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    1. For Jerome Bruner, the place to begin is clear: “One starts somewhere—where the learner is.”

      One starts education with where the student is. But mustn't we also inventory what tools and attitudes the student brings? What tools beyond basic literacy do they have? (Usually we presume literacy, but rarely go beyond this and the lack of literacy is too often viewed as failure, particularly as students get older.) Do they have motion, orality, song, visualization, memory? How can we focus on also utilizing these tools and modalities for learning.

      Link to the idea that Donald Trump, a person who managed to function as a business owner and president of the United States, was less than literate, yet still managed to function in modern life as an example. In fact, perhaps his focus on oral modes of communication, and the blurrable lines in oral communicative meaning (see [[technobabble]]) was a major strength in his communication style as a means of rising to power?

      Just as the populace has lost non-literacy based learning and teaching techniques so that we now consider the illiterate dumb, stupid, or lesser than, Western culture has done this en masse for entire populations and cultures.

      Even well-meaning educators in the edtech space that are trying to now center care and well-being are completely missing this piece of the picture. There are much older and specifically non-literate teaching methods that we have lost in our educational toolbelts that would seem wholly odd and out of place in a modern college classroom. How can we center these "missing tools" as educational technology in a modern age? How might we frame Indigenous pedagogical methods as part of the emerging third archive?

      Link to: - educational article by Tyson Yunkaporta about medical school songlines - Scott Young article "You should pay for Tutors"

      aside on serendipity

      As I was writing this note I had a toaster pop up notification in my email client with the arrival of an email by Scott Young with the title "You should pay for Tutors" which prompted me to add a link to this note. It reminds me of a related idea that Indigenous cultures likely used information and knowledge transfer as a means of payment (Lynne Kelly, Knowledge and Power). I have commented previously on the serendipity of things like auto correct or sparks of ideas while reading as a means of interlinking knowledge, but I don't recall experiencing this sort of serendipity leading to combinatorial creativity as a means of linking ideas,

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    1. If the media resource is embedded (for example in a iframe), Media Session API information must be set from the embedded context. See snippet below.


      <iframe id="iframe"> <video>...</video> </iframe> <script> iframe.contentWindow.navigator.mediaSession.metadata = new MediaMetadata({ title: 'Never Gonna Give You Up', ... }); </script>


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    1. Dovecot Apple Push Notification Service

      c /* tag1 XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE "aps-version" "1" "aps-account-id" "E8CD34AD-98D3-4489-A6BB-86B1D082FECE" "aps-device-token" "a66216ad1683d48b9933cdcc3b98a833ee1a968143f41ea494187da54715da66" "aps-subtopic" "com.apple.mobilemail" */

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    1. The RssCloud Application Programming Interface (API) is an XML-RPC, SOAP 1.1 and REST web service that enables client software to be notified of updates to RSS documents. A server (called the "cloud") takes notification requests for particular RSS documents.
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    1. Why isn’t there a digital note taking tool that works like this?

      It would be interesting if there were a timed pop-up notification functionality within Hypothes.is directly so that one could create follow-up reminders for particular highlights and annotations.

      I've thought about wanting this before though I've got something in my data store for those notes that does something like this in a third-party sense.

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    1. The result is to scatter our attention and diffuse our concentration.

      Computer and phone notifications can be insidious. I've personally turned most of them off.

      I also find that reading and annotating with Hypothes.is has helped me to have more focus while reading---even despite the short turnoffs to cogitate a bit, write a bit, and then return.

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    1. (If I were Virginia Eubanks I might want to capture the pull quote myself, and display it on my book page for visitors who aren’t seeing it through the Hypothesis lens.)

      Of course, how would she know that the annotation exists? Here's another example of where adding webmentions to Hypothesis for notifications could be useful, particularly when they're more widely supported. I've outlined some of the details here in the past: http://boffosocko.com/2016/04/07/webmentions-for-improving-annotation-and-preventing-bullying-on-the-web/

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    1. You can get an RSS or Atom feed for annotations made at a specific url, a specific Hypothesis tag or group, or for a specific Hypothesis user.

      Domain-level query is also available with RSS and Atom feeds. This tool here makes the process of getting these feed urls a bit easier.

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  24. www.at-the-intersection.com www.at-the-intersection.com
    1. The only one little personal issue and this could just be me not anyone else's did the damn alarm system on trading view, just not a fan of. But everything else is great.
    2. t like I said I just take position 1 at a time. Today every position i'm trading is relatively sideways. I have a holistic view because i'm looking at it 40 times a day.
    3. Um, you know, it's not necessarily trading on them, but indicators are just a good way to reassure what you're seeing in price action is, is uh, a good confirmation of what you're seeing in price action and what you're missing and price action.
    4. when I get up in the morning, I'm looking at my phone. I'm mostly just taking a quick glance at percentage moves. I want to say hey, something new, five or more percent or you know, whatever my threshold may be proved coin or maybe I'm, I something that I traded the night before. Maybe I, I'm looking at that specific price for first thing, like is it time to buy or is it time to sell more?
    5. I don't, I don't believe anything crazy is going on. So I'm just kind of every once in awhile looking or setting, keeping my alerts on that alert me.
    6. I want to be informed if there's a massive increase in volume, which is why sometimes I'll use scanners and stuff like that.
    7. uh, Discord is the best and telegram. Those two. Sometimes people will do their own members area by using like click funnels or something like that. Discord is the easiest because you can separate channels. Um, and it's free. Uh telegram. I've like specific groups just because they've built in functionality that usually triggers by phone or at least more as from an notification standpoint. Where sometimes it gets lost in Discord
    8. o I can set alerts on trend lines. I can set alerts on different indicators like, uh, the relative strength index or it doesn't really matter the indicator. You can, you can put an alert on it and that has way
    9. Um, and from a charting perspective it's better than coinagy because it allows you to put alerts on more things than just price action.
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    1. Yup - me too. I was wondering if there was a way that the orig author of the piece could also get an email
    2. The only notification I am aware of is the annotation "counter" that appears in the extension icon. I have had to be jogged into awareness a couple of times that I had annotations on a post.