA werden, wird er wesentlich systematischer und ideologischer gegen alle Regelungen vorgehen, die die Treibhausgasemissionen einschränken. Der Guardian beschreibt die wahrscheinlichsten Maßnahmen aufgrund von Gesprächen mit Republikaner:innen. Schon jetzt sind die USA der größte Öl- und gasproduzent der Welt. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2024/feb/06/trump-climate-change-fossil-fuels-second-term

  5. Jun 2023
  6. May 2023
  7. Feb 2023
    1. Going forward, disposal plans including locations and transportation routes for contaminated waste will be subject to EPA review and approval, she said.

      Government slows down and impedes everything under the pretense of making it better. This is yet another example of that.

    1. We ought to know when there is something that is very volatile that is coming into the State of Ohio

      A lot of these chemicals are made in Ohio. Seems goofy to be all concerned about stuff coming in that we make right here.

  8. Sep 2021
  9. Mar 2021
    1. Dans leur étude sur la mise en place d’un atelier d’efficience cognitive à travers la conception d’un journal de bord, Ruph, Gagnon et La Ferté (1998) concluent qu’il serait nécessaire de réfléchir à un espace dont l’étudiant se-rait le propriétaire et dans lequel il pourrait définir ses stratégies et se donner les moyens de les rendre plus efficaces tout au long de son parcours universitaire
    2. un modèle d’EPA sous la forme d’une carte mentale.

      outil de production

  10. Oct 2020
    1. (d) All calculations shown in this appendix shall be implemented on a site-level basis. Site level concentration data shall be processed as follows: (1) The default dataset for PM2.5 mass concentrations for a site shall consist of the measured concentrations recorded from the designated primary monitor(s). All daily values produced by the primary monitor are considered part of the site record; this includes all creditable samples and all extra samples. (2) Data for the primary monitors shall be augmented as much as possible with data from collocated monitors. If a valid daily value is not produced by the primary monitor for a particular day (scheduled or otherwise), but a value is available from a collocated monitor, then that collocated value shall be considered part of the combined site data record. If more than one collocated daily value is available, the average of those valid collocated values shall be used as the daily value. The data record resulting from this procedure is referred to as the “combined site data record.”
      1. Calculate mean of all collocated NON-primary monitors' values per day
      2. Coalesce primary monitor value with this calculated mean
  11. Jan 2017
    1. shale oil and gas revolution

      Fossil fuel-fired power plants are by far the largest source of U.S. CO2 emissions, making up 31 percent of U.S. total greenhouse gas emissions. Find this fact and others on the EPA site: https://www.epa.gov/cleanpowerplan/fact-sheet-overview-clean-power-plan.