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  1. May 2024
    1. Ulysses moves through four emotional stages that are self-revelatory, not ironic: beginning with his rejection of the barren life to which he has returned in Ithaca, he then fondly recalls his heroic past, recognizes the validity of Telemachus' method of governing, and with these thoughts plans another journey.[9]

      See Ulysses in relation to cycle in Romanticism: alienation, desire, transfiguration. Journeying for him is a way to transfigure

  2. Mar 2024
    1. objectifs annuels

      Il y a visiblement un renoncement à travailler en équipe sur un cycle plutôt que sur une année, Cela vient peut être du constat que les enseignants pour certains n'ont pas été formés pour travailler de cette façon

    1. nous n'avons pas Suppr nous n'avons pas proposé de supprimer les cycles nous avons proposé que ce cycle de 3 ans 00:14:19 permette à ceux qui ont besoin d'un peu plus de temps pour acquérir certaines notions puissent y revenir mais sous condition qu'elles ai déjà été vues au moment où elles sont inscrites dans le 00:14:33 dans le programme ce qui est une une approche un peu différente de de la notion de cycle que celle qui existait jusqu'ici
    2. la deuxième 00:12:35 question qui s'était posée c'est celle des repères annuels ou des repères de cyclle la constitution des des cycles de 3 ans conduisait à ça qu'un certain nombre d'acquis des élèves soit reporté 00:12:48 d'année en année jusqu'à la fin du cycle la la réécriture de programme nous conduira comme ça l'avait déjà été depuis 2017-28 à réintroduire des repère annuel 00:12:59 pour l'ensemble des programmes qu'il s'agisse des programmes d'école ou des programmes de collège de manière à ce que chaque enseignant sache ce que les élèves devront avoir acquis à la fin de l'année sans reporter nécessairement sur 00:13:13 la suite de son de son parcours
    3. on sait que si il il il perdure avec unee difficulté il sera en fait on le on le condamne ensuite à à une à une très très forte difficulté ou à des efforts qui seront considérable 00:08:07 alors même qu'il suffit de lisser son parcours cette fois-ci non pas au sens le rendre parfaitement identique à celui de tous les autres mais au sens assurer une progressivité de ces apprentissages beaucoup plus forte qu'aujourd'hui

      alors pourquoi supprimer les cycles ?

  3. Oct 2023
  4. Feb 2023
    1. i think that that kind of support is huge uh you can look specifically at charlottesville and see the reason that that march was so big 00:08:29 was because they saw themselves as fulfilling the promise of donald trump the reason why they were so public the reason why i we we can look at the manifestos of many 00:08:41 of the shoot mass shooters both in the united states and abroad over the last few years who named donald trump as part of their motivation and part of that is pr part of that is trying to get press 00:08:53 but part of it is real that if the presidency is held by somebody who holds a lot of the most extreme beliefs that they do it demonstrates to them that there is widespread mainstream support for those 00:09:05 beliefs and in the same way donald trump losing with those campaign platforms i expect will be a real blow to organizing far-right extremists and 00:09:16 anti-immigration groups and they'll still exist they will still keep organizing but it is going to be a lot less energy it is going to be more underground and it is going to wait until there's 00:09:28 another moment of political eruption when they'll come back again this has been the history for decades that this movement as i mentioned in the beginning goes back decades uh at least to the 1960s as a pretty 00:09:40 consistent movement with the same heroes and figures continuously over time and it has had moments where it went underground and has had moments where it was out in public with thousands of people 00:09:52 marching in the streets and whatever happens next it's still going to be there it's still going to be a concern it's still going to be recruiting people talking to people on the internet and in person and that's what we need to be watching 00:10:04 out for
      • organized racism has always been there
      • where there is a public figure that supports it (ie. Donald Trump),
      • it grows larger
      • and by the same token, when that figurehead is gone
      • the movement dies down, but doesn't die
      • it waits for the next public figurehead to relight the flame
  5. Dec 2022
    1. One of the clear signs that the bottleneck to low-income adults working moreresults from their lack of opportunities is provided by looking at their hours of workover the business cycle. When the economy is strong and jobs are plentiful, low-incomeworkers are more likely to find work, find work with higher pay, and be able to securemore hours of work than when the economy is weak. In 2000, when the economy wasclose to genuine full employment, the unemployment rate averaged 4.0 percent and thepoverty rate was 11.3 percent; but in 2010, in the aftermath of the Great Recession, theunemployment rate averaged 9.6 percent and the poverty rate was almost 15.1 percent.What changed in those years was not poor families’ attitudes toward work but simplythe availability of jobs. Among the bottom one-fifth of nonelderly households, hoursworked per household were about 40 percent higher in the tight labor market of 2000than in recession- plagued 2010.Given the opportunity for work or additional work hours, low-income Americanswork more. A full-employment agenda that increases opportunities in the labor market,alongside stronger labor standards such as a higher minimum wage, reduces poverty.

      How can we frame the science of poverty with respect to the model of statistical mechanics?

      Unemployment numbers have very little to do with levels of poverty. They definitely don't seem to be correlated with poverty levels, in fact perhaps inversely so. Many would say that people are lazy and don't want to work when the general reality is that they do want to work (for a variety of reasons including identity and self-esteem), but the amount of work they can find and the pay they receive for it are the bigger problems.

  6. May 2022
    1. Supercritical cycles were found to have the lowest cost at allresources

      I wonder if this is true for any working fluid of the binary cycle. Or, this is just true for working fluids that are mixtures?

  7. Nov 2021
    1. The Ouroboros is a Greek word meaning “tail devourer,” and is one of the oldest mystical symbols in the world. It can be perceived as enveloping itself, where the past (the tail) appears to disappear but really moves into an inner domain or reality, vanishing from view but still existing.

      Mark Smith asked me if I was familiar with the term ouroboros. I replied, “No.” So he sent me this link.

      This symbolizes the cyclic Nature of the Universe: creation out of destruction, Life out of Death.

  8. Mar 2021
    1. The elimination of what is arguably the biggest monoculture in the history of software development would mean that we, the community, could finally take charge of both languages and run-times, and start to iterate and grow these independently of browser/server platforms, vendors, and organizations, all pulling in different directions, struggling for control of standards, and (perhaps most importantly) freeing the entire community of developers from the group pressure of One Language To Rule Them All.
  9. Apr 2018
    1. Boris Bikes

      Boris Bikes were created by Boris Johnson as an alternative mode of transport that is eco friendly and promote the idea of healthy living. However, they cost money, money that many people cannot afford to splurge on.