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    1. Bob Wachter. (2022, January 3). WAY too soon to be sure (especially w/ potential spread over holidays), but we are seeing a plateau @UCSFHospitals in hospitalizations (Fig L) & test positivity (both symptomatic & asymptomatic; R). Next few days will be key. Until we see sharp downturn, I’m in uber-careful mode. Https://t.co/BWIpTQI4gM [Tweet]. @Bob_Wachter. https://twitter.com/Bob_Wachter/status/1477804044756213762

  4. Mar 2022
    1. Other factors in the plateau effect could be that an early lack of word meaning would mean readers could fail to capitalize on a sufficient depth and breadth of words to thus sustain growth in reading; a lack of fluency and automaticity (that is, quick and accurate recognition of words and phrases) may hamper growth beyond first learning to read; and that schooling in these upper years has less emphasis on decoding and inference and more on reading of expository tests. Also, previously “unim-portant” reading difficulties may appear for the first time in Grade 5 when children encounter informational materials and multiple text types that require more inference, comprehension, vocabulary of less frequent words, connections, and understanding (Snow, Burns, & Griffin, 1998).

      A few factors that cause the plateau effect among Grade 6 to 8 students

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    1. urst,  Kungu  and  Flott,  2012;;  McCleese et al.,2007

      OBS Få studier om platå från individens perspektiv. Endast två enligt denna artikel: Hurst, Kungu and Flott, 2012;; McCleese et al.,2007

    2. Previous research also implies that career plateau was predominately studied from an organisational perspective (structural plateau and job content plateau) and little empirical research has been reported on an individual’s   perception   (professional   plateau).  

      Platå har studerats mer från organisatoriskt perspektiv (content and structural plateaus) och mindre från individens eget perspektiv (professional plateau).

    3. Job content plateauoccurs  when  talented  employees   reached  a  “brick  wall”  within  their  career  that  delivers no further career progression and leads to feelings of anxiety, job dissatisfaction, loss of motivation, lack of challenges and tension (Carlson and Rotondo, 2001).
      • "brick wall" eller som i Sedells (?) bok: "glastak". Glastak är mindre synligt, förrän du plötsligt slår i det.
      • Job content plateau