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  1. Jan 2023
    1. nd BASF more than most, thanks to its 67% stake in Wintershall Dea, the oil and gas producer that it co-owns with the Russian company LetterOne”. It
  2. Aug 2022
    1. erweil fährt die BASF-Tochter Wintershall Dea durch die Förderung von Öl in Westsibirien im Verbund mit dem russischen Staatskonzern Gazprom Millionengewinne ein, wie einem Betrag des TV-Magazins „Monitor“ von vergangener Woche zu entnehmen war.
  3. Aug 2015
    1. total offive variables in the frontierestimate: three input types in dollars, output in number of patient-days, andquality in estimated HSMR values.

      So this is the model translated as:

      number of patient-days(by hospital*) = HSMR value(ratio) + capital prices($) + labor($) + materials($)

      • all the co-variants are also accounted by Hospital
    2. deterministic

      Is appropriate the use of a deterministic model here? It seems to me that it will be less accurate than a probabilistic one, and that that could influence the results of the comparison of the different aggregation levels biasing the conclusions.

    3. Details of the estimationprocess can be found in operations research textbooks (e.g., Banker, Charnes,and Cooper 1984; Ramanathran and Ramanathan 2003)

      *Interesting reference for reviewing!