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    1. it was at this point that Taixu committed to anarchism, which at thetime seemed like an awakening, but which Taixu later understood as a “fall fromgrace” or a “return to the dusts of the world”


  4. Jun 2023
    1. This one is a super interesting one. Ziq puts a lot of emphasis on language, something we see even on Raddle. I'm super interested in, and I deeply believe that the language we use, the words we use, knowings or unknowingly, shape our perception.

  5. Nov 2022
    1. engineers and product people just hate working on features “sold” by the sales department without asking them in an effort to meet objectives for bonuses.

      Allmost all corporations isolate sales from development, and that's a root cause of the decline (see Microsoft's dissapointing software products, eg. Teams).

    2. A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. (Lao Tzu)

      No rulers allowed without a good excuse.

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    1. τα κανάλια που βρίσκονταν σήμερα στα δικαστήρια είχαν έρθει για την υπόθεση του ψευτογιατρού, αλλά δεν καλύπτουν βεβαίως την αθώωση των μελών του Ρουβίκωνα. Θα ήταν πολύ πρόθυμα να καλύψουν το θέμα αν είχαν τη χαρά να μπουν φυλακή οι κατηγορούμενοι.

      Απιστευτα κυνικο - οι δημοσιογραφοι που το ειπαν, φερουν ακαίρεα την ευθυνη αφού δεν το αποκαλυπτουν.

  8. Jun 2021
    1. Quite a few thoughts to be follow through in this: I see a striking connection of Fraser's "Transnationalizing the Public Sphere" and what [[Noema]] recently developed as "The [[Planetary]]".

    1. 无政府主义和其他大部分的政治哲学截然不同。对大多数政治哲学来说,它们所负的担子就是要证明它们对社会的前瞻是最合适的:生活在自由共和主义或基督教民主里总比生活在其敌对的社会里好。无政府主义者并没有这个问题,而几乎每个人都喜欢生活在一个没有武力、警察和老板的世界。那里,社区实行民主自治,每个人除满足自己的基本需求之外,还可以自由地追求他们觉得重要的东西。他们不觉得这样的世界是可能的。事实上,那些从充斥着武力、监狱以及贫富、权力不平等的现实世界中得益的人,往往激烈地辩称无政府主义的世界很明显只是个疯狂的想法而已。
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    1. Για τα 100 χρόνια από τον θάνατο του Kροπότκιν | Αναρχικό Στέκι Φιλοσοφικής

      100 χρονια μετα, οι αυθεντικοί αναρχικοί δεν θελουν να ενωσουν αλλα να διαφυλάξουν την ιδεολογική τους καθαρότητα.

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    1. Ausführlicher Artikel gegen die Vorstellung, aus der Sesshaftigkeit und Landwirtschaft habe sich zwangsläufig eine stratifizierte Gesellschaft entwickelt.

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    1. About

      Greetings! Potemkin here (one of the primary authors), just getting the hang of this annotation system. It's open-source. I like the idea of using annotation to facilitate deeper discussion, and perhaps as a more civilized and precise method of commenting or interacting with a website. I think this can facilitate virtual study groups and other remote collaborations. Exciting stuff!

      Please annotate, comment on blog posts that are open for comments, and let's try to build a positive, supportive, open ecosocialist community dedicated to creating Better Worlds and Brighter Futures!

    1. tri-fold pamphlet created around 2007

      I attempted to keep some of the formatting of the original, but this was not very successful. There are no doubt better overviews of Esperanto out there, but I wanted to highlight the little information I could find at the time on Esperanto's radical history, particularly among anarchists.

      I still believe in the potential of Esperanto. It's very simple and accessible for working-class and impoverished people--taking little time and with an abundance of free resources--to learn. After that, a world of potential is opened, being able to speak with any other Esperantist the world over and sharing information in a universal way.

      To me, Esperanto has the potential to facilitate a truly international revolutionary movement and its use helps dissolve borders and embodies the humanistic, anarchistic, cosmopolitan idea of "unity-in-diversity."

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    1. The right to collect taxes for a particular region would be auctioned every few years for a value that (in theory) approximated the tax available for collection in that region. The payment to Rome was treated as a loan and the publicani would receive interest on their payment at the end of the collection period. In addition, any excess (over their bid) tax collected would be pure profit for the publicani.

      olhaí a treta.

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    1. So I put myself through a sort of course, reading that literature, and that led me to utopianism. And that led me, through Kropotkin, into anarchism, pacifist anarchism. And at some point it occurred to me that nobody had written an anarchist utopia. We’d had socialist utopias and dystopias and all the rest, but anarchism—hey, that would be fun. So then I read all the anarchist literature I could get, which was quite a lot, if you went to the right little stores in Portland. INTERVIEWER Where you got your books in a brown paper bag? LE GUIN You had to get to know the owner of the store. And if he trusted you, he’d take you to the back room and show you this wealth of material, some of which was violent anarchism and would have been frowned on by the government. I swam around in that stuff for a couple years before I could approach my lump of concrete again, and I discovered it had fallen apart. I had my character, and he was a physicist, but he wasn’t who I thought he was. So that book started not with an idea but with a whole group of ideas coming together. It was a very demanding book to write, because I had to invent that society pretty much from scratch, with a lot of help from the anarchist writers, particularly Americans like Paul Goodman, who had actually tried to envision what an anarchist society might be like.
    1. Nachdem dann aber der „Volksverein für das katholische Deutschland“ seit 1890 mehrfach zehnwöchige „Volkswirtschaftliche Kurse“ abhielt und Stipendien für junge Wissenschaftler vergab, in den ersten Jahren des neuen Jahrhunderts in Berlin mehrere große Bildungsveranstaltungen der Anarcho-Syndikalisten erfolgreich stattfanden und der „Reichsverband gegen die Sozialdemokratie“ 1905 eine Rednerschule mit fünfzehnwöchigen Kursen für Wanderredner gründete, kam die SPD-Führung unter Druck, auch ihr eigene Redner und Funktionäre besser zu schulen.

      Anarchosyndikalistische Bildungsveranstaltungen? Oha!