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    1. Transcript

      Gaal: When I was a child, at the edge of the galaxy...

      Gaal: I heard stories about a man who could forecast the future.

      Gaal: But the story remained dark to me until many years later.

      Gaal: Until it became my story.

      Gaal: Until it became the only story.

      Hari: You're familiar with my work, psychohistory? Every mathematician has read your theory. -It's not a theory.

      Hari: It's the future of mankind expressed in numbers.

      Hari: And the empire won't like the future I predict.

      History is littered with charlatans and false messiahs.

      We should kill them.

      Brother Day: We can murder the man, but what about the movement, brother?

      Martyrs tend to have a long half-life.

      Gaal: His math was right.

      Gaal: The empire is dying.

      Wars will be endless. (Men yelling)

      Hari: A thousand worlds reduced to cinders.

      Hari: Change is frightening.

      Hari: Especially to those in power.

      Hari: But we can soften the fall.

      So what's the plan?

      Hari: Many years from now,

      Hari: if humanity is to climb from the ashes,

      Hari: the coming generations will need the knowledge to build upon, a foundation.

      Gaal: We must preserve only the most

      Gaal: essential pieces of civilization.

      Gaal: Deciding what is remembered,

      Gaal: what is forgotten.

      Man: We are now staring down the barrel...

      Man: ...of a crisis.

      This is the plan.

      Gaal: We're not turning around now.

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    1. And does this relate to the zoom recording thing as well because you could record it and then comment on the pieces of it.

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    1. Elon University is continuing development on its Experiences Transcript, which shows student involvement in extracurricular activities such as interning, service and study abroad. The university is working on a digital version of that transcript, which Green said resembles “a large infographic.”