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  1. Nov 2016
    1. Sometimes I'm not sure whether to do a page note or an annotation. Both?

    2. Portland OR

      I've been in Portland longer than I've been on Twitter.

    3. Eric Drechsel @edrex

      This is my twitter profile.

  2. Jul 2016
  3. Apr 2016
    1. <link rel=”canonical” href=”https://hypothes.is/blog/synchronizing-annotations-between-local-and-remote-pdfs/”&gt;

      @judell I only mentioned you on twitter because this is where I found out about this feature, which would be useful for making archival copies.

  4. Mar 2016
    1. Word error rates

      According to this paper, Kaldi provides much lower error rates than HTK and Sphinx and is relatively easy to set up.

  5. Jan 2016
  6. Dec 2015
    1. MinimServer is a music server specialized for classical music.

    1. I could make a similar design using two thin pieces of plywood, notched.

  7. Nov 2015
  8. Oct 2015
  9. Sep 2015
    1. git-annex provides file tagging, and tag-based views materialized as filesystem checkouts a git-based data store.

  10. Aug 2015
    1. This is neat, as I understand it's like kio slaves in KDE or GIO, FUSE, etc.

      Might be useful for exposing some of the tagged distributed storage systems as browsable filesystems with JIT access.

    1. Ikiwiki uses perl Mail::Sendmail, which looks for a local SMTP server at port 25. So I'm trying to set one up that forwards to gmail... Dumb I know.