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  1. Sep 2023
  2. Feb 2023
    1. They get to see everything, and nothing

      This reminds me of esoteric transmission, in the sense that the ghost is only visible to those who are already prepared to see it.

      It's also fitting that tantra is often narrowly equated with tantric sex.

  3. Jan 2023
    1. The posture of democratic citizenship is avowal of rights and obligations of membership in a civic community. The rationale for this is the moral and political goodness of a civic way of living and the shared promise of human self-realization through interdependence. As such it is the exemplary, most inclusive form of membership; it is a precondition for the sustainability in the modern secular era of other expressions of membership in our lives—social, economic, kinship, familial, and intimate.[17] Again, citizenship avows—makes a vow, takes on a trust—on behalf of a future of moral and political potential toward which it is reasonable to strive. Citizenship is iterative and ongoing; it provides continuity and provokes innovation; each generation of democratic citizens begins a new story of the demos and continues an ongoing one.[18]

      !- key finding : citizenship is a trusteeship - in which the individual takes on responsibility to participate in upholding the mutually agreed principles and promises leading to collective human self-realization - the individual works with others to collective realize this dream which affects all individuals within the group

      !- implement : TPF / DH / SRG -implement this education program globally as part of Stop Reset Go / Deep Humanity training that recognizes the individual collective entanglement and include in the Tipping Point Festival as well

  4. Sep 2022
    1. Por otra parte, Servitje (2009, p.80) menciona:“la palabra ‘empleado’ es sinónimo de usado, y usar alas personas es algo negativo que la empresa nodebe hacer”, es por ello que, en Grupo Bimbo se lesdenomina colaboradores a todas aquellas personasque forman parte del equipo de trabajo y participanactivamente en el desarrollo de la compañía,mediante los siguientes rubros: participación en lainformación, participación en la consulta, participaciónfuncional, participación en las utilidades, participaciónen la propiedad y participación institucional.Como se puede observar, Grupo Bimbo3 es otraempresa que también reconoce la importancia dehacer uso del empowerment para poder reflejar lafilosofía de participación mencionada anteriormente, ymediante la cual a las personas se les asigna laresponsabilidad de realizar tareas, pero también seles otorga autoridad. La participación funcional juegaun papel esencial en la gestión de competencias deltalento humano, ya que le permite al colaboradorconocer la filosofía de trabajo de Grupo Bimbo y apartir de ella tener la autoridad de cambiar tareasdentro de sus funciones.

      Ejemplos de Empowerment en empresas

    2. El empowerment o empoderamiento es unaherramienta que tiene la capacidad de brindar poderal empleado para autogestionar su trabajo y losrecursos requeridos, para realizarlo con calidad,confianza y productividad; esto implica un fielcompromiso por parte de los directivos para conocer asus colaboradores y brindarles las suficientesherramientas, conocimientos, motivación y feedbacksnecesarios para el ejercicio de sus labores

      Definición de que es el empowerment o empoderamiento

  5. Sep 2021
  6. Mar 2021
    1. It turns out it’s really difficult to get people to rebel against something if they can’t see it, don’t feel empowered to make choices about, and don’t really understand it.
    1. Preliminary results from the first year are tantalizing for anyone interested in solutions to address rising inequality in the United States, especially as they manifest along racial and gender lines. Within the first year, the study’s participants obtained jobs at twice the rate of the control group. At the beginning of the study, 28 percent of the participants had full-time employment, and after the first year, that number rose to 40 percent.

      This is what happened when 125 participants were given $500/month over two years to see what would happen.

  7. Jan 2021
    1. Despite some implementation challenges, patient portals have allowed millions of patients to access to their medical records, read physicians’ notes, message providers, and contribute valuable information and corrections.

      I wonder if patients have edit - or at least, flag - information in their record?

  8. Aug 2020
  9. Jun 2020
    1. This integration of digital tools and automated technologies into building practices has become ever-more urgent in light of the agility that will be required to cope with the effects of climate change, including the increased mobility of people and reduction in material and human resources. Architecture that could accommodate more people in the event of mass migration, or construction practices that could efficiently utilise local resources instead of relying on global supply chains, are possible results of digitising the production of the built environment.

      As long as the tools are made freely available to the public, lest the control shift to those who own/control such tools (proprietary software in the hands of large digital coroporations).

  10. May 2020
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  12. Nov 2019
    1. engage citizens to take ownership of the images of their own bodies, and to provide them with a means of volunteering these images for research and collective analysis.

      Open could also means appropriation-by-original-owners/creators. To create such awareness in the general public is difficult but aiming to the individual perspective, as they propose, could be a good starting point

  13. Oct 2017
    1. Theempoweringpossibilitiesofaccessingandworkingwithdataalsounderpin‘opengovernmentdata’programmes.Opennessisextendedtomakinggovernmenttransparentthroughapublicrighttodataandfreedomtoinformation,aversionthatisalsoadvancedbycivicorganizationssuchasmySociety.[19]Thesecallforthanimaginaryofcitizensasdataanalystsequippedwiththeskillsnecessarytoanalysetheircommercialtransactionsandthusmakebetterdecisionsortoanalysethetransactionsofgovernmentsandthusholdthemtoaccount.

      Agregar la gráfica de la manera en la cual se puede hacer al gobierno:


    2. Becomingadigitalcitizeninvolvesrespondingtocallingswhereparticipatingisoneofthem.Participatingdemandsspecificactionsofskillingandtoolingthatcitizensneedtoundertaketoequipthemselves.

      Escoger un conjunto de competencias sobre las cuáles ejercer la ciudadanía.

  14. Sep 2017
    1. IfwefocusonhowpeopleenactthemselvesassubjectsofpowerthroughtheInternet,itinvolvesinvestigatinghowpeopleuselanguagetodescribethemselvesandtheirrelationstoothersandhowlanguagesummonsthemasspeakingbeings.Toputitdifferently,itinvolvesinvestigatinghowpeopledothingswithwordsandwordswiththingstoenactthemselves.ItalsomeansaddressinghowpeopleunderstandthemselvesassubjectsofpowerwhenactingthroughtheInternet.
  15. May 2017
  16. Feb 2017
    1. In order for critical pedagogy, dialogue, and thought to have real effects,  they must advocate the message that all citizens, old and young, are equally entitled, if not equally empowered, to shape the society in which they live.
  17. Jul 2016
  18. Nov 2015