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    1. Findings from the study indicated that emotional expression,open communication, and group cohesion were key elements in studentperceptions of teaching and learning in their online MAEd program

      Key elements emotional expression open communication group cohesion

  2. May 2024
    1. Even with keyring pliers and the skill to use them, the blackout paper method is a lengthy one.

      Keyring pliers are used to remove the metal rings off of both circular and tombstone glass typewriter keys so that the legends can be replaced or even covered over with black paper circles for teaching or learning typing. They take some practice and skill to use, but speed up the replacement of legends significantly.

    1. Speaking of the keys, they had crap all around them. I used a slightly damp towel and Turtle wax rubbing compound. A light rubbing removed the dirt.

      Wiping dirty plastic typewriter keys with a soft cloth and then waxing/buffing them can bring them back to life.

  3. Apr 2024
    1. Expand / Collapse Toggle List : ⌘ ⇧ T

      As far as I can tell, it looks like version 2.7.9's addition of a keyboard shortcut to reopen closed tabs (⌘⇧T) has overwritten this.

  4. Nov 2023
    1. Change: Complete re-write of code handling keyboard frames and avoidance. This addresses a few nagging issues with improper display around the on-screen keyboard on iPad, in particular. Fix: Keyboard layout issues in share extension on iPad.

      I do believe this might be the culprit for all the problems I've had with suddenly/inconsistently unresponsive keyboard shortcuts recently...

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    1. help with shadowed lettering

      In using a typewriter, "shadowed" letters can be remedied by using quicker, short keystrokes. Or as William Forrester said, "Punch the keys for God's sake!"

      Of course it also goes without saying that one should also use a backing sheet which will also help the longevity of the platen.

  9. Jan 2023
    1. Primary keys and foreign keys are the fundamental building blocks of the relational database because these are the components that make the relationships work while allowing tables to be accessed independently. One-to-many relationships between primary keys and foreign keys are thus defined as referential constraints in the physical database
  10. Oct 2022
    1. You can control Things on your Mac and iPad with keyboard shortcuts.

      Yes, iPhone too, folks! I intend to test the entire suite out on my phone very soon. Kick my ass if I forget.

  11. Jun 2022
    1. Bluetooth Keyboards Several keyboard shortcuts are supported when used with an external hardware keyboard, like a Bluetooth keyboard, including the following. This applies when using TextExpander in the TextExpander app, or any app with built-in TextExpander support. This will not work when using the TextExpander custom keyboard. Third-party keyboards do not have access to use Bluetooth hardware keyboards. ⌘Return : When expanding a fill-in snippet, this will complete the expansion the same as tapping Done. ⌘N : create a new snippet, Snippet Group, or note. ⌘T : switch between the Notes and Snippet Groups screens. ⌘+, ⌘- : Will increase or decrease the size of selected text. Arrow up, Arrow Down : Navigate through a list of snippets or notes. Escape : When expanding a fill-in snippet, this will cancel the expansion.
  12. May 2022
    1. When running Windows on your Mac via Boot Camp, the keyboard mappings are changed so they make more sense in Windows. The Option key functions as Alt and the Command key functions as the Windows key.
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    1. fill_in('Foo', with: 'bar', fill_options: { clear: :backspace })

      first sighting: fill_options: { clear: :backspace })

      first sighting: fill_options as an option at all (for fill_in only, I presume)

      I wonder they added at all as a response to this:

      See also: https://hyp.is/ZcXVJJMyEeucgmPXYFP9yg/github.com/teamcapybara/capybara/issues/203

      (which key should have been pressed, backspace, space?)

  15. Mar 2021
    1. // A general key transform method. Pass it a function that accepts the old key and returns // the new key. // // @example // obj = transformKeys(obj, (key) => ( // key.replace(/\b(big)\b/g, 'little') // )) export function transformKeys(source, f) { return Object.entries(source).reduce((o, [key, value]) => { o[f(key) || key] = value return o }, {}) } // Provide an object that maps from old key to new key export function rekeyObject(source, keyMap) { transformKeys(source, key => keyMap[key]) }
    2. function objectMap(source,keyMap) { return Object.entries(keyMap).reduce((o,[key , newKey]) => { o[newKey]=source[key] return o;},{}) }
  16. Nov 2020
    1. Long term keys are almost never what you want. If you keep using a key, it eventually gets exposed. You want the blast radius of a compromise to be as small as possible, and, just as importantly, you don’t want users to hesitate even for a moment at the thought of rolling a new key if there’s any concern at all about the safety of their current key.

      You want to blast radius of a compromise to be as small as possible

      Therefore a long-term key is almost never what you want. You don't want users to hesitate about rolling out a new key if they suspect theirs is compromised.

  17. Jun 2020
    1. Not taking breaks leads to decision fatigue, where we make simplistic choices because we lack the mental energy to ponder our options properly.
  18. May 2020
    1. You want to execute SSH commands from the build environment to a remote server You want to rsync files from the build environment to a remote server If anything of the above rings a bell, then you most likely need an SSH key.
    1. There is a serious weakness in DSA (which extends to ECDSA) that has been exploited in several real world systems (including Android Bitcoin wallets and the PS3); the signature algorithm relies on quality randomness (bits that are indistinguishable from random); once the PRNG enters a predictable state, signatures may leak private keys. Systems that use ECDSA must be aware of this issue, and pay particular attention to their PRNG.
  19. Mar 2020
  20. www.graphitedocs.com www.graphitedocs.com
    1. Own Your Encryption KeysYou would never trust a company to keep a record of your password for use anytime they want. Why would you do that with your encryption keys? With Graphite, you don't have to. You own and manage your keys so only YOU can decrypt your content.
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    1. One of them tastes it; considers it; and after mature reflection pronounces the wine to be good, were it not for a small taste of leather, which he perceived in it. The other, after using the same precautions, gives also his verdict in favour of the wine; but with the reserve of a taste of iron, which he could easily distinguish. You cannot imagine how much they were both ridiculed for their judgment. But who laughed in the end? On emptying the hogshead, there was found at the bottom, an old key with a leathern thong tied to it.

      They were both subjectively in the right, but the objective truth was something unexpected. Is that a fair assessment of this anecdote?

  24. Sep 2015