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  1. Nov 2022
    1. https://blog.mahabali.me/pedagogy/pedagogical-snacking-transforming-classroom-dynamics/

      Providing a snack break during classes can dramatically improve the participants' participation and cohesion.

    2. And so I’m blogging this to reflect on and record this dynamic, so I never forget this idea of trying the snack break ahead of a “peer feedback” session.

      Providing a snack break before a peer feedback classroom session can dramatically improve the interactions during it.

      This is not dissimilar to conferences providing socializing and snacking time/spaces both at the start of the event and throughout the day.

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    1. This is supported by Schwier’s (2007) views that ‘communities cannot be created; rather they emerge when conditions nurture them’ (p.18). These social interactions among students maximize students’ motivation and peer collabo-ration in learning (University of Texas 2013)