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    1. Dichter und sehr gut dokumentierter Überblicksratikel über die Expansionspläne der Öl- und Gasindustrie. Aus unerschlossenen Feldern sollen 230 Milliarden Barrel Öläquivalent gefördert werden - im klaren Widerspruch zum Pariser Abkommen. Durch Ausbeutung neuer Lager werden bis 2025 voraussichtlich 70 Gt CO<sub>2</sub> und damit 17% des Budgets für das 1,5° Ziel ausgestoßen. Eingegangen wird auch auf den Ausstiegsplan des Tyndall Centre. https://taz.de/Run-auf-fossile-Brennstoffe/!5973686/

  2. Dec 2023
    1. 2023 Production Gap Report: Die USA, Russland und Saudi-Arabien planen wie die Mehrheit der 20 am meisten fossile Brennstoffe produzierenden Staaten, 2030 mehr Öl zu fördern als je zuvor. Indien will die Kohleproduktion bis 2030 verdoppeln, Kanada die Öl- und Gasförderung in 25 Jahren um 25% steigern. Brasilien will in 10 Jahren die Ölproduktion um 2/3, die Gasproduktion um 100% steigern. China, Deutschland, Großbritannien und Norwegen wollen die Produktion reduzieren. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/09/climate/coming-soon-more-oil-gas-and-coal.html

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    1. it's remarkable to me once i started to dig in that the speed and scope of what we did as a country and actually what we specifically did here in british columbia
      • for: history - wartime mobilization - Canada

      • trivia: in 6 years, starting from zero, British Columbia produced

        • 750 ships (350 ships produced in British Columbia)
        • 16,000 military aircrafts (4th largest air force in the world)
        • 800,000 military vehicles (more than Germany, Italy and Japan combined)

    2. we had to mobilize up war production and then convert back to peace time all in the space of six years
      • for: trivia - Canada wartime mobilization

      • trivia: Canada wartime mobilization

        • In a period of 6 years, Canada ramped up to wartime mobilization and then returned to peace
    1. horizons Canada is the 00:57:47 internal think-tank of the Government of Canada that does strategic foresight
      • for: Horizon Canada - strategic foresight think tank

      • summary

        • Horizon Canada still makes the biggest assumption of all, an intact modernity
    1. Der Critical Raw Materials Actt wird von Industrie-Lobbies benutzt, um Einschränkungen beim Zugang zu Rohmaterialien abzubauen, und zwar auch dann, wenn es nicht um die Energieversorgung geht. IT-, Rüstungs- und Raumfahrtindustrie versuchen von der Krisensituation bei den neuen Energien zu profitieren. Die Libéation berichtet über einen neuen Report von Lobbying-Warchdogs. Die Liste der kritischen Rohmaterialien wurde bereits von 15 auf 34 Stoffe erweitert. https://www.liberation.fr/international/europe/ue-le-critical-raw-materials-act-un-open-bar-pour-lindustrie-miniere-20231112_HZUR6376QJCZVBM5IGIUR6V2QE/

    1. Die Pläne der Kohle-, Öl- und gasproduzierenden Staaten zur Ausweitung der Förderung würden 2030 zu 460% mehr Kohle, 83% mehr Gas und 29% mehr Ölproduktion führen, als mit dem Pariser Abkommen vereinbar ist. Der aktuelle Production Gap Report der Vereinten Nationen konzentriert sich auf die 20 stärksten Verschmutzer-Staaten, deren Pläne fast durchgängig in radikalem Widerspruch zum Pariser Abkommen stehen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/08/insanity-petrostates-planning-huge-expansion-of-fossil-fuels-says-un-report

      Report: https://productiongap.org/

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    1. let us talk about our two maybe our two 00:22:06 settler colonial societies so to speak two political projects established in the past with the help of what the late patrick wolf called the logic of the elimination of the 00:22:19 native these settler colonial society the canadian one and the israeli one still by large deny their past a denial that enables them to continue so to speak the project of the 00:22:32 elimination of the native
      • for: colonization, colonization - Canada - Palestine, elimination of the native

      • paraphrase

        • Gabor was accept as an immigrant to Canada, itself a colonizer country in denial, much like Israel itself is
        • The elimination of the native is the effect of colonization
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    1. A widely publicized study published last year by researchers at the University of Northern Arizona analyzed satellite images taken between 1985 and 2019. They show that large parts of the boreal forest have “browned” (i.e., died) in the south and greened with trees and shrubs in the north. If this shift, long hypothesized as a future outcome of warming, is already underway, the effects will be profound, transforming natural habitats, animal migration and human settlements.
      • for: climate departure, biodiversity loss, extinction
    2. the decline of winter shaking our national self-identity the most.
      • for: climate change impacts - canada
      • comment
        • imagine no more hockey or skating outside!
    3. Cities across the country will begin to reach “climate departure”: a symbolic rubicon, after which a climate falls completely outside historical norms.
      • for: climate departure, Camilo Mora, stats, stats - climate departure - canada, climate departure - montreal, climate departure - vancouver, climate departure - toronto
      • paraphrase
        • Cities across the country will begin to reach “climate departure”: a symbolic rubicon, after which a climate falls completely outside historical norms.
        • Even the coldest year, going forward, will be hotter than the hottest in the past.
        • The concept was defined in 2013 by researchers at the University of Hawai’i, who crunched computer models of 39 different planetary futures to arrive at their predictions.
        • In a scenario consistent with roughly two degrees warming by mid-century,
      • stats: start - Montreal is estimated to reach its departure point in 2072, - Toronto in 2074 and - Vancouver in 2083.
      • stats: end
      • comment
        • the article doesn't mention two important points
          • a number of places are expected to reach climate departure in the 2020's, such as
            • Manokwari, Indonesia in 2020
            • Lagos and Jakarta in 2029
          • Even if we decarbonize at the most aggresive RCP pathway, it would not prevent climate departure, but only delay it by a few decades
        • The implications are profound. It means that the living organisms on most places on the planet will be on a path to extinction or migration. The entire biosphere will be in migration and this also has profound implications on human social and economic systems. Species whose livelihood billions of people depend on will be migrating to other parts of the environment, potentially devastating large swathes of local economies the world over.
      • Reference:
      • for: futures, futures - Canada, climate impacts, climate impacts - Canada
      • title: CANADA IN THE YEAR 2060
      • author: Anne Shibata Casselman
      • date: Sept., 2023
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    1. Reportage der New York Times über die Folgen der globalen Erhitzung und vieler Eingriffen in die Ökosysteme für den Cowichan River auf Vancouver Island. Anlass ist ein Massensterben von Lachsen und Forellen.Vor allem aufgrund der Hitzewellen und Dürren der vergangenen Jahre kann das Flusssystem, von dem auch indigene Communities abhängen und das für seinen Fischreichtum berühmt war, nur durch aufwändige Schutzmaßnahmen überleben. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/30/world/canada/canada-wildfires-river-salmon.html

    1. What follows is a portrait of Canada in a world warmed by two degrees. This is not what our country will look like if the world fails to reduce emissions—this is our future even if we do.
      • for: Canada's future, climate future - Canada, climate communication, polycrisis communication
      • quote
        • What follows is a portrait of Canada in a world warmed by two degrees. This is not what our country will look like if the world fails to reduce emissions—this is our future even if we do.
      • author: Anne Shibata Casselman
      • date: Aug, 2023
      • source
    1. So far, smart city systems are being set up to appropriate and commercialize individual and community data. So far, communities are not waking up to the realization that a capacity they need is being stolen from them before they have it.”
      • for: smart cities, doughnut cities, cosmolocal, downscaled planetary boundaries, cross-scale translation of earth system boundaries, TPF, community data, local data, open data, community data ownership, quote, quote - Garth Graham, quote - community owned data
      • quote
      • paraphrase
        • Innovation in the creation and sustainability of social institutions acts predominantly at the local level.
        • In the Internet of Things, for those capacities to emerge in smart cities, communities need the capacity to own and analyse the data created that models what they are experiencing.
        • Local data needs to be seen as a common, pool resource.
        • Where that occurs, communities will have the capacity to learn or innovate their way forward.
        • So far, smart city systems are being set up to appropriate and commercialize individual and community data.
        • So far, communities are not waking up to the realization that a capacity they need is being stolen from them before they have it.
      • author: Garth Graham
        • leader of Telecommunities Canada
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    1. Die Rekord Waldbrände in Kanada wo schon einen Monat vor dem Ende der brandsaison eine Fläche von der Größe des US-Bundesstaats Kentucky abgebrannt ist entsprechend den Erkenntnissen der klimawissenschaft über den Zusammenhang von Waldbränden und globaler Erhitzung auch wenn noch keine attributionsstudien vorliegen. Ausführlicher Bericht denn New York Times mit infografiken. Kanada hat sich doppelt so schnell erwärmt wieder weltdurchschnitt, unter anderem durch den Verlust an Schnee und Meeeis.https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2023/07/18/climate/canada-record-wildfires.html

    1. Waldbrände haben in Kanada 8 Millionen Hektar vernichtet. Die Folgen für die kanadische Wirtschaft (u.a. für die Holz-, Bau- und Tourismusbranche) lassen sich noch nicht genau berechnen; Fachleute rechnen mit 0,3-0,6% weniger Wirtschaftswachstum. Älteren Modellierungen zufolge wird die globale Erhitzung in Kanada bis 2050 500.000 Arbeitsplätze vernichten. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/03/business/economy/canada-wildfires-economy.html

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    1. Top reasons Why you should choose Canada to Study

      If you’re considering studying abroad, Canada is an excellent choice. Study in Canada to experience top-quality education with a wide range of programs and degrees that are globally recognized. The country’s inclusive and multicultural environment ensures a welcoming atmosphere for international students, while its reputation for safety and security provides peace of mind. Moreover, Canada offers affordable tuition fees and ample work opportunities, allowing students to gain valuable experience and manage their expenses. With post-graduation work and immigration opportunities, students can pave the way for a successful career and a potential future in Canada.

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    1. Canada is a great place to live. Nowadays, people tend to migrate to other countries in order of better lifestyle or quality education. Therefore, many immigrants choose Canada for a high standard of living.

      Canada is considered one of the best countries in Northern America because it has got residential neighborhood. Many immigrants are attracted to its big cities, top-ranking universities, and beautiful landscapes. This country is popular because it accepts multiculturalism along with maintaining its cultural and religious practices.

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    1. Recommended Resource:

      I recommend adding this doctoral research article on developing open education practices (OEP) in British Columbia, Canada. The scholarly article is released by Open University, a U.K. higher education institution that promotes open education.

      Paskevicius, M. & Irvine, V. (2019). Open Education and Learning Design: Open Pedagogy in Praxis. Open University, 2019(1). DOI: 10.5334/jime.51

      A relevant excerpt from the article reveals the study results that show OEP enhances student learning:

      "Furthermore, participants reflected on how inviting learners to work in the open increased the level of risk and/or potential reward and thereby motivated greater investment in the work. This was articulated by Patricia who suggested “the stakes might feel higher when someone is creating something that’s going to be open and accessible by a wider community” as well as Alice who stated “students will write differently, you know, if they know it’s not just going to their professor.” The practice of encouraging learners to share their work was perceived by Olivia to “add more value to their work,” by showing learners the work they do at university can “have an audience beyond their professors.”"

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    1. Consistently ranked by the UN as one of the best countries for quality of life, the country welcomes International students to experience the Canadian difference!
    1. À l’inverse une hausse de frais de scolarité aura pour effet de favoriser les ménages les mieux nantis dans l’accès à l’éducation. C’est ce que l’Ontario a appris en augmentant les frais de scolarité pour ses programmes de médecine. Cette mesure a eu pour effet de diminuer le nombre de ménages ayant des revenus annuels de moins de 80 000$ qui pouvaient envoyer leur enfant en médecine.
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    1. CANADIAN SOURCES: Canadian Sources: Kim Maser, 9 Gamet Cr.,Sherwood Park, AB, Canada T8A-2R7. (780) 416-7662 evenings between 6 -9 pm MST prairiegrapes@yahoo.ca

      contact groupe d'intérêt source variétés canadiennes nafex en 2008

    1. While he previously recommended using note cards of the same size, the examples in Goutor (1980) have 3x5" cards for bibliographic notes and 5x7" or larger cards for content notes. (p19, 21)

      Is there a reason stated anywhere here for this discrepancy or change? One would ostensibly keep them in different places/sections of one's card index, but does the size difference help to differentiate the two to aid in sorting? Is the larger card intended to hold more long form writing?

      Goutor is in Canada, so were 5x7" cards more common or standardized there in the late 1970s and early 80s?

      A5 measures 148 × 210 millimeters or 5.83 × 8.27 inches, so is a bit larger than 5x7".

      5x7" is a more standard photo size, so was this chosen as the result of storage options from the photography space?

      5x7" is scantly available in America in 2022, but only from Hamilco. A few others make cardstock in that size but not specifically as index cards.

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    1. Studying in Canada University can have a significant impact on your future employment prospects. Whether you are looking to build your career in Canada, abroad, or at home, a Canadian qualification may be a game-changer.
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    1. Skill Level B: technical jobs and skilled trades that usually call for a college diploma or training as an apprentice, such as: chefs plumbers electricians

      educators come here

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    1. ReconfigBehSci [@SciBeh]. (2021, October 1). @alexdefig against this survey data you might set actual uptake figures in France, various Canadian provinces, and Germany after the introduction of passports [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1443955929985159174

    1. Marc Lipsitch. (2021, July 20). At the risk of boiling down too much and certainly losing some detail, one way to summarize this wonderful thread is that when we think about vaccine effectiveness, we should think of 4 key variables: 1 which vaccine, 2 age of the person, 3 how long after vax, 4 vs what outcome. [Tweet]. @mlipsitch. https://twitter.com/mlipsitch/status/1417595538632060931

    1. Prof Peter Hotez MD PhD [@PeterHotez]. (2022, January 30). Canada 🇨🇦 gave us kindness, tolerance, poutine and hockey, and in turn we exported this awful fake health freedom movement linked to far right extremism that caused so much senseless loss of life in America 🇺🇸, and now might do the same there. Our apologies [Tweet]. Twitter. https://twitter.com/PeterHotez/status/1487579598317629441

    1. Pour les programmesanglais ( Jones, 2015) et québé‑cois (Lessard et al., 2010), les septbesoins sont : la santé, l’éducation,le développement comportementalet affectif, l’identité, les relationsfamiliales et sociales, la présenta‑tion de soi, les habiletés à prendresoin de soi



    1. Tyler Black, MD. (2021, December 10). Statistics Canada has been asking kids about mental health during the pandemic. Initially, after the first 5 months (with school shutdowns, summer break, lots of restrictions), more kids said they were better than worse, most reported no change. 86% “No change or better” [/1] https://t.co/3shKtrxEVU [Tweet]. @tylerblack32. https://twitter.com/tylerblack32/status/1469380405451100162

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    1. The Family Soup Company. (2022, February 19). A lesson in how misinformation becomes fact in too many minds. Thread: Meet @SaraCarterDC. Her bio says she’s an award winning correspondent who works with @FoxNews. Three hours ago, Sara tweeted that someone in the occupier demo died after police on horses pushed through. 1/ https://t.co/fpaYDctQVn [Tweet]. @mypoortiredsoul. https://twitter.com/mypoortiredsoul/status/1494912722156331008

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    1. James Melville 💜. (2022, January 27). 50,000 Canadian truckers drive through the night as they continue to make their way to Ottawa this week to protest against COVID mandates and restrictions. #CanadaTruckers #keepontruckin 🇨🇦 https://t.co/Dj6ei8jp5A [Tweet]. @JamesMelville. https://twitter.com/JamesMelville/status/1486620750941413380

    1. Nuclear Fuel Most nuclear reactors use “enriched” uranium, meaning the fuel has a higher concentration of uranium-235 (U-235) isotopes, which are easier to split to produce energy. When it is mined, uranium ore averages less than 1% U-235.9 Milling and enrichment processes crush the ore, use solvents to extract uranium oxide (U3O8, i.e., yellowcake), and chemically convert it to uranium hexafluoride (UF6), which is enriched to increase the U-235 concentration in the fuel. Finally, a fuel fabricator converts UF6 into UO2 powder that is pressed into pellets with 3%-5% U-235 concentrations.10 Uranium can be enriched by gaseous diffusion or gas centrifuge. Both concentrate the slightly lighter U-235 molecules from a gas containing mostly U-238, the former with membrane filters and the latter by spinning. Other technologies are currently in development, with laser enrichment processes closest to commercial viability.11 In 2019, 79 metric tons (mt) of U3O8 were extracted from 6 mines in the U.S.12 The highest grade ore in the U.S. average less than 1% uranium, some Canadian ore is more than 15% uranium.13,14 1% of uranium available at reasonable cost is found in the U.S. The largest deposits are in Australia (28%), Kazakhstan (15%), Canada (9%), and Russia (8%).14 U.S. nuclear plants purchased 22,135 mt of uranium in 2020. Fuel was imported mostly from Canada (22%), Kazakhstan (22%), Russia (15%) and Australia (11%).15 Globally, nuclear power reactors are forecast to require 68,269 mt of uranium in 2021.4

      Abhängigkeiten durch Uran Abbau

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