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    1. the overwhelming majority of people support are not on the political agenda which is why this whole the idea that there is a center in politics is a complete fiction
      • for: quote - there is no center, it's a fiction, quote - James Schneider - Progressive International

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        • the things that the overwhelming majority of people support are not on the political agenda
          • which is why this whole the idea that there is a center in politics is a complete fiction
        • Elite consensus opinion is almost always massively in the minority
          • and so you have to work very hard to prevent things which are massively in the majority from getting political expression
        • Polling between 2/3 and 3/4 of people support (including generally speaking the majority of people who voted in the last election support) things like
          • public ownership of
            • energy
            • water
            • rail
            • mail, etc
          • a 15 pound an hour minimum wage
          • a wealth tax
      • All of these things considered way way on the left are not on the left, that's actually the center if you're talking about where is the mainstream British public opinion - and it's such strong public opinion because no one ever says it in the public sphere and when they do they are ridiculed
      • author: James Schneider, Progressive International
      • date: Dec, 2023
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    1. This is key for classes and modules that are cached in places that survive reloads, like the Rails framework itself.
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    1. underestimates by scientists have potentially devastating consequences for humanity’s efforts to react to this threat to our survival.
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      • Underestimates by scientists

      • have potentially devastating consequences
      • for humanity’s efforts -to react to this threat to our survival.
    1. The reason is Rails only reads and creates the session object when it receives the request and writes it back to session store when request is complete and is about to be returned to user.
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    1. we have individual capitalists who try 00:48:45 to make the most profit and this is linked to their capital and productivity so to achieve more in less time and 00:48:57 productivity is linked to energy [Music] the only source of energy to increase profit is carbon oil and gas and this has resulted in a change in our 00:49:15 atmosphere we have to put an entities if we wish to live in our planet can our capitalism do this based on the current data we won't be able to do so 00:49:28 therefore perhaps we should do the following reflection if capitalism is unable to do so either Humanity will die with it or 00:49:42 Humanity will overcome capitalism so that we can live in our planet

      !- Urrego : Key Point - Can capitalism rapidly detour away from fossil fuels? The current data indicates no. So either Humanity does our it drops capitalism

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    1. I have DNS settings in my hosts file that are what resolve the visits to localhost, but also preserve the subdomain in the request (this latter point is important because Rails path helpers care which subdomain is being requested)
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    1. Kernel is already defined by Ruby so the module cannot be autoloaded. Also, that file does not define a constant path after the path name. Therefore, Zeitwerk should not process it at all.
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    1. The remaining problem should be how to declare Ruby-define methods to be 'non-block taking'. Under the current language spec, absence of '& argument' may or may not mean the method would take a block.
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    1. That's not how flatpack works; the executable is hidden in a container and you need to set up the whole environment to be able to call it. Delivering a well-isolated, not-to-be-run-from-outside environment is the whole point.
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    1. Isolation ensures that concurrent execution of transactions leaves the database in the same state that would have been obtained if the transactions were executed sequentially
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    1. The key phrase here is “children of a grid container.” The specification defines the creation of a grid on the parent element, which child items can be positioned into. It doesn’t define any styling of that grid, not even going as far as to implement something like the column-rule property we have in Multi-column Layout. We style the child items, and not the grid itself, which leaves us needing to have an element of some sort to apply that style to.
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    1. Assignments to $-prefixed variables require that the variable be a writable store, and will result in a call to the store's .set method.
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    1. The readable store takes a function as a second argument which has its own internal set method, allowing us to wrap any api, like Xstate or Redux that has its own built in sub­scrip­tion model but with a slightly different api.
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    1. Most simple example: <script> import ChildComponent from './Child.svelte'; </script> <style> .class-to-add { background-color: tomato; } </style> <ChildComponent class="class-to-add" /> ...compiles to CSS without the class-to-add declaration, as svelte currently does not recognize the class name as being used. I'd expect class-to-add is bundled with all nested style declarations class-to-add is passed to ChildComponent as class-to-add svelte-HASH This looks like a bug / missing feature to me.
    1. Reactive statements run immediately before the component updates, whenever the values that they depend on have changed.
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    1. The bug won’t be fixed today…and by next week, I’ll have forgotten about it - but some time in the future, before our software “goes gold” and gets shipped out to the public - we’ll search through the entire million lines of software for the word “FIXME” - which is unlikely to appear in any other context BECAUSE it’s not a real word!

      BECAUSE it’s not a real word

    1. In cryptography, deniable authentication refers to message authentication between a set of participants where the participants themselves can be confident in the authenticity of the messages, but it cannot be proved to a third party after the event.
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    1. It may be the case that several sufficient conditions, when taken together, constitute a single necessary condition (i.e., individually sufficient and jointly necessary)
    1. It’s useful to remember that under GDPR regulations consent is not the ONLY reason that an organization can process user data; it is only one of the “Lawful Bases”, therefore companies can apply other lawful (within the scope of GDPR) bases for data processing activity. However, there will always be data processing activities where consent is the only or best option.
    1. I believe that beginning to distribute tools that patch Firefox and give back power to users and allow them to install unsigned extensions is necessary when an organization is taking away our rights without giving us a compelling reason for doing so.
    2. I know, you don't trust Mozilla but do you also not trust the developer? I absolutely do! That is the whole point of this discussion. Mozilla doesn't trust S3.Translator or jeremiahlee but I do. They blocked page-translator for pedantic reasons. Which is why I want the option to override their decision to specifically install few extensions that I'm okay with.
  26. Apr 2020
    1. So there's a lot of stuff getting hacked and a lot of credentials floating around the place, but then what? I mean what do evil-minded people do with all those email addresses and passwords? Among other things, they attempt to break into accounts on totally unrelated websites
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    1. While we recognise that analytics can provide you with useful information, they are not part of the functionality that the user requests when they use your online service – for example, if you didn’t have analytics running, the user could still be able to access your service. This is why analytics cookies aren’t strictly necessary and so require consent.
    2. PECR always requires consent for non-essential cookies, such as those used for the purposes of marketing and advertising. Legitimate interests cannot be relied upon for these cookies.
    1. “meet the minimal requirements that we set based on European law” — which they define as being “if it has no optional boxes pre-ticked, if rejection is as easy as acceptance, and if consent is explicit.”
    2. All of which means — per EU law — it should be equally easy for website visitors to choose not to be tracked as to agree to their personal data being processed.
    3. Consent to tracking must also be obtained prior to a digital service dropping or accessing a cookie; only service-essential cookies can be deployed without asking first.
    4. When consent is being relied upon as the legal basis for processing web users’ personal data