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  1. May 2024
  2. Apr 2024
    1. Will the escalation of protests and reaction by Columbia University’s President, Minouche Shafik cause an ultimate shift in American sentiment because she reacted in the wrong way to quell protests in Spring 2024? Will things escalate as they did in 1968 and spill over into actual change in society and culture?

    2. The way that administrators normally respond to a tactic like this is to just wait it out. Have campus security keep an eye on them to make sure things don’t get out of hand. Make vague statements to the campus paper. Schedule some meetings. Maybe declare that you’ll form a committee to look into things further.Traditionally, the weakness of this tactic is that it does little to expand the conflict.
  3. Mar 2024
  4. Feb 2024
    1. These included a government decision to suspend efforts to halve the use of pesticides by the end of this decade, the Daily Telegraph reported

      for - wicked problem - immediate vs future survival - EU agricultural protests

  5. Jan 2024
  6. Nov 2023
    1. Malm, Andreas. How to Blow Up a Pipeline. Verso Books, 2021. https://www.versobooks.com/products/2649-how-to-blow-up-a-pipeline.

      Aram Zucker-Scharff indicated that this was one of his favorite books on the climate crisis and has interesting consequences for both individual and group action. He said it might make an interesting pairing with Palo Alto (@Malcolm2023).

      It came up as we were talking about the ideas of climate crisis in the overlap of The Monkey Wrench Gang.

      Might also be interesting with respect to @Hoffer2002 [1951].

  7. Oct 2023
    1. Mit drastischen Repressionsmaßnahmen versuchte die Polizei, Proteste gegen die Internationale Automobilausstellung IAAA in München zu unterdrücken. Verdächtig wirkende Personen wurden in der Stadt festgehalten und durchsucht, während der Automobiliindustrie große Flächen als „open spaces“ zur Veerfügung gestellt wurden. Dennoch erregten Proteste und Aktionen große öffentliche Aufmerksamkeit. https://taz.de/Protest-gegen-Automobilausstellung-IAA/!5956556/

  8. Aug 2022
    1. A month before the ceremony, the activist organization American Indian Movement had occupied the South Dakota town of Wounded Knee to protest the sustained mistreatment of Native Americans, a standoff that at the time of Littlefeather’s televised appearance at the Oscars was under a U.S. Department of Justice-imposed media blackout.)
  9. Mar 2022
    1. Mass protests against Russia’s aggression combined with existing political pressure to move more quickly on climate change might lead to new policies to do yet more.

      The time is ripe for a converged march and to launch SRG Tipping Point Festival.

  10. Mar 2021
    1. It turns out it’s really difficult to get people to rebel against something if they can’t see it, don’t feel empowered to make choices about, and don’t really understand it.
  11. Oct 2020
    1. As Ali explained it to me, for him, January 25, 2011, was in many ways an ordinary January 25—officially a “police celebration day,” but traditionally a day of protest. Although he was young, he was a veteran activist. He and a small group of fellow activists gathered each year in Tahrir on January 25 to protest police brutality. January 25, 2011, was not their first January 25 pro-test, and many of them expected something of a repeat of their earlier protests—perhaps a bit larger this year.

      This mirrors the story of the rape that preceded the Rosa Parks protests in Alabama several years prior and helped set the stage for that being successful.

      It's often frequent that bigger protests are staged to take place on dates/times that have historical meaning.

    2.  turned on the television only once, wanting to see how networks were covering the historic moment of Mubarak’s resignation. CNN was broad-casting an aerial shot of the square. The camera shot from far above the square was jarring because I had been following it all on Twitter, person by person, each view necessarily incomplete but also intimate. On television, all I could see was an undifferentiated mass of people, an indistinct crowd. It felt cold and alienating. The television pictures did not convey how today’s networked protests operate or feel
  12. Nov 2016
    1. EFF guide to attending protests, especially how to handle smartphones. (Part of the guide to surveillance self-defense.)

    1. Gotta get down to itSoldiers are cutting us down

      Students today can’t imagine why the students didn’t just leave. They don’t see protesting as part of the First Amendment (Rosenburg, David. Slate Magazine. 4 May 2013.