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    1. there remains adearth of research on societal-level factors of IPV in theUnited States (Gressard, Swahn, & Tharp, 2015; Spivaket al., 2014).

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    1. Two Instructors Share Their Perspective At the Instructor Insights page for 7.341 The Microbiome and Drug Delivery: Cross-species Communication in Health and Disease, you can find a video interview with the course’s instructors, Dr. Ali Beyzavi and Dr. Miguel Jimenez.

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  8. Sep 2018
    1. in equation B for the marginal of a gaussian, only the covariance of the block of the matrix involving the unmarginalized dimensions matters! Thus “if you ask only for the properties of the function (you are fitting to the data) at a finite number of points, then inference in the Gaussian process will give you the same answer if you ignore the infinitely many other points, as if you would have taken them all into account!”(Rasmunnsen)

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  9. Feb 2018
    1. Duplicacy does not use file hashes at all to identify previously seen files that may have changed names or locations, but rather concatenates the contents of all files into a long data stream that is cut into chunks according to artificial boundaries based on a hash function.