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    1. Wood was quoted in this period as stating, "All the good ideas I've ever had came to me while I was milking a cow."[1]

      source: Fineman, Mia (June 8, 2005). "The Most Famous Farm Couple in the World: Why American Gothic still fascinates". Slate. http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/art/2005/06/the_most_famous_farm_couple_in_the_world.html

  2. Apr 2024
    1. "I made a great study of theology at one time," said Mr Brooke, as if to explain the insight just manifested. "I know something of all schools. I knewWilberforce in his best days.6Do you know Wilberforce?"

      Was Aaron Sorkin inspired by Middlemarch to borrow the name Wilberforce for West Wing Season 4, Episode 9 "Swiss Diplomacy"?

  3. Mar 2024
    1. Disse spørgsmål kan bruges til at skabe en dybere forståelse og refleksion over digtet "BarndommensGade" og dets temaer. De kan også danne grundlag for klassediskussioner eller skriftlige opgaver.
    2. Et godt valg kunne være Yahya Hassan
    3. kan du hjælpe mig med at lave et undervisningsforløb til 6. klasse om tove ditlevsens digtbarndommens gade
    4. hvilken nutidig digter vil du anbefale at perspektivere til
    5. Når du perspektiverer til en nutidig digter i forbindelse med Tove Ditlevsens digt "BarndommensGade", kan du overveje en dansk digter, der også fokuserer på temaer som barndom, erindring ogsociale forhold
    6. Dette undervisningsforløb kan tilpasses efter behov og kan eventuelt udvides med yderligereaktiviteter eller supplerende tekster. Det er vigtigt at skabe en åben og støttende atmosfære, hvoreleverne føler sig trygge ved at dele deres tanker og refleksioner omkring teksten
    7. Aktiviteter:
    1. Visuel repræsentation:Lad eleverne skabe visuelle repræsentationer af de symboler og metaforer, de haridentificeret i en tekst. Dette kan gøres gennem tegninger, collager eller andre kunstneriskemedier.
    2. Kreativ skrivning:Bed eleverne om at skrive deres egne historier eller digte, der indeholder symboler ogmetaforer. Dette kan være en fantastisk måde for dem at anvende deres forståelse af dissebegreber i praksis.Efter at have skrevet deres stykker, kan eleverne dele og diskutere dem i klassen. Dette kanføre til en interessant samtale om forskellige tolkninger og kreative tilgange
    3. Diskussion og analyse:Efter læsning kan eleverne diskutere og analysere de identificerede symboler og metaforer.Spørg dem, hvad de tror, symbolerne repræsenterer, og hvordan metaforerne bidrager tilforståelsen af teksten.Opfordr eleverne til at reflektere over, hvordan symboler og metaforer påvirker deresoplevelse af teksten og dens temaer.
    4. Læsning og identifikation:Vælg en passende tekst eller historie, der indeholder forskellige symboler og metaforer. Detkan være en kort historie, et digt eller endda et uddrag fra en roman.Bed eleverne om at læse teksten og identificere symboler og metaforer, de støder på. Dekan markere dem i teksten eller skrive dem ned på en liste.
    5. Introduktion til symboler og metaforer:Start med at forklare, hvad symboler og metaforer er, og hvordan de adskiller sig frabogstavelige udsagn. Brug eksempler fra dagligdagen eller fra litteraturen for at illustreredisse begreber.
    6. forslag til undervisning i symbolisme og metaforer mellemtrin
    7. Mankan også inkludere diskussionspunkter, refleksionsopgaver og andre aktiviteter mellemkapitlerne for at sikre forståelsen og engagementet i romanen.
  4. Feb 2024
    1. one of the core ways that we're weird is that we think we have a self

      for - definition - Weird - stats - Weird countries - greatest sense of self - inspiration - introduce - Sarah Stein Lubrano - Rachell - Indyweb - Indranet

      definition - Weird - Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic

      inspiration - introduce Rachel and Sarah to Indyweb / Indranet - As soon as I heard Rachel and Sarah talk about the prominent and unique WEIRD feature of sense of self, - I immediately thought that we must introduce them to our work on the Indyweb / |ndranet as our system is designed based on the epistemology that - we are not a thing - we are a process - we are evolution in realtime action - the very use of the Indyweb / Indranet reinforces the reality that we are a process and not a fixed entity - so deconstructs the social construct of the self

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    1. If you don’t have a setup, there are many times when you get theinspiration, the idea, but you have no tools, no place to put ittogether. And the idea just sits there and festers. Over time, it will goaway. You didn’t fulfill it—and that’s just a heartache.
  7. Sep 2023
    1. 56:00 inspiration and motivation in hard environment is different

      • see zk on using inspiration as getaway to flow
  8. Jul 2023
    1. In the West, the primary impact of the idea has been on literature rather than science: "stream of consciousness as a narrative mode" means writing in a way that attempts to portray the moment-to-moment thoughts and experiences of a character. This technique perhaps had its beginnings in the monologues of Shakespeare's plays and reached its fullest development in the novels of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, although it has also been used by many other noted writers.[184]

      Using stream of consciousness for writing, as a narrative form (for me, this portrays more authenticity, maybe even a way to communicate inspirations as it first strook the person, without filter).

    1. In the West, the word “spirit” connotes breath, breathing, and vitality. From the Latin spiritus, “spirit” is the etymological basis of the word “inspiration,” and nowhere is the productivity world’s familiarity with spirit more pronounced than in its appreciation of this concept. Coming from the Latin inspirare, meaning to have been “breathed upon,” “breathed into,” or “inflamed,” to be inspired is to be “in-spirited by a divine force,” an idea in the English-speaking West that dates back to at least the late 13th century.

      Spirit and inspiration have related linguistic roots

  9. May 2023
    1. Without that abiding consciousness of the presence and power of my dear Lord and Savior, nothing else in all the world could have preserved me from losing my reason and perishing miserably.

      Stories don't have to be true to inspire us. Many novels and movies have actually inspired people to achieve more than they thought themselves capable of.

    1. The whole film is very autobiographical. As an artist, I collected my memories along the way and reconstructed reality, choosing which memories to retell and which to remove. You kind of turn certain recollections into big stories, and some into smaller. It's a process of revision, but at the end, “House of Hummingbird” is a fictional film based on very personal experiences.

      Kim Bora is inspired by her personal memories.

    1. It’s this Taiwanese director Edward Yang. He made Yi Yi which one big award in Cannes in 2000. A lot of people who are interested in Taiwanese cinema they know Yi Yi. It’s a great film. It’s actually three hours long but you don’t feel like it’s that long because it’s the universe. It’s actually about one Taiwanese family who lives in Taipei and you feel not many things are happening in the film but it is everything.

      Kim Bora mentions the Taiwanese director Edward Yang who made Yi Yi as her inspiration.

  10. Apr 2023
    1. What is the nature and power of that science-baffling star, without parallax, without calculable elements, which shoots a ray of beauty even into trivial and impure actions, if the least mark of independence appear?
  11. Mar 2023
    1. As a journalist she worked on social issues ranging from the armed conflict in Colombia and sexual violence as a weapon of war to the global spread of cumbia music, and she was twice a winner of the Colombian National Journalism Award. Clare has directed several documentaries and doc series for TV channels.

      Director Weiskopf has been interested in themes regarding Colombia's armed conflict, sexual violence and cumbia music

    1. Watching a TED talk gets you high for an hour. Watching an inspiring movie gets you thinking for a day. Reading a book keeps us motivated for about a week.
    1. Ithaka - C. P. Cavafy, "The City" from C.P. Cavafy: Collected Poems. Translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard.

      The first version of "Ithaka" was probably written in 1894. Cavafy revised the poem in 1910, and it was first published in 1911. The first English translation was published in 1924, and there have been a number of different translations since then. The poem can be found in Cavafy's Collected Poems, translated by Edmund Keeley and Philip Sherrard, edited by George Savidis, Princeton University Press, 1980.

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    1. Self-belief is immensely powerful. The most successful people I know believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion.

      It's easy to sound smart and be a cynic but being an optimist with high levels of self-belief is the fuel that can help cross adversities, challenge the status-quo, truly bend reality to one's will.

    1. And the third category is for things that inspire me but that I don’t yet know exactly how to use. This category is actually the most interesting.”

      Many people collect notes that they're not sure what to do with or even where to put them. Neuroscience student and researcher Charlotte Fraza keeps her version of these notes in a category of "things that inspire me, but I don't yet know exactly how to use. She feels that compared to the other categories of actionable specific use and sources, this inspiration category is the most interesting to her.

    1. Jan. 22. To set down such choice experiences that my own writingsmay inspire me and at last I may make wholes of parts. Certainly it isa distinct profession to rescue from oblivion and to fix the sentimentsand thoughts which visit all men more or less generally, that thecontemplation of the unfinished picture may suggest its harmoniouscompletion. Associate reverently and as much as you can with yourloftiest thoughts. Each thought that is welcomed and recorded is anest egg, by the side of which more will be laid. Thoughts accidentallythrown together become a frame in which more may be developedand exhibited. Perhaps this is the main value of a habit of writing, ofkeeping a journal,—that so we remember our best hours and stimulateourselves. My thoughts are my company. They have a certainindividuality and separate existence, aye, personality. Having bychance recorded a few disconnected thoughts and then brought theminto juxtaposition, they suggest a whole new field in which it waspossible to labor and to think. Thought begat thought.


      Henry David Thoreau from 1852

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    1. When you grow up you tend to get told the world is the way it is and you’re life is just to live your life inside the world. Try not to bash into the walls too much. Try to have a nice family, have fun, save a little money. That’s a very limited life. Life can be much broader once you discover one simple fact: Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you.
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    1. And this is the art-the skill or craftthat we are talking about here.

      We don't talk about the art of reading or the art of note making often enough as a goal to which students might aspire. It's too often framed as a set of rules and an mechanical process rather than a road to producing interesting, inspiring, or insightful content that can change humanity.

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    1. TiddlyWiki was inspired by @WardCunningham's glorious idea of wiki – more than anything by the way that wiki makes linking be part of the punctuation of writing.

      TiddlyWiki was inspired by @WardCunningham's glorious idea of wiki – more than anything by the way that wiki makes linking be part of the punctuation of writing. https://t.co/pLPfYcCJY2

      — TiddlyWiki (@TiddlyWiki) September 20, 2022
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
    1. A bit tangential, but here we go.A place where there's daytime all the time, except every once in a while is quite close to us. It's the Moon.If you live on the near side of the Moon, then you always see the Earth hanging there in the sky in the same spot every day. It does not rise and it does not set, it just stays in place. But it goes through phases. New Earth, Crescent Earth, Half Earth, etc.The Sun does rise and set. A "day" on the moon is half a month long. When the Sun is in the sky, the Earth is at most in "half Earth" phase. When it's nighttime though, the Earth is at least "half Earth".And seen from the Moon, the Earth is big. Very big. Just take the Andromeda in the picture, and make it a disk. That's how big. (Actually about 15% bigger).The Earth is also bright. Much brighter than we see the Moon on a bright night. Earth's albedo is about 3 times higher than Moon's. All in all, at "full Earth", you would receive about 40 times more light that we get here from the Moon when it's full.In other words, when the Sun is not in the sky, you get enough light from the Earth to see around. The closer to "midnight" the more light you get, because the Earth is closer to "full Earth" phase.Of course, when you have a solar eclipse, you stop seeing light from either the Sun or the Earth. Here on Earth, solar eclipses are quite short. The moment of full eclipse is fleeting, generally it's 3 minutes or less. On the Moon, because the Earth is so much bigger in the sky, the eclipse is long. Of course, we knew that from here: when it's a solar eclipse on the Moon, it's a lunar eclipse on Earth, and that takes hours.It's not completely dark on the Moon when there's a solar eclipse.It's not completely dark here either. Because of the Sun's corona. The apparent diameter of the sun is virtually identical with the diameter of the Moon as seen from the Earth, but the Sun's corona extends a bit further, so we get to see it during total eclipse.But on the Moon, the Earth is so large that the Sun and the corona are fully obscured during total solar eclipse. What you will see instead is the Earth atmosphere. Very thin, impossibly thin, you will not be able to perceive its thikness. It will just look like a one-dimensional line. A part of it will be very, very bright. And very red. It will be a very bright, very large and very red circle in the sky.You will also see the inner planets, Mercury and Venus. Normally you can't see them on the Moon, but during a full solar eclipse they'll be quite close to that bright circle, and they'll be very bright themselves.And what a glory the Milky Way will be at that time. And if you are lucky, you'll see that very oblong shape that's the Andromeda. Somewhat faint, but still, much brighter than any of us here on Earth would perceive it.


    1. From these considerations, I hope the reader will un-derstand that in a way I never " s t a r t " writing on a project;I am writing continuously, either in a more personal vein,in the files, in taking notes after browsing, or in moreguided endeavors

      Seems similar to the advice within Ahrens. Did he have a section on not needing to "start" writing or at least not starting with a blank page?

      Compare and contrast these, if so.

      Link to: https://hyp.is/DJd2hDUQEe2BMGv-WFSnVQ/www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/1360144X.2016.1210153

    2. certainly surrounding oneself with acircle of people who will listen and t a l k - - a n d at times theyhave to be imaginary characters--is one of them

      Intellectual work requires "surfaces" to work against, almost as an exact analogy to substrates in chemistry which help to catalyze reactions. The surfaces may include: - articles, books, or other writing against which one can think and write - colleagues, friends, family, other thinkers, or even imaginary characters (as suggested by C. Wright Mills) - one's past self as instantiated by their (imperfect) memory or by their notes about excerpted ideas or their own thoughts

      Are there any other surfaces we're missing?

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    1. I owe a big thank you to Chris Aldrich too. As it was his website I came across that inspired me to bring my website back to what I have always wanted it to be. Hopefully, thanks to the indieweb helper plugins I have installed, Chris may just get notified on his website and post a reply back — from his website over to mine using the webmention protocol.


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    1. http://ratfactor.com/cards/cards-inspiration

      While his collection of public notes is extremely limited, Dave Gauer does provide a list of his inspiration and precursors mostly focusing on Soren Bjornstad's influence as well as Ward Cunningham's wiki.c2.com site and inspiration from Umberto Eco and Vladimir Nabokov.

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    1. கோர்மக் மெக்கார்த்தியின் The Road (2006) நாவலைஆரம்பமாகச் சொல்லலாம். நாவல் ஒரு பிரளய நிகழ்வுக்குப்பின் ஒரு தந்தையும், மகனும் சாம்பல் படிந்த பெரும் பரப்பை கடப்பதைசொல்லுகிறது. அணு ஆயுதங்களையும், உலகப்போர் அழிவுகளையும் எண்ணி அஞ்சிய தலைமுறைக்கும், உருகும் பனிப்பிரதேசத்தையும், பரவும் காட்டுத்தீக்களையும் எண்ணி அஞ்சும் அடுத்த தலைமுறைக்கும், நாவல் களம் பாலமாக அமைகிறது.

      transition of generation fear from catastrophe on world war to catastrophe on natural disasters

    1. One subtle advantage of this approach is that it helps you avoid the “blank page problem,” one of the major drivers of writerly procrastination.

      Steven Johnson's "blank page problem" isn't as prosaic as Ernest Hemingway's "white bull", but is an encapsulation of the same problem writers face.

    1. speaks about how each of us can, like her, become a creative genius

      Is this the ultimate form of culturally accepted bragging? How many people discover they can be vaguely "inspiring" instead of delivering substance? Maybe that's what's wrong with the world.

    2. “This American Life” and “Radiolab,” and maybe narrative podcasting as a form, are inspiresting.

      I agree -- they're larely without substance but "interesting" and "inspiring". Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

  22. Nov 2021
    1. “The future is dark. What if this is not the darkness of the tomb – but the darkness of the womb? What if this is our greatest transition?”
    1. Try your best to be right, but don't worry when you're wrong. Repeatedly. If you feel uncomfortable, or like an impostor, good. You're pushing yourself. Don't assume you know everything, but try your best anyway, and let the internet correct you when you are inevitably wrong. Wear your noobyness on your sleeve.

      Truly inspiring! I need to save this as one of my favorite quotes (and share on my blog, of course)!

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    1. I really like the ideas in this game: the theme, what it's trying to accomplish (explore the problems with imperialism, if I understood correctly), the game board, the game in general. I want to like it.

      but, I don't think I would like this one enough due to the luck and relying on other players' whims (trading) mechanisms:

      • Dice Rolling
      • Push Your Luck

      You can risk a lot getting an expensive estate, but if you push your luck too much, your risk/gamble won't pay off and you'll permanently lose that [pawn] and those victory points.

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    1. Le vivant est un, la nature est autre. Les amalgamer pour en faire une machine système Terre est un aveuglement. En réalité, le vivant est anti-nature, il est culture. Il faut le voir comme une civilisation pour pouvoir penser écologique. Il faut donc arrêter de vouloir « restaurer la nature » (cette formule est incompréhensible) mais faire que le vivant se développe. À l’anthropocène encore plus qu’avant, son développement est notre développement !

      Pensée très intéressante mais qui me perturbe... C'est le vivant qui est UN qui rend vivable pour toutes ses expressions la terre qui est nature mais qui n'est en rien la vie... La vie est une civilisation unique qui peuple la terre...

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    1. Riri Jiang 3rd degree connection3rd Riri has a account Student at Princeton University

      Bumped into this profile while looking for something. Impressive list of achievements at a young age. Model to emulate

  29. Sep 2020
    1. “I told my team, ‘If we can create the feeling that people have all the world’s music on their hard drives, we will have built something that’s much better than piracy.'”

      Trust as a key component of creating useful products.

      Connecting thoughts via idea to create a platform of a platform for MOOCs.

      A 'map of knowledge' - based on solving problems - and how to acquire the knowledge to solve things...

    1. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (/ˈæbdəl kəˈlɑːm/ (listen); 15 October 1931 – 27 July 2015) was an Indian aerospace scientist and politician who served as the 11th President of India from 2002 to 2007. He was born and raised in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu and studied physics and aerospace engineering. He spent the next four decades as a scientist and science administrator, mainly at the Defence Research and Development

      will he be a inspiring person

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    1. Not being interested in stereotypes, he is a direct participant in the events, and uses personal experience and emotions in order to emphasize their basic meaning.
    2. He doesn’t want to specify the time period, the place and reasons. Through photography he wants to show eternal themes, wants people to associate his works "with their memories from reading books, music, their own life."
  34. Feb 2020
    1. inspiration is perishable
    2. At GitLab, "no ego" means that we foster and support an environment where results matter, and you're given agency to approach your work in the way that makes sense to you. Instead of judging people for not approaching work in an agreed-upon way, "no ego" encourages people to glean inspiration from watching others approach work in new and different ways.
  35. Jan 2020
    1. This quote from Richard Feynman is at the top of my blog’s landing page: I learned very early the difference between knowing the name of something and knowing something.

      Inspiration to maintain a research blog

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  37. www.kickstarter.com www.kickstarter.com
    1. when you choose your character, you choose to be aboveboard or underhanded. That is brilliant! ... It creates a much more wide-open and inviting experience.

  38. Apr 2019
    1. Interesting how the events of the time shaped the story of 1984 (e.g. rationing in food and fuel). Also a potent image of Orwell writing while he was so sick. His journal entries suggest the inspiration for and the act of writing never stop.

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  40. Dec 2018
    1. How do you do it? How do you manage when the task before you is enormous and impossible? How do you do it? How do you go on? Here’s how you start a fire with two sticks: sheer, simple, bloody-minded obstinacy. That’s how you count the stars, build the library, and go to the North Pole. That’s how you hold the story even when it’s unraveling in your hands. You grit your teeth, and bear the pain, and keep going: One star at a time, one brick at a time, one step at a time.

      If you take only one thing from this whole article, be it this thought of resiliency.

  41. Nov 2018
    1. Toward an AI Physicist for Unsupervised Learning

      提出了 AI Physicist 这样的概念(paradigm),这也算是我的某种终极目标吧。


  42. Jun 2018
    1. The big difference is that Reddit’s discussions-not unlike Facebook’s-are haphazard and chaotic. [We plan for] Everipedia to have the most sophisticated groupthink software of all time, modeled off sites like Quora, Stackoverflow, and Genius.
    1. A Hybrid Proof of Work, Proof of Stake Crypto-currency’. The initial design of Decred was also inspired by the Proof of Activity whitepaper co-authored by Litecoin founder Charlie Lee.
  43. Jan 2018
    1. Chiang: There’s a passage in Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life where she’s telling her neighbor that she hates writing and would rather do anything else, and her neighbor says, “That’s like a guy who works in a factory all day, and hates it.” Writing is so difficult for me that I have often wondered whether I’m actually suited for it, and I’ve had experiences with the publishing industry that made me quit writing for years. But I keep coming back to it because, I suppose, writing is an essential part of who I am. As for advice to slow writers, I’d say that writing is not a race. This isn’t a situation where only the most prolific writers get an audience; publish your story when you’re ready, and it will find readers.
    1. After winning the Forward prize, Vuong told the Guardian that he suspected dyslexia runs in his family, but felt it had positively affected his writing: “I think perhaps the disability helped me a bit, because I write very slowly and see words as objects. I’m always trying to look for words inside words. It’s so beautiful to me that the word laughter is inside slaughter.”
    2. Vuong, who now lives in Massachusetts and works as an assistant professor in the MFA Program for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, only gained a taste for poetry in his 20s
    3. Born in Saigon, Vuong spent a year in a refugee camp as a baby and migrated to America when he was two years old, where he was raised by his mother, grandmother and aunt. Two aspects of Vuong’s life – his sexuality and the absence of his father – recur in his work
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    1. “You have to realize that people can change in a lot of different ways,” she explained, “especially when they are far away from home and they are asked to make some difficult choices and do hard things.”
    1. I stopped being precious with everything, and I’m applying that to my life and the music that I make and the comics that I make. I don’t believe anymore in the hype machine or the strategy. I believe that you make something and then you share it. There’s no reason to wait.
    1. Are the Killjoys the heroes? If you want to look at it in a nihilistic 15-year-old point of view, watching A Clockwork Orange for the first time, I guess you could see them as the heroes. Are Better Living Industries (BLI) really the bad guys? Who’s the bad guy? I feel like The Girl just wants to hang out with her cat.
  49. Aug 2016
    1. "When we find a purpose that is bigger than ourselves, we become more powerful in our ability to create." Jack Delosa
  50. May 2016
    1. 27This realization will surely come, when you can recognize that this Message is from Me, andwhen you have determined that it shall be. To you, whom I have inspired with such adetermination, I will cause every illusion in time to disappear, and you shall in truth know Me.The exercise of your mind along these abstract lines will not hurt you. Instead it is what yourmind needs. For, not until you can grasp My Meaning when presented to you in ideas such asthere herein contained, coming from without, can you perceive and correctly interpret My Ideawhen I inspire you from within. Your mind I AM thus preparing for USE, not to gain moreEarthly knowledge, but in order that you can receive and give forth My Heavenly Knowledge tothose whom I shall bring to you for that purpose.With a prayer to Me, Your Own Real Self, your Father-in-Heaven, that true realization maycome, read carefully what follows

      My mind is being prepared for true Knowledge.

    2. 19So much for the relation. Now for the process of realization.In accordance with the definiteness with which the picture of the Idea is held in the mind, and theextent to which the Idea possesses the personality, does its creative Power, impelled by Desire,proceed with Its work. This It does by compelling the mortal mind to think out or to imagine(image in), or, in other words, to build mental forms into which I can pour, as into a vacuum, theImpersonal, elemental, vital substance of the Idea. When the Word is spoken, either silently oraudibly, consciously or unconsciously, this substance at once begins to materialize Itself, by firstdirecting and controlling the consciousness and all the activities of both mind and body, and ofall minds and all bodies connected with or related to the Idea, -- for remember, all consciousness,and all minds and all bodies are Mine, and are not separated but are One and wholly Impersonal,-- and then so attracting, directing, shaping and molding conditions, things and events that,sooner or later, the Idea actually comes forth into definite, tangible manifestation.So it is that every thing, every condition, every event that ever transpired, was first an Idea in themind. It was by desiring, by thinking, and by speaking forth the Word, that these ideas came intovisible manifestation.

      So first comes the inspiration/Idea, let it be fully received, held in the mind, than Desired ..............the extent to which it is received, held and desired determines it creative Power...

      If I allow my human mind to be a vacuum which the the very substance of God, of the inspiration can fill... then "When the Word is spoken, either silently or audibly, consciously or unconsciously, this substance at once begins to materialize Itself, by first directing and controlling the consciousness and all the activities of both mind and body, and of all minds and all bodies connected with or related to the Idea".......

      For all minds are joined and "wholly Impersonal".

      "by desiring, by thinking, and by speaking forth the Word, that these ideas came into visible manifestation."

    3. Yes, all ideas and all desires come thus from Me. They are My Ideas and My Desires which Iinspire in your mind and heart in order to bring them through you into outer manifestation.You have no ideas of your own and could not possibly have a desire that came from other thanMe, for I AM all there Is. Therefore all desires are Good, and when thus understood unfailinglycome into speedy and complete fulfillment

      Nothing to write, so clear and powerful. There is only God...

    4. Once I have given your human mind a view of Its possibilities, and have enlisted your interest,then does your human personality take up its task; for as I created and inspired the Idea in yourmind, so did I cause that Idea to fructify therein and give birth to Desire, -- desire to bring intoouter manifestation all the possibilities of the Idea, Desire thus becoming the mortal agent of MyWill and supplying the motive Power; just as the human personality is the mortal instrumentused to confine and focus that Power

      Once I have allowed my mind to focus and receive the Idea/inspiration fully then to allow myself to desire it coming into manifestation............. to desire all possibilities of the Idea/inspiration. When I do this I become "the mortal agent of My Will and supplying the motive Power; just as the human personality is the mortal instrument used to confine and focus that Power."

      Divine purpose, to be a mortal agent of Gods Will..

    5. There is always first the Idea, not considering at this moment the necessity or occasion for Itsappearance. It matters not whence the Idea comes, from within or without; for it is always I whoinspire It or cause It to impress your consciousness at the particular moment it does.Then, just to the extent that you grow quiet and focus your attention upon that Idea, stilling allthe activities of your mind and eliminating all other ideas and thoughts from your consciousness,so that Idea can have full sway, do I illumine your mind and cause to unfold before your mentalgaze the various phases and possibilities contained within that Idea.This takes place, however, up to this point, without any volition on your part, other than focusingor concentrating your attention upon the Idea.

      Inspiration arises............ it is always from Source no matter how it arrives.

      I need to grow quiet and focus on the inspiration, the Idea and let go all arising through about it..... only then can I receive more deeply and my mind be illuminated......... all I need do is focus my attention on the inspiration/Idea.......... there is nothing for the little me, the personal self to figure out.....

  51. Jan 2016
    1. When you write something, you never know who it is going to affect, or how it could help someone who’s struggling and feeling alone, or how in a low moment in their life, desperately searching on Google for answers, they will come upon your words when they need them most. And despite what our culture will have us believe—that metrics and stats matter above all else, that the number of clicks tells the whole story—somehow, in some calculation, impacting one human being has got to be worth more than all the unique page views and Shares and Likes in the world.
  52. Sep 2015
  53. May 2015
    1. The Flyting of Grief and Joy

      Flyting is fighting with words, a verbal contest between two adversaries who trade barbed insults and boasts, often in verse (Wikipedia entry). In working with this form, Alasdair Roberts is very probably inspired by Hamish Henderson's sung poem The Flyting o' Life and Daith (words, recording). The Tobar an Duchlais site notes that

      Hamish Henderson finished this poem in 1963, having drawn on an anonymous German poem he had seen in 1939. Referring to the melody that he composed in order for it to be performed as a song, he stated: "[it] somewhat resembles the 'urlar' (or 'ground') of a pibroch". The poem was first published in 'The Scottish Broadsheet' (May, 1963).

    1. inspirational organizational

      Indeed, it becomes a matrice. It is not a coincidence if free software share its source : the core of the paradigm is both the source and the sharing itself. It is a recursive and viral paradigm.

  54. Mar 2015
    1. Here’s a presentation at the 2013 Personal Democracy Forum that provides a little more context for our project.

      This is an inspiring talk.

  55. Oct 2013
    1. But if by chance, while we are speaking, some glowing thought, suggested on the instant, should spring up in our minds, we must certainly not adhere too superstitiously to that which we have studied, for what we meditate is not to be settled with such nicety that room is not to be allowed for a happy conception of the moment, when thoughts that suddenly arise in our minds are often inserted even in our written compositions