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  1. Feb 2024
    1. The Dictionary’s coverage of the leading transcendentalist, HenryDavid Thoreau, is largely due to the monumental efforts of a single woman,Miss Alice Byington of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, who sent in 5,000 slipsfrom books that included several by Thoreau:

      over how long a period?

    2. Byington shared her uncle’s interest in and support for indigenousculture and language, serving as President of the Stockbridge branch of theIndian Rights Association, and on the Education Committee for the Women’sNational Indian Associatio

      Support for

    3. But it was her uncle, the RevdCyrus Byington, who had the greatest influence on her life and interests. Hehad been a missionary with the Brewer sisters’ father to the Choctaw NativeAmerican Communities at the old mission station in Stockbridge; he hadtranslated the Bible into Choctaw, and wrote a grammar and dictionary of thelanguage.
    4. The New England Telephone Company had planned to put a pole intheir front yard and workers from the company began digging the hole. Butthe Brewer sisters and Byington came out and sat in the hole, blocking theirefforts by sleeping there in a tent overnight. The telephone company installedthe pole across the road instead, making this a successful result fornineteenth-century Nimby activism.
  2. Jan 2024
    1. BP, Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil et TotalEnergies werden an ihre Aktionäre für das Jahr 2023 mehr als 100 Milliarden Dollar Dividenden auszahlen und damit den Rekord des Vorjahres noch übertreffen. Ursachen für die Rekordprofite sind der Krieg in der Ukraine und die Umwälzungen auf den Weltenergiemärkten. Die Konzerne gehen weiterhin von der Profitabilität ihres Geschäfts aus. Weltweit leiden ärmere Haushalte unter den gestiegenen Energiekosten. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/climat/industries-fossiles-les-petroliers-arrosent-leurs-actionnaires-de-dividendes-records-20240102_KETOFCVOT5ANLNWCBWMGNYOE7I/

  3. Dec 2023
  4. Nov 2023
    1. Seit dem Pariser Abkommen haben europäische Banken fossile Energieunternehmen durch die Ausgabe vom Anleihen in Wert von ca einer Billion (1000 Milliarden) Euro unterstützt, wie eine Recherche des Guardian ergibt. Anleihen (Bons) sind inzwischen die wichtigste Form der Finanzierung der Fossilindustrie. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/sep/26/europes-banks-helped-fossil-fuel-firms-raise-more-than-1tn-from-global-bond-markets

  5. Oct 2023
  6. Jul 2023
    1. Langer Artikel über Recherchen zu den katastrophalen sozialen und ökologischen Folgen des Bergbaus für erneuerbare Energien (thx @gerrymcgovern@mastodon.green, https://mastodon.green/@gerrymcgovern/110230800231430245). Wenn diese Recherchen stimmen, gibt es keine ethisch und politisch vertretbare und wohl auch keine wirtschaftlich realistische Möglichkeit, fossile Energien durch erneuerbare zu ersetzen. #degrowth ist dann nicht nur eine Option, sondern zwingend erforderlich. https://thetyee.ca/Analysis/2023/04/07/Rising-Chorus-Renewable-Energy-Skeptics/

  7. Mar 2023
  8. Jan 2023
  9. Sep 2022
    1. there's actually at least one other science fiction book from the 50s written by alice mary norton who used to 00:07:07 write under andre norton pseudonym who talked about a relatively similar concept in the time traders although the idea here was a little bit different here the author explained that pretty much all the signs of modern civilization are going to be completely 00:07:20 erased by the time the next glacial period begins in other words everything you see around you all the cities all the technology every major building every major structure we've ever built will basically be gone there will be no 00:07:33 signs of it left and within just a few million years there will be no one to tell the story and that's of course not really far from the truth as a matter of fact that's exactly what the scientists in this hypothesis propose and explain as well and that's of course why it 00:07:46 makes it so difficult to either prove or disprove this we currently have no idea if any of this is correct here i actually wanted to show you this beautiful illustration by one of the authors we basically have no idea if back in the 00:07:58 day when the dinosaurs were around they also had some kind of a super intelligent species that would drive their own versions of cars have their own versions of smartphones and eventually result in their own demise over time all of this would be gone to 00:08:11 history because of the way that geology works on our planet but in this paper the scientists decided to actually work out any potential ideas or experiments we can conduct on the planet to try to find out if this actually existed and if 00:08:25 it was possible in the past

      !- similar to : common speculation of extinct civilization in Earth's history - Many people have thought about this possibility - Planet of the apes storyline was premised on this - Analog in spiritual practice, practicing emptiness and the Heart Sutra - form is emptiness, emptiness is form - individuality is all lost when we die and are endlessly recycled into other parts of the universe

  10. Aug 2022
  11. Mar 2022
    1. that although evil exists, people aren’t born evil. How they live their lives depends on what happens after they’re born

      So very true. Monsters are made, not born. Everyone is born into the sacred, but then life can transform the sACred into the sCAred. Pathological fear can motivate a host of pathological responses such as selfishness, alienation, greed, anger, control, abuse, othering,dehumanization, etc.

  12. Dec 2021
    1. “That’s one of the exciting things about math,” said Jack Morava, a mathematician at Johns Hopkins University and the inventor of Morava K-theory. “You can go through a door and you wind up in a completely different universe. It’s very much like Alice in Wonderland.”
  13. Sep 2020
  14. Aug 2018
    1. I had been a victim of something the sociologists Alice Marwick and danah boyd call context collapse, where people create online culture meant for one in-group, but exposed to any number of out-groups without its original context by social-media platforms, where it can be recontextualized easily and accidentally.
  15. May 2015