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  1. Sep 2023
    1. religious ideas contend that a non-physical Consciousness called God was in a good mood at one point so he and it usually is a he created 01:27:18 physicality the material world around us thank you so in those viewpoints Frameworks you're not allowed to ask who or what created God because the answer will be well he 01:27:35 just is and always was so have faith my child and stop asking questions like that [Music] religion or Mythos of materialism philosophy you are not allowed to ask 01:27:46 what created physical energy if you do the answer will be the big bang just happened it was this energy in a point that just was and always will be so have faith my child and don't ask questions 01:28:00 that can't be answered
      • for: adjacency: adjacency - monotheistic religions and maerialism
      • adjacency between
        • monotheistic religion
        • materialist / physicalist scientific theories
      • adjacency statement:
        • Good observation of an adjacency, although not all religions hold those views, and even in those religions, those are those views are held by less critical thinkers.
          • In the more contemplative branches of major world religions, there is a lot of deep, critical thinking that is not so naive.
  2. Aug 2022
    1. Lucas, C., Vogels, C. B. F., Yildirim, I., Rothman, J. E., Lu, P., Monteiro, V., Gelhausen, J. R., Campbell, M., Silva, J., Tabachikova, A., Peña-Hernandez, M. A., Muenker, M. C., Breban, M. I., Fauver, J. R., Mohanty, S., Huang, J., Shaw, A. C., Ko, A. I., Omer, S. B., … Iwasaki, A. (2021). Impact of circulating SARS-CoV-2 variants on mRNA vaccine-induced immunity. Nature, 1–9. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41586-021-04085-y

  3. Jan 2022
  4. Apr 2021
    1. «Doué d’une naïveté maladive, il vivait plus que les autres.» “Compulsively naive, he was living more than others were.”
  5. Feb 2021
    1. An early optimism that the system might evade many of the unwanted constraints of society has been replaced today with a realization that the internet is all too susceptible to societal and human frailties, with limited avenues for accountability or redress.

      "early optimism" is a nicer spin on what is often described as naivete, technological solutionism or privileged myopia. But this is also a clear and honest statement.

  6. Oct 2020
    1. Zeus no longer turned his radiant eyes toward Troy, for in his heart he did not believe a single one of the immortal gods would move                                   10 to give assistance to the Trojans or Danaans.

      Interesting Zeus would feel this way considering the interference from gods in past chapters. Yes, Zeus has asserted his dominance but I think it is rather un becoming of him to think that other gods would simply forget about the mortal men who fuel their existence. At least it is clear to me that there would be further foul play.

  7. May 2020
  8. Sep 2016
    1. Then they had to learn what the little marks on paper represented. They also had to know the meaning of space and lines and pages. They had learned cultural rules like “move your eyes from left to right, from the top of the page to the bottom.” They had to know that a sentence at the bottom of a page continues on the top of the next page.

      cultural knowledge

    2. concern with the meaning of actions and events to the people we seek to understand

      ethnography- learning about other people

    3. the almost universal belief that all people define the real world of objects, events, and living creatures in pretty much the same way.

      definition of naive realism

    4. naive realism, the almost universal belief that all people define the real world of objects, events, and living creatures in pretty much the same way.