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    1. "Stickers, badges, and avatar shopping can undermine the learning. Games that employ a reward system of unlocking higher learning levels tend to be more successful at keeping students on-task" I never thought of there being a heirarchy in prizes/rewards having an impact or rather correlation in success of an app meeting educational goals.

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    1. Are there any rehearsal or set up dates on campus? Yes No Please enter any rehearsal or set up dates here

      add verbiage here from Chuck about facilities concerns

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    1. This is Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive objectives. I selected this page because it explains both the old and new versions of the taxonomy. When writing instructional objectives for adult learning and training, one should identify the level of learning in Blooms that is needed. This is not the most attractive presentation but it is one of the more thorough ones. rating 4/5

    1. This 69 page PDF offers good advice on writing a variety of types of test questions. It is called "Is this a trick question?" Despite the length of the PDF, it is easy to browse if you are interested in writing a specific type of question. As may be suggested by the length, this resource is more comprehensive than others. Rating 5/5

  8. Feb 2018
    1. They do things like buy expensive designer belts and $2500 luxury handbags.

      Tongue and cheek. The author is trying to show how ridiculous our feelings toward the less fortunate can be.

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