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    1. First, to experiment personally with AP itself, and if possible with the less known Activities that AP could support, e.g. travel and check-ins. This as an extension of my personal site in areas that WordPress, OPML and RSS currently can’t provide to me. This increases my own agency, by adding affordances to my site. This in time may mean I won’t be hosting or self-hosting my personal Mastodon instance. (See my current fediverse activities)

      Interesting for me to explore and understand too. How does AP compare to micropub which can be used for similar purposes? As far as I can tell it is much more heavyweight

  3. whyineedtofillusername.github.io whyineedtofillusername.github.io
    1. Inbox is an application built for a diploma thesis to showcase work with Linked Data Notifications, Activity Streams and ActivityPub, using Solid pod as data provider.
    1. o understand what Activity Streams is, think of it as an abstract syntax to represent basically anything that can be an action on social media. The Activity Streams Vocabulary specification defines, amongst other things, three types of objects: Actors: Application, Group, Organization, Person, Service. Activity types: Accept, Add, Announce, Arrive, Block, Create, Delete, Dislike, Flag, Follow, Ignore, Invite, Join, Leave, Like, Listen, Move, Offer, Question, Read, Reject, Remove, TentativeAccept, TentativeReject, Travel, Undo, Update, View. Objects: Article, Audio, Document, Event, Image, Note, Page, Place, Profile, Relationship, Tombstone, Video. To build a valid Activity Streams activity, you pick one of each category and add some metadata to it. You describe that something did something to or with something, and you explain those things in more detail.

      A valid activity in Activity Streams is using one of each Actors, Types and Objects. Me Arrives at Place, Me Travels to Place, Me Announce Event etc. It's all JSON

    1. Towards a  federated metaverse

      Immers Space is a immersive web / metaverse initiative. It is federated, using ActivityPub. The AP implementation uses the Arrive/Leave/Travel and Places Object Types for virtual destinations. Vgl [[ActivityPub voor Check-ins 20221109095516]]

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    1. Your Hub’s CMS: a Thinking Management System for writersEach Hub’s content management system (CMS) is actually a “Thinking Management System”: a thinking tool based on a Personal Knowledge Graph (PKG) which is custom-designed to support thinking and writing.

  6. Jun 2022
    1. SkoHub supports a novel approach for finding content on the web. The general idea is to extend the scope of Knowledge Organization Systems (KOS) to also act as communication hubs for publishers and information seekers. In effect, SkoHub allows to follow specific subjects in order to be notified when new content about that subject is published.
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    1. Lemmy is a great open source federated and privacy respecting alternative to Reddit. Nodes can be self-hosted and posts will sync between them.

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    1. Graber helped us understand the broad categories of what’s out there: federated protocols such as ActivityPub and Matrix; peer-to-peer protocols such as Scuttlebutt, and social media apps that utilize blockchain in some way for  monetization, provenance or storage.

      Missing from this list is a lot of interop work done by the IndieWeb over the past decade.

    1. Any pointers or experiences to share?

      There are a couple of WordPress plugins for Mastodon that allow you to syndicate your content from your own website into your instance. You might find that somewhat useful.

      The IndieWeb wiki has some generally useful information as well as some criticisms and related articles which might be helpful: https://indieweb.org/Mastodon

      Mastodon runs on the Activity Pub specification for sending messages back and forth. As a result some people are looking into having their personal websites support these protocols so that people on Mastodon (or other parts of the Fediverse) can subscribe to one's primary website. If you can do this then you don't necessarily need "yet another social platform" for interacting with those online. The two biggest of these efforts within the WordPress community are Fed Bridgy and the Activity Pub plugin

  16. Sep 2018
    1. All of these platforms are different and they focus on different needs. And yet, the foundation is all the same: people subscribing to receive posts from other people. And so, they are all compatible. From within Mastodon, Pleroma, Misskey, PixelFed and PeerTube users can be followed and interacted with all the same.
    1. ActivityPub is a decentralized social networking protocol based on the ActivityStreams 2.0 data format. ActivityPub is an official W3C recommended standard published by the W3C Social Web Working Group. It provides a client to server API for creating, updating and deleting content, as well as a federated server to server API for delivering notifications and subscribing to content.