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  1. Jan 2023
  2. Nov 2022
    1. The only diagram or image in The Origin of Species, a tree depicting divergence (source)

      Darwin's On the Origin of Species only contains one diagram, a branching tree diagram which shows divergence of species.

    2. he was working on the same theme with Stefanie Posavec. They completed their piece some time later, depicting the changes as lovely branching trees — a kind of homage to Darwin’s lone diagram in the book.

      Greg McInerny of Microsoft Research and Stefanie Posavek created a version of Darwin's On the Origin of Species that displayed variations between the editions as a branching tree diagram, a nod to the only diagram which appeared in Darwin's original work. .

  3. Jul 2022
  4. Jun 2022
    1. Diagrams as Code 2.0 • Simon Brown • GOTO 2021

      "long-lived documentation" - "Think about diagrams as 'disposable' artifacts"

      https://c4model.com/ C4 Model - model for visualizing software architecture; hierarchal dataset; Diagrams as abstractions, differing levels of technical details; think of it as zooming into maps at different levels * Level 1: Context * Level 2: Containers * Level 3: Components * Level 4: Code

      Product Comparisions - Working with the DSL (Lite v. CLI v. DSL Editor): https://structurizr.com/help/dsl - Product offerings (Lite v. Cloud v. On-premise): https://structurizr.com/products

      The DSL is rendering tool agnostic

      Diagrams as code 1.0 - PlantUML, Mermaild, etc are input formats

      Diagrams as code 2.0 - PlantUML, Mermaild, etc are output formats

      Checkout: - Online REPL: https://structurizr.com/dsl?example=amazon-web-services - DSL Guidance: https://github.com/structurizr/dsl/tree/master/docs/cookbook - Examples: https://github.com/structurizr/examples

  5. Feb 2022
    1. Git Graph (Experimental)

      Git graphs are a way to visualize your Git project commits, merges, and progress.

      mermaid gitGraph: options { "nodeSpacing": 150, "nodeRadius": 10 } end commit branch newbranch checkout newbranch commit commit checkout master commit commit merge newbranch

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  7. Aug 2021
  8. Mar 2021
    1. Visualise written content into a more dynamic way. Many people, some neurodivergent folks especially, benefit from information being distilled into diagrams, comics, or less word-dense formats. Visuals can also benefit people who might not read/understand the language you wrote it in. They can also be an effective lead-in to your long-form from visually-driven avenues like Pinterest or Instagram.

      This is also a great exercise for readers and learners. If the book doesn't do this for you already, spend some time to annotate it or do it yourself.

  9. Sep 2020
    1. A picture is often cited to be worth a thousand words and, for some (but not all) tasks, it is clear that a visual presentation-such as a map or photograph-is dramatically easier to use than is a textual description or a spoken report.


      "a picture is worth a thousand words" what's in this statement?

      a picture doesn't equal a thousand words, but its exchange value is roughly equivalent to a thousand words

      similar to a diagram, are images a-signifying? their nature is fundamentally reproductive. if we believe Benjamin's logic, "aura" is lost in reproductions. what this means in practice is that reproductions necessarily cannot reproduce their object of focus. an idea supporting this is derrida's Differance, which identifies a hidden expanse of networked ideas that give meaning to a sign through context and recursive thought

      so if a picture is worth a thousand words, it's because an image can't reproduce a thousand words 1:1 (so the image's signification is immanently constrained), but its use value is roughly equal because those thousand words are invoked in the Differance of the image, in other words, the ideology of the viewer.

      This feels like a minor breakthrough in my understanding of how image and ideology relate. Taken to its logical conclusion, this line of thought comes to mean that images can be categorically defined as visual ideologies.

  10. Jul 2020
    1. The hands-down best Computer Science class I took at NYU was Heuristics with Dennis Shasha in which we learned algorithms for approximating solutions to NP-hard problems and applied them to compete in automated 2-player competitive battles including a gravitation Voronoi game.
  11. Oct 2019
  12. Feb 2017
    1. Powerful ASCII art editor

      Design and draw using simple character sets. Save to git or other version control. Hattip to @paulozoom.