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    1. Portfolio assignments alsolend themselves well to what Grossman (2009) has coinedself-authorship or transformative reflection levels. Grossmandefines self-authorship as when reflection allows “innerstates [to] become observed objects rather than livedsubjects” (p. 19). With self-authorship, students gain enoughdistance from initial thoughts and feelings to understandhow thoughts and feelings can affect and change eachother. Grossman also describes a form of “transformative”reflection in which students experience a substantial shiftin their own assumptions, beliefs, and values.

      Portfolio assignments --- self-authoriship---transformation

    2. By asking students to clearlypresent evidence and make inferences, reflection can be builtdirectly into portfolio-based assignments.

      I like this idea in BU-101 b/c it would introduce students to how to start building a portfolio

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    1. Style is an active and directive pulling?it

      what do i want to pull? what pulls me?

    2. rhythm, texture, accent, and intensities that cause

      examples of other factors to consider

    3. ment which anchors people in particular experiences" (82

      what experience do i want to create. how could i embody that experience. what does it feel like to experience a person

    4. s a duty'" (qurhetorical goal by masteringits strange co

      my goal

    5. n alternative discourse ..." (

      what alternative discourses do i/ could i participate in

    6. graffiti can perform a number of functions: marking a gang's turf, puttingforth political messages, expressing the individual writer's identity,expressing grief for someone killed or anger at an enemy" (

      what functions will my portfolio pieces have?

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    1. partnerships, networking, and revenue generation such as donations, memberships, pay what you want, and crowdfunding

      I have thought long about the same issue and beyond. The triple (wiki, Hypothesis, donations) could be a working way to search for OER, form a social group processing them, and optionally support the creators.

      I imagine that as follows: a person wants to learn about X. They can head to the wiki site about X and look into its Hypothesis annotations, where relevant OER with their preferred donation method can be linked. Also, study groups interested in the respective resource or topic can list virtual or live meetups there. The date of the meetups could be listed in a format that Hypothesis could search and display on a calendar.

      Wiki is integral as it categorizes knowledge, is comprehensive, and strives to address biases. Hypothesis stitches websites together for the benefit of the site owners and the collective wisdom that emerges from the discussions. Donations support the creators so they can dedicate their time to creating high-quality resources.

      Main inspirations:

      Deschooling Society - Learning Webs

      Building the Global Knowledge Graph

      Schoolhouse calendar

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    1. Recommended by Ben Williamson. Purpose: It may have some relevance for the project with Ben around chat bots and interviews, as well as implications for the introduction of portfolios for assessment.

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    1. The skills gained immediately transfer to other areas of academic work, such as community and industry engagement

      Another example of why online learning could (should?) take place in public.

      Imagine if, upon graduating, an engineer already had an online, public portfolio of work that could be shared with potential employers.

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    1. YouTube playlist of my classes' Student Production Award winning projects from the Ohio Valley chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (the organization behind the Emmy awards).

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  18. www.at-the-intersection.com www.at-the-intersection.com
    1. So that's what I, that's why I had many exchanges, but then it became a hassle to manage and like anyway, I profited off that that was good. But in 2018 when it, when it became a bear market, that same strategy didn't work. And just because there was just the overabundance of coins, new coins, and they weren't blowing up like they used to. So I was like, why am I keeping all of this bitcoin scattered across diff or ether or rather scattered across different exchanges?
    2. So I'm able to just monitor my stuff more easily because it's just individualized trades.
    3. gether or going back into, three commas and seeing what hit. Cause they track all that information and will tell you when it's sold, how much money you made, the bitcoin value and in USD and you'll be able to kind of see what levels of hit.
    4. Mostly with the shitty little Exce
    5. And then if the market completely dives, um, my stop losses are market orders and carry the limit orders, which I've seen a lot of people get burned on, especially when there's a massive drop, you the 6,200 drops or btc down to the, you know, 5,000 level and then the 4,000 level and obviously now like the 3000 level, um, you can get caught in a bad situation pretty quickly depending on how weighted your portfolio is in those assets.
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    1. They create their portfolios, not just in their specialty — which if it’s in software, might be creative-writing software programs or robotics — but it’s well beyond their specialty, their portfolio of writing, their portfolio of creative art projects, their portfolio of speeches they’ve given. When they graduate, instead of saying, "Hey, I have a magna cum laude GPA, blah, blah, blah, blah in this major," you’ll say, "Here’s my portfolio," and your portfolio is going to be one-third just of really well created things that you’re most proud of. There will be some assessment of what are the academic concepts that you’ve truly mastered.
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    1. Elon University is continuing development on its Experiences Transcript, which shows student involvement in extracurricular activities such as interning, service and study abroad. The university is working on a digital version of that transcript, which Green said resembles “a large infographic.”
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    1. Dear Universities everywhere, building a portfolio and a presence are not the same thing

      university portfolios vs. personal domains?