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    1. the castle rock of edinburgh

      for - example - concrescence - castle rock of Edinburgh

      example - concrescence - castle rock of Edinburgh - rocks ingress but have much less capacity than living organisms

    1. https://funnyhow.substack.com/p/how-chris-rock-and-jerry-seinfeld

      Comedian Matt Ruby relates his personal experience watching Chris Rock workshopping his comedy writing in front of auciences at stress Factory in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Rock would show up unannounced and perform new material in front of small crowds to test it out. He'd read/perform material off of a yellow legal pad.

      Peter Sims included some of it in the introduction of his book Little Bets.

      This is broadly similar to my own experience seeing Rock at the Laugh Factory trying out material for the Academy Awards as well as Adam Sandler at the Improv on Melrose doing midnight sets reading straight off of a notebook.

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    1. Flu Vaccines Available

      We’re dedicated to providing the highest standards of safety to protect you and your family during your visit to Founders Family Medicine. We screen all patients for COVID-19 symptoms. We also require masks and social distancing at our clinic.

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    1. Billy: And jazz helped me discover that because it's like a chain. African American people help each other out through their music, that helped other people out, that helped me out. Eventually I took my friend out of a heroin addiction because of that, because of the music. And I started crying when he told me. He was like, "Dude, I just wanted to thank you because you took me out of my heroin addiction." I actually did something. So that music was really important for me. It gave me an identity.Anita: So, you were attracted to African American blues and jazz?Billy: Yeah, because my brother was listening to it and so I'm like, "Dude, what are you listening to? This is weird We usually listen to rock." He's like, "Man, this is called blues, bro. This is a really cool music, and it has to do with African American people back in the day and it tells the story of America."Billy: So, I just looked into it and I became obsessed with it. I couldn't stop. Once I discovered Louis Armstrong, that was just it. I could not stop playing jazz and so yeah, in North Carolina, I was just feeling kinda crappy and that music came at the perfect time.

      Time in the US, Pastimes, Music; Feelings, Despair, Hope

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    1. Our goal for you and your family is to prevent disease and to improve your health when disease exists in both the acute and chronic stages.
    1. We believe the best care is preventative care, and well child checkups are a critical part of our preventative care services.

      To find out more about pediatric care in Castle Rock visit our page here.

    1. Your time and money.  Compare the typical fees for some of the most common patient needs:

      Visit the link to find out more.

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