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  1. Mar 2024
    1. "match $u isa user; fetch $u: full-name, email;"

      make this a constant early in the query

    2. True

      Same comment

    3. .clone()

      do you actually need clone() here? even though it's python and not rust :-D

    4. See the full schema listing

      no need to hyperlink

      Text: See full schema file

    5. connect_to_typedb

      see above .. let's call this something like initialize_db_driver

    6. connect_to_typedb

      A bit weird that connect returns a driver. I'd say:

      • either initialize_db_driver(...) returns driver
      • or connect_to_db(...) returns a connection

      In principle, I like the second option more, and would rename driver to connection. But this contradicts driver terminology hmmm so maybe first option.

    7. Example

      remove caption

    8. pip install typedb-driver

      where do I see the necessary imports?

    9. Follow the steps below or see the full source code.

      You can find the full source code [here].

  2. Jan 2024
    1. After a few years at Berkeley I started to send out some of the soft-ware I had written—an instructional Pascal system, Unix utilities, anda text editor called vi (which is still, to my surprise, widely used morethan 20 years later)—to others who had similar small PDP-11 and VAXminicomputers



  3. Jun 2023
    1. Rootless five-part chords in the R.H. realized with good voice leading.• Roots, thirds, or fifths in the L.H. in 2:1 ratio with the R.H.The motion between chords in Model VI shown in Figure 12.6 is controlled by theprinciples of good voice leading
  4. Mar 2023
    1. The TLL contains every instance of every know Latin word in every known medium from the beginning of the language down to the 2nd century CE and from then on, every lexicographically significant instance from that time until the 6th century CE. [22:32]

  5. Jan 2023
  6. Dec 2022
    1. In 523, Cassiodorus was appointed magister officiorum (chiefadvisor) to the Ostrogothic King of Italy, Theodoric, taking over fromthe only other major scholar in Italy at that time, Ancinius ManliusSeverinus Boethius (480–524).
    2. In 529, two crucial events tipped the balance even further infavour of Christianity.

      The rise of Christianity over paganism took a stronger turn for Christianity in the year 529 as the result of Justinian's closing the Academy in Athens and Saint Benedict's founding of a monastery.

  7. Sep 2022
    1. How is it possible to memorized every single Vim command, how can we, for example, delete two words? Well, we want to delete, two, words. We have delete as a verb, word as a subject and two as a movement. It’s so easy as positioning our cursor behind the first word we want to delete, and in normal mode type d2w. Is it really that easy? what does that mean? Literally delete two words. That’s how vim commands work. How can we change a word? cw (Change Word), delete an entire paragraph? dip (Delete Inside Paragraph), change the content of a quoted text? ci" (Change Inside “). We could spend the entire day listing example, but you get the point.

      verb-movement-subject. This really hits me home. This I get. Very interesting to try and learn.

    2. what’s the philosophy behind modal editing? We can summarize it in a few lines, but I’ll probably forget something. Optimize the use of the keyboard. Minimize the distance our hand travels from what we call the home row. This is our keyboard’s main row, in which our hand normally rests. Make use of modes (this is where modal editing comes from), that change the behaviour of the different keys in our keyboard so we can make use of the specific functions our text editor gives us. Understand that, either writing or programming, we actually spend more time editing text than adding it, and for that reason the optimization of it should be prioritized. Reduce the amount of repetitive actions we perform. For this, modal editors give us macros, that really facilitates this matter.

      I like this way of thinking and I understand the philosophy. Although I don't quite agree with the line "we actually spend more time editing text than adding it". As a writer, I spend a lot of my time actually creating new texts. But I like to optimize the use of keyboard and minimize hand travels.

    1. James I and James V of Scotland were accomplished poets. James VI (and I of England) wrote prose in the language and indeed continued to speak the language when he ascended to the thrones of Ireland and England.

      James I, James V of Scotland and James VI (and I of England) all spoke and wrote Scots.

  8. Aug 2022
    1. Sellock là keo khóa ốc còn được gọi là keo khóa ren, keo khóa định vị bạc đạn có khả năng khóa ren và lấp đầy khoảng trống, ngăn ngừa ăn mòn và rò rỉ, lý tưởng để khóa ren các vít nhỏ khỏi bị lỏng khi rung.
  9. Apr 2022
  10. Feb 2022
  11. Jan 2022
    1. the House may declare vacant the seat of a member who is absent for 60 days without permission, to wonder whether any suspension could traverse beyond this 60-day limit.

      suspension of MLAs

  12. Sep 2021
    1. Đọc sách nghe tưởng chừng là việc quen thuộc và phức tạp vô cùng đối với nhiều người mà lại trở nên đơn giản đến không tưởng với cách diễn tả sâu sắc qua từng câu chuyện của tác giả Phan Thanh Dũng.

  13. Feb 2021
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