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  1. Jan 2023
    1. approximation of the edge prior

      Noting that Arjun Krishnan tweeted that he has used a similar approximation (with only the numerator):

      Nice work! I've observed that networks created by adding edges between random node pairs with a probability proportional to the product of their degrees in the original network perform really well in many network-based tasks including edge prediction.

  2. Nov 2021
    1. One of the goals in my life is to encourage people live a more reflective life.


    2. I love communicating via sticky notes. The sticky note is my canvas. I’d love for the sticky note to be the canvas of others, so I encourage people to do the same.


    3. What are the questions that strangers on the train think about?


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    1. A shorter, cuter, and more appropriate distinguishing tag for hypothesis micro-blog-posts just occurred to me: "hyp" -- short for hypothesis, and reminiscent of both "hype" and "hip". :)

    2. Hypothesis might make a fine alternative to Twitter.

      • Is anyone using hypothesis in this way yet?
      • What would be a good tag to distinguish "tweet" Notes?<br> (I guess it would be cute to use "tweet" as the tag.)
      • When there's not a specific webpage involved, what would be the best URLs on which to attach such a Note?<br> (I suppose any page of your own on a social media site or blog would do. I also see that we can annotate pages on local servers.)