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  1. Oct 2023
    1. McCarthy’s tenure atop the House—the briefest in nearly 150 years—was as historic as it was short-lived: He won the office after fighting through more ballots than any speaker in a century, and he was the first to be removed in the middle of a term by a vote of the House.
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  5. Dec 2021
    1. Does my sassiness upset you?

      This line reveals the speaker and sets up the tone for the poem. Introducing herself and her qualities, the speaker references her self-confidence and audaciousness. Seen in the stanza above, the speaker is aggrieved at the oppressor for subjecting this harm and challenge to their community, yet in this stanza she is triumphant portraying her will to survive. The tone entails the speaker's anger towards the oppressor but also the pride in her identity as a part of the African American community. It can be interpreted that the speaker is Maya Angelou as she credits her own life experiences and perspectives as a black woman during a time of maltreatment.

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    1. What will you do if your country would be under attack by bandits? You will surely transform into a super robot , isn't it?
    1. Going through different search systems brings us some fruits in the form of indistinct mumbling about the untimely closed I/O data streams, TTYs and PTYs (pseudoterminals) and all the rest of it.
    2. Apart from some dodgy English (‘let’s don’t’ for example)
    3. Pretty good writing for what seems evident to be a non-native speaker of English

  10. Dec 2020
    1. Ziad Tarik, 24
    2. Fawzia Ibrahim
    3. "Twenty or so of us would start shouting, 'Get us out! Let us go!
    4. Hassan Ali Muslim.
    5. The Baghdad spokeswoman for the ICRC


    6. Iraq's chief U.S. administrator, L. Paul Bremer
    7. The U.S. command says it holds 5,500, but some lawyers and other Iraqis believe the figure is higher

      dispute between speakers

    8. Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, the U.S. Army commander

      speaks positively on behalf of US Army

    9. a half dozen former detainees

      6 mediated accounts

    10. Ex-detainees

      speaker but plural and anonymous rather than named as above

    11. Naif, 31
    12. to recently released Iraqis.

      firsthand testimony

    13. By Charles J. Hanley

      prominent byline

  11. May 2020