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  1. Dec 2023
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    1. 자동으로 사진을 편집

      Feature roadmap

      • 3x faster Upscaling soon
      • Infinity scrolling for camera tab, so you can go back in your history
      • Face fix; when shooting wide angle photos the face is too low reso and stops resembling the model, I am building a face fix that restores it
      • Zoom in or crop; zoom in and crop parts of the photo which you then get back in high resolution
      • Video; shoot 150 variations of a photo for a 5 second video at 30fps
      • Deleting models
      • Trash auto deleting if >30 days old in trash
      • Auto deleting photos/models if customer cancels
  4. Sep 2022
    1. The rules recorded in natural language are readable not only by humans but also by the computer and therefore no longer need to be programmed by a software developer. This task is now taken over by openVALIDATION.
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    1. While you could program this little piece of logic and flow yourself using a bunch of Ruby methods along with a considerable amount of ifs and elses, and maybe elsif, if you’re feeling fancy, a Trailblazer activity provides you a simple API for creating such flow without having to write and maintain any control code. It is an abstraction.
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    1. try to

      REMOVE Why: Weakens the intention to really do it

    2. try to

      REMOVE Why: Weakens the intention to really do it

    3. Supper is cooked for 7:30pm

      REMOVE Why: no need to be this specific

    1. This is easily solved by extracting components, either as template partials/JavaScript components, or using Tailwind's @apply feature to create abstractions around common utility patterns.
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