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  1. Mar 2024
    1. The wine she drinks is made ofgrapes.

      As opposed to Jesus's blood? Does this imply she is a fake? And that she wears a facade?

    2. Her eye must be fed, and what delight shall she haveto look on the devil?

      Why is the Moor considered the devil? Because of his skin color? And what does skin color have to do with all of it again?

  2. Jan 2024
    1. For when my outward action doth demonstrateThe native act and figure of my heartIn compliment extern, ’tis not long afterBut I will wear my heart upon my sleeveFor daws to peck at. I am not what I am

      His duplicity is so extreme that he simply cannot define himself as he says "I am not what I am". It is ironic because his hate for Cassio is the same as what he is -- a dishonest witch who pretends to be righteous man. Does this indicate he hates himself as well?

    2. Whip me such honest knaves. Others there areWho, trimmed in forms and visages of duty,Keep yet their hearts attending on themselvesAnd, throwing but shows of service on their lords,Do well thrive by them. And when they have lined theircoats,Do themselves homage.

      The true colors of Iago, ironically just like what he hated Cassio for, the sly and two-faced witchery



  3. Jan 2023
    1. In addition to the corona pandemic and the climate crisis, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine is currently the dominant topic. In this context, false and misleading claims are regularly circulating on social media. On Facebook ( archived ), for example, a share pic has been circulating in recent weeks, showing a Billa bill. The last point on the bill is "Donation Ukraine". In the text about it it is claimed that the supermarket would charge five euros donation for Ukraine without asking.


  4. Jan 2022
    1. To be perfectly frank, this proposal seems far more about creating the appearance of safety than addressing an actual deficit in application correctness. I'm not questioning the value in detecting unhandled promises (resolved OR rejected) as a development tool for calling attention to a potentially undesired flow... but just like other lint rules, this belongs in tooling and NOT the execution environment.
  5. Jul 2021
  6. May 2021
    1. He had never before seen or imagined a woman of the Party with cosmetics on her face. The improvement in her appearance was startling. With just a few dabs of colour in the right places she had become not only very much prettier, but, above all, far more feminine. Her short hair and boyish overalls merely added to the effect. As he took her in his arms a wave of synthetic violets flooded his nostrils. He remembered the half-darkness of a basement kitchen, and a woman's cavernous mouth. It was the very same scent that she had used; but at the moment it did not seem to matter. 'Scent too!' he said. 'Yes, dear, scent too. And do you know what I'm going to do next? I'm going to get hold of a real woman's frock from somewhere and wear it instead of these bloody trousers. I'll wear silk stockings and high-heeled shoes! In this room I'm going to be a woman, not a Party comrade.'

      defining what it is to be a woman? problematic, but interesting.

  7. Feb 2021
  8. Dec 2020
    1. valac produces C source and header files from Vala source files as if you've written your library or application directly in C. Using a Vala library from a C application won't look different than using any other GObject-based library.
  9. Oct 2020
    1. please

      I think this is the first and only time the word 'please' is uttered in the story. And I would not have expected it to come from the young girl. There's something very seemingly obnoxious yet profoundly mysterious about this girl. She pleads to wait in the car, finally not exposed or seen by others. It sounds like her appearance has shaped her life and defined much of her identity thus far, but she's fighting not to let it be everything (e.g., she's seeing through people who are staring at her). Symbolically, when her dark coat, perhaps symbolizing her beauty as a curse rather than a blessing or her rude demeanor, falls, revealing her opposite-colored skin, and, "like a flower... emerging from its dark bud, " she's becoming herself again.

  10. May 2020
  11. Feb 2020
    1. A YOUNG Lady of distinguished Birth, Beauty, Wit, and Spirit,

      As described in the novel, different classes had different perceptions of the way each class was supposed to dress and act like, making how someone dressed or acted an easy indicator of what social status they were a part of. Fantomina depicts this recognition of social differences when the author is describing the woman in the pit, “by her Air and Manner of receiving them, might easily be known to be one of those who come there for no other Purpose, than to create Acquaintance with as many as seem desirous of it”. The outward appearance and attitude of this woman in the pit would seem to indicate that this woman is of lower class. This indication is due to her personality that would be considered improper and extremely scandalous at the time. In comparison, the author describes the protagonist as, “A YOUNG Lady of distinguished Birth, Beauty, Wit, and Spirit”. This gleaming description of our protagonist completely overshadows the lackluster description of the lady in the pit. The extreme separation in outward appearance between the protagonist and the woman in the pit shows the fact that during the 18th century, outward appearance and personality were an easy indicator of what social class a person belongs to.

  12. Jan 2020
    1. presents

      In Ben Fowkes translation in the Penguin edition, we find "The wealth of societies…appears as."

      In the German edition, Marx uses the verb erscheint ('scheint' shares an etymological link to the English word, shine.)

      On p. 127, Marx uses the Hegelian expression, Erscheinungsform (form of appearance). In this edition, it is rendered "the phenomenal form."

      Marx uses this term to describe the way that, in order for exchange-values to present an equivalence between two distinct use-values (i.e. x corn, y silk) they must possess some common element of identical magnitude. As exchange-values, commodities "cannot be anything other than the mode of expression, the 'form of appearance' [Erscheinungsform], of a content distinguishable from it," (Karl Marx. Capital, Vol. I, p. 127)

    1. Ever since Plato, there have been people who worried about whether we can gain access to Reality, or whether the finitude of our cognitive faculties makes such access impossible.

      The question!

    2. We would express our sense of finitude not by comparing our humanity with something nonhuman but by comparing our way of being human with other, better ways that may someday be adopted by our descendants.

      How does getting rid of the Reality-Appearance distinction help us do this?

  13. Apr 2019
    1. About Us

      I have no complaints this page, as it is perfectly functional. However, I will posit that Lauren and my site having pictures of our pets instead of ourselves was way cuter, so there!

    1. Significance

      This page being at least three times the length of the other primarily text ones is kind of weird and overwhelming.

    1. utlet.

      I like the below clipping, but I also cannot read any of the text save the headline, which is rather an irritance.

    1. ate ca

      All the graphs and images here are very nice and informative, as well as aesthetically appealing. I especially enjoy how you managed to have your graphs and charts use the same colour scheme as your website.

    1. arin Perry, a

      The big pages being inserted in do annoy me somewhat in that they make this page far longer than the others I have been on so far, but I suppose that is justified.

    1. Glass by Ellen

      I absolutely love this top banner. It is gorgeous, and the subtitle is a nice reference to the topic of the website. That may be my own bias toward purple, black, and grey, however.

  14. Feb 2019
    1. “We ask only for justice and equal rights—the right to vote, the right to our own earnings, equality before the law. ”

      The quotes on this page don't match the rest of them font and size wise.

    1. I like that the heading of each page is exactly the same, as well as the consistent use of quotes at the top of the historical pages.

    1. How can a rational being be ennobled by any thing that is not obtained by its own exertions?

      I love the idea of putting quotes into the different pages! it's looks nice and it's infomative

    1. Lincoln's Biography

      The red, black, and white text colors and boxes allow for text visibility, simple design, and easy-to-navigate webpages.

    2. Lincoln Digitization Project

      The site's simple color scheme allows for easy reading, yet the serif font gives a sense of historical importance and nostalgia.

    1. I believe the use of historical photos in the text allows for not only an eye-catching display, but for a clear message and point of interest.

  15. Feb 2018
    1. Visitors to Women and Social Movements in the U.S.: Please be advised that the database is transitioning to a new platform in February, March and April. During those months this transition process may limit the functionality of some of the database's features. Thank you for your patience as technical teams at Alexander Street work to create an exciting new version of Women and Social Movements.

      One of the things I noticed about this website was that it looks kind of outdated. Not in the sense that it's not updated with current information or that it's not reliable, but more in the way that it feels very old. With the newer and newer technology, I'm glad they're updating their appearance so that it can be even more appealing.


      I feel like this section kind of comes out of no where. and I'm still kind of confused about how they are a historical website but they also have journal issues? The pictures are eye catching but also throw off the aesthetic of the page.

    3. Browse

      The navigation bar being constantly visible and accessible on the side is something I know Sean wants on the our website and I'm inclined to agree. I think it makes the site easily approachable and accessible.

    4. I don't like how small the font is. I think it makes the site title page look cluttered.

    5. There's different ways to browse the website which I really like. I'm not sure how feasible it would be to include a search bar on our website, but I would like that feature.

  16. Oct 2013
    1. Gorgias said that you should kill your opponents' earnestness with jesting and their jesting with earnestness;

      This will only work, though, if your audience looks to you as some sort of authority figure - if you don't seem to know what you're talking about, I think that doing what Gorgias suggests would only make you look foolish.

  17. Sep 2013