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  1. Nov 2023
    1. useInterval( () => { if (typeof window !== "undefined" && window.google) { setGoogle(window.google); setGoogleIsLoading(false); } }, googleIsLoading ? 100 : null );
  2. Aug 2023
  3. Feb 2023
    1. Result of lots of searching on net is that pre-checkout hook in git is not implemented yet. The reason can be: There is no practical use. I do have a case It can be achieved by any other means. Please tell me how? Its too difficult to implement. I don't think this is a valid reason
  4. Nov 2022
    1. It is handy to manually generate the diagram from times to times using the previously created command: npm run db:diagram:generate. Though, getting the diagram to update itself on its own automatically without a developer interaction would ensure that it the diagram is never obsolete. There are several ways of doing this.You could use a pre-commit git hook or even better simply configure your CI/CD pipeline(s) to run the npm script whenever something gets merged into the main branch 🙂
  5. Aug 2022
  6. Jul 2022
  7. May 2022
    1. humane

      Hier klingelt bei mir etwas der erneuerte Humanismus Nida-Rümelins mit, auch wenn das natürlich hier kein Bezug ist. Aber lässt sich das in Beziehung setzen?



  8. Mar 2022
    1. Gramsci (who I put alongside Paolo Freire, Franz Fanon, bell hooks as one of the most important thinkers in education who's rarely recognized as such)

      Audrey Watters puts Antonio Gramsci, Paolo Freire, Franz Fanon, and bell hoods down as some of the most important thinkers in education.

  9. Jun 2021
    1. To try and make things a little bit more secure, Githooks checks if any new hooks were added we haven't run before, or if any of the existing ones have changed
  10. Nov 2020
    1. For use$ since svelte is never going to support actions for components, i designed something that reminds React hooks that will in some ways replace this feature.

      Isn't that what use$ is trying to do already? How is that "something that reminds React hooks" any different? Will be interested to see...

  11. Oct 2020
  12. Sep 2020
    1. I’ve seen some version of this conversation happen more times than I can remember. And someone will always say ‘it’s because you’re too used to thinking in the old way, you just need to start thinking in hooks’.

      But after seeing a lot of really bad hooks code, I’m starting to think it’s not that simple — that there’s something deeper going on.

    1. For everyone else, npm run build will bundle your component's source code into a plain JavaScript module (dist/index.mjs) and a UMD script (dist/index.js). This will happen automatically when you publish your component to npm, courtesy of the prepublishOnly hook in package.json.
  13. Aug 2020
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  16. May 2020
  17. Apr 2020
    1. Promises and useEffect(async () => ...) are not supported, but you can call an async function inside an effect.. That's why using async directly in the useEffect function isn't allowed.

      async and useEffect

  18. Dec 2019
    1. Mutations, subscriptions, timers, logging, and other side effects are not allowed inside the main body of a function component (referred to as React’s render phase). Doing so will lead to confusing bugs and inconsistencies in the UI.

      key point!

    2. What does useEffect do? By using this Hook, you tell React that your component needs to do something after render

      key point!

    3. In React class components, the render method itself shouldn’t cause side effects. It would be too early — we typically want to perform our effects after React has updated the DOM.

      key point!

    4. Custom Hooks are more of a convention than a feature. If a function’s name starts with ”use” and it calls other Hooks, we say it is a custom Hook. The useSomething naming convention is how our linter plugin is able to find bugs in the code using Hooks.

      as can be seen above, indeed nothing explicetly tells that the function is a special kind of hook. its just a function...

    1. Data fetching, setting up a subscription, and manually changing the DOM in React components are all examples of side effects

      key point. this means that all those small messing of variables in code that gets rendered into the template of the component? this is all 'side effects', and of course we do this all the time...

  19. Nov 2019
    1. React guarantees that setState function identity is stable and won’t change on re-renders. This is why it’s safe to omit from the useEffect or useCallback dependency list.
  20. Oct 2019
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  22. Aug 2019
    1. const useFocus = () => { const htmlElRef = useRef(null) const setFocus = () => {htmlElRef.current && htmlElRef.current.focus()} return [ setFocus, htmlElRef ] }

      exampleOf: useRef exampleOf: custom hook

  23. May 2015
    1. precmd() { [[ -t 1 ]] || return case $TERM in (sun-cmd) print -Pn "\e]l%~\e\\" ;; (*xterm*|rxvt|(dt|k|E)term) print -Pn "\e]2;%~\a" ;; esac }

      Execute a command before prompt is displayed.