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  1. Aug 2023
      • 1:23:20 Vision Pro as infinite Canvas
      • Mac from personal computing, mobile computing, to spatial computing
      • omg, it changes environment (contribution to flow, inducing novelty?)
      • new os (VisionOS)
  2. Jul 2023
  3. Jun 2023
  4. Feb 2023
    1. i'll ask now maurice to tell us a bit about his work
      • = Maurice Benayoun
      • describes his extensive history of cognitive science infused art installations:
      • cognitive art,
      • VR art,
      • AR art and
      • art infused by AI (long before the AI artbots became trendy)
      • title = What can cognitive science bring to art and museums?

      • Comment = Maurice Benayoun has applied cognitive science, VR and AR too many at installations throughout his life.

  5. Sep 2022
    1. What they wanted to build was something conceptually akin to “[putting] on augmented reality goggles around the content you’re viewing,” Rahman explains

      This is an interesting point

  6. Jul 2022
    1. This sort of preconditioning — button-mashing our way through hard opponents before rage quitting — is unregulated, undisciplined, unmatched to the gravity of real conflict. But it conditions us on a haptic level, teaching us to respond to the feel of an object in certain ways. Heidegger makes the case that we cannot come to grasp a hammer’s essence through detached observation, but through its use — only when we’re hammering do we come to an understanding of what a hammer is. Gaming is the means by which the controller is known, revealing the essence of this tool as one of play: we grow to see it as weightless, inconsequential, and the conscious substitution of “fake” tools for “real” ones can’t easily displace the knowledge inscribed into our bodies and hands. The artist Rachel Berger acknowledged this tactile risk when she created an Xbox controller cast in lead and copper to respond to its weaponization. Discussing her piece, she said that the “Xbox controller’s seeming innocence is the key to its danger.” The way it feels in our hands, so light and familiar, makes it unthinkable as a heavy, alien instrument of death.
  7. Jun 2022
    1. Augmented Reality can break down communication barriers – and help us better understand each other by making language visible. Google shows a preview of AR glasses yesterday that can translate speech in real-time. Although it's only a concept at the moment, the promise is incredible and underlines how #augmentedreality will increasingly & positively impact our daily lives.

  8. May 2022
    1. Recognizing that the CEC hyperthreat operates at micro and macro scales across most forms of human activity and that a whole-of-society approach is required to combat it, the approach to the CEC hyperthreat partly relies on a philosophical pivot. The idea here is that a powerful understanding of the CEC hyperthreat (how it feels, moves, and operates), as well as the larger philosophical and survival-based reasons for hyper-reconfiguration, enables all actors and groups to design their own bespoke solutions. Consequently, the narrative and threat description act as a type of orchestration tool across many agencies. This is like the “shared consciousness” idea in retired U.S. Army general Stanley A. McChrystal’s “team of teams” approach to complexity.7       Such an approach is heavily dependent on exceptional communication of both the CEC hyperthreat and hyper-response pathways, as well as providing an enabling environment in terms of capacity to make decisions, access information and resources. This idea informs Operation Visibility and Knowability (OP VAK), which will be described later.  

      Such an effort will require a supporting worldwide digital ecosystem. In the recent past, major evolutionary transitions (MET) (Robin et al, 2021) of our species have been triggered by radical new information systems such as spoken language, and then inscribed language. Something akin to a Major Competitive Transitions (MCT) may be required to accompany a radical transition to a good anthropocene. (See annotation: https://hyp.is/go?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.frontiersin.org%2Farticles%2F10.3389%2Ffevo.2021.711556%2Ffull&group=world)

      If large data is ingested into a public Indyweb, because Indyweb is naturally a graph database, a salience landscape can be constructed of the hyperthreat and data visualized in its multiple dimensions and scales.

      Metaphorically, it can manifest as a hydra with multiple tentacles reach out to multiple scales and dimensions. VR and AR technology can be used to expose the hyperobject and its progression.

      The proper hyperthreat is not climate change alone, although that is the most time sensitive dimension of it, but rather the totality of all blowbacks of human progress...the aggregate of all progress traps that have been allowed to grow, through a myopic prioritization of profit over global wellbeing due to the invisibility of the hyperobject, from molehills into mountains.

  9. Feb 2022
    1. Sie stellen sich „Web 3.0“ als einen transparenteren, freiheitsliebenden Raum vor, in dem die Daten und die Sprache einer Person manipulationssicher und unauslöschlich sind und von Tausenden von Blockchain-Ledgern garantiert werden. Unterdessen sieht eine dritte Vision für Web 3.0 vor, dass digitale Informationen von unseren Smartphones und Laptops befreit und in die Umgebung um uns herum eingebettet werden. In diesem sogenannten „Spatial Web“ werden Virtual und Augmented Reality in unser tägliches Leben integriert.

      „Spatial Web“

  10. Nov 2021
  11. Jul 2021
    1. ARinterventiontypicallyconsistsoftwomainphases:ARinduc-tionandARconsolidation.UsuallyARinductionisaninformationalsession(e.g.,viaavideotapeoranoral/handoutpresentation)aimingatpresentingandsummarizingthebenefitsoffunctionalattributions(e.g.,loweffort),theopportunityandtheadvantagesofchangingdysfunctional,self-defeatingcausalattributions(e.g.,lowability)tomoreadaptiveones,andofferingsuggestionscon-cerningstudents’causalthinkingaboutfailure.ARinductionisusuallyreinforcedbyaconsolidationphase,aimingatworkingindepthontheattributionalinformation.Consolidationactivitieshaveincludedseveralactivitiessuchasgroupdiscussion(e.g.,Perry&Struthers,1994)orwritingassignmentsincludingprimarilycog-nitiveoraffect-orientedcontent(e.g.,Halletal.,2006,Halletal.,2007;VanOverwalle&Metsenaere,1990).

      Brief summary of what AR Intervention and AR Induction means.

  12. Feb 2021
    1. Koski是英国皇家艺术学院(RCA)毕业生瓦茨拉夫·姆林纳(Václav Mlynář)的毕业作品。


    1. 英国公司 Reach Robotics 研发了一款基于 AR 的游戏对战机器人 MekaMon,用户只需要一部手机或平板电脑即可来一场机器人决斗赛。通过手机或平板电脑的屏幕,可以看到一个基于现实场景虚拟出的战场,你操控的机器人能在其中移动、发射炮弹以及激光枪与敌人战斗。

      Reach Robotics 还为 MekaMon 的游戏设计了宏大的故事背景——MekaMon Universe,让玩家操控蜘蛛去解救外星人肆虐的未来世界。

      除了单人 AR 对战游戏,MekaMon 还有多玩家对战和街机模式,只是多人模式不支持 AR,需要连接 Wi-Fi,完全依靠机器蜘蛛的硬件实力、玩家的策略和操作取胜;街机模式顾名思义,就是可以随时随地和小伙伴开战,而且还不需要连网。

      另外,就如同各种打怪就能升级的网游,单人模式中的 MekaMon 在游戏中获得的虚拟物品同样可以使机器人解锁新技能。

      不仅如此,MekaMon 采用了模块化设计,玩家能更换腿部等身体部位,还可以额外增加武器或是盾牌来升级机器人。




  13. Nov 2020
    1. Rheumatoid arthritis in Latin America: challenges and solutions to improve its diagnosis and treatment training for medical professionals

      Rheumatoid arthritis in Latin America: challenges and solutions to improve its diagnosis and treatment training for medical professionals

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  17. Jul 2017
    1. When it comes to Star Wars and Disney's theme parks, though, Disney CEO Bob Iger has made it clear that he sees a bright future for augmented reality, which uses a headset to superimpose computer-generated images onto a real-world view.

      Also Augmented Reality!

  18. May 2017
    1. On Wednesday, a bipartisan group of congresspeople announced the formation of the Reality Caucus, with the intention of working with companies and monitoring issues that arise, but any concrete legislation is a long ways away.

      A reality caucus. i love it!

    1. Before you simply dismiss this as another frivolous time waster, consider the fact that in order to layer a digital effect atop your smiling face, for instance, Facebook must identify exactly where your smiling face is within a camera’s field of vision at any given time, and that requires a deep neural network.

      Augmented Reality on your phone.

  19. Mar 2017
    1. Apple is reportedly working to bring a number of features to the iPhone and eventually develop wearable, wireless glasses that display content in augmented reality.

      Sounds an awful lot like Google Glass to me...

  20. Sep 2016