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    1. Here is an architecture diagram of the devices I’m currently using

      Architecture of recommended Smart Home products (March 2022)

    1. dt/<application>/<context>/<thing-name>/<dt-type>

      Suggested topic structure

    2. Prefix your MQTT topics to distinguish data topics from command topics

      What if topic prefixed by device first? is device-1/{cmd|data)?

    1. We can help you build a stunning website & mobile application, custom software development, highly optimized hardware & device firmware, and connected IoT solutions for businesses of all sizes and verticals.
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    1. The only way to own my lamp was to pwn my lamp.

      Does IoT then really stand for IndieWeb of Things?

    2. A developer does some legwork to make their lamp work without installing an app from the manufacturer.

  8. Sep 2020
    1. The Role of IoT in Healthcare Industry: Benefits and Use Cases

      Check this blog post by Cleveroad to find out all the details of how IoT is changing the healthcare industry.

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    1. Evaluation of Low-Cost Sensors for Ambient PM2.5 Monitoring

      This article discusses different low cost sensors, their effectiveness and different uses. There is also a table that lists different low cost sensors for particulate matter

  11. Oct 2019
    1. ) Blockchain MemoryWe let LL be the blockchain mem-ory space, represented as the hastable L:{0,1}256→{0,1}NL:\{0,1\}^{256}\rightarrow \{0, 1\}^{N}, where N≫N \gg 256 and can store sufficiently-large documents. We assume this memory to be tamperproof under the same adversarial model used in Bitcoin and other blockchains. To intuitively explain why such a trusted data-store can be implemented on any blockchain (including Bitcoin), consider the following simplified, albeit inefficient, implementation: A blockchain is a sequence of timestamped transactions, where each transaction includes a variable number of output addresses (each address is a 160-bit number). LL could then be implemented as follows - the first two outputs in a transaction encode the 256-bit memory address pointer, as well as some auxiliary meta-data. The rest of the outputs construct the serialized document. When looking up L[k]L[k], only the most recent transaction is returned, which allows update and delete operations in addition to inserts.

      This paragraph explains how blockchain hides one's individual identity and privacy, while giving them a secure way of using the funds. In my opinion lot hacker ransomware are done using block-chain technology coins, this and one more paragraph here is really interesting to read about how blockchain helps protect personal data. and i also related this this hacking and corruption or money laundering

    1. This paper explores how the Internet of Things and blockchain technology can benefit shared economy applications. The focus of this research is understanding how blockchain can be exploited to create decentralised, shared economy applications that allow people to monetise, securely, their things to create more wealth. Shared economy applications such as Airbnb and Uber are well-known applications, but there are many other opportunities to share in the digital economy. With the recent interest in the Internet of Things and blockchain, the opportunity exists to create a myriad of sharing applications, e.g. peer-to-peer automatic payment mechanisms, foreign exchange platforms, digital rights management and cultural heritage to name but a few

      This article sheds light into shared economy, have highlighted just the abstract, but this entire article is so interesting and the application it talks about is great, like how can airbnb or uber use blockchain to protect it's clients privacy. Must read

  12. Aug 2019
    1. m-health offers predominantly interconnectivity between patients and healthcare professionals while IoT devices offer the ability to collect information and perform procedures with increasingly minimal invasion. Finally, big data gives healthcare professionals an opportunity to spot trends and patterns for both individual patients and groups of patients, improving the speed of diagnosis and disease prevention. In the next section the third and final pillar of Health 4.0; design, is discussed

      Como as tecnologias interagem na Saúde 4.0

    2. n healthcare, this link is more specifically described as the link“between wearables, sensors and smart pharmaceuticals to manage diseases”

      IoT na Saúde 4.0

  13. May 2019
    1. Several Businesses prefer to outsource their IoT Security compliance to third party agencies to ensure security measures to maintain IoT security and Device security of the organization. However merely entrusting your security compliance framework with an external body does not mitigate your risk of falling prey to Cyber Attacks and IoT security breaches. You need to ensure that the compliance framework takes into consideration the following factors in security audit checklist:

      IoT Security Compliance audit checklist must be followed by all developers working in this domain. Doing so can effectively prevent cyber attacks that have become so common.

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    1. With every business developing their dependency on the internet, education institutions have also not been staying behind in the race.

      With every business developing their dependency on the internet, education institutions have also not been staying behind in the race.

    1. Ecoaxis introduced industrial IoT solution for plastic processing machines which help to improve efficiency, productivity and quality. Our IoT (Internet of Things) gateway helps connect your various plastic processing machines and utilities to capture and securely transfer accurate data to the cloud for advanced analytics.

  16. Aug 2018
    1. a flexible Internet of Things backbone making the installation of sensors simple, inexpensive and from any provider or maker an inter-agency platform facilitating co-operation across the social and community agencies in the city machine learning and advanced analytic processing to create further insight into city issues putting virtual reality engagement platforms in place to make that data accessible, useful and understandable developing our Civic Hacking communities to create new citizen made apps, websites and services using city data.
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    1. 越来越多的数据从边缘产生,而不是云。 虽然数据中心的处理能力远超边缘,但是带宽的发展跟不上边缘数据生产速度。 上云处理的代价非常之高。

      文章是从整个信息行业,数据生产、带宽发展、IOT的需求,来推导出边缘计算的必要性。 但是,如果从具体行业看,似乎并不是这样的。

    2. SomeIoT applications might require very short response time, somemight involve private data, and some might produce a largequantity of data which could be a heavy load for networks

      边缘计算最大驱动力是IOT产生的极大量数据,云计算架构不是完全合适。 IOT的关键需求包括: 响应延时、网络带宽、隐私、数据存储

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    1. Smart-television maker Vizio agreed to pay a penalty this month for spying on 11 million customers.

      Wow. Scary prospect.

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    1. That's why BI Intelligence has spent months creating the most exhaustive resource on not just education, but the entire IoT: The Internet of Things: Examining How The IoT Will Affect The World.
    2. But education is far from the only area of our lives that the IoT will transform. Transportation, energy, homes, healthcare, and more will all feel the touch of the IoT in the coming years.
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    1. By suggesting a script for my questions, my phone attempts to program me.
    2. rather than helping us understand the task, this kind of simplification helps us ignore the task and instead understand the device.
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    1. While there are assets that have not been assigned to a cluster If only one asset remaining then Add a new cluster Only member is the remaining asset Else Find the asset with the Highest Average Correlation (HC) to all assets not yet been assigned to a Cluster Find the asset with the Lowest Average Correlation (LC) to all assets not yet assigned to a Cluster If Correlation between HC and LC > Threshold Add a new Cluster made of HC and LC Add to Cluster all other assets that have yet been assigned to a Cluster and have an Average Correlation to HC and LC > Threshold Else Add a Cluster made of HC Add to Cluster all other assets that have yet been assigned to a Cluster and have a Correlation to HC > Threshold Add a Cluster made of LC Add to Cluster all other assets that have yet been assigned to a Cluster and have Correlation to LC > Threshold End if End if End While

      Fast Threshold Clustering Algorithm

      Looking for equivalent source code to apply in smart content delivery and wireless network optimisation such as Ant Mesh via @KirkDBorne's status https://twitter.com/KirkDBorne/status/479216775410626560 http://cssanalytics.wordpress.com/2013/11/26/fast-threshold-clustering-algorithm-ftca/

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