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  1. Jul 2023
    1. So what you end up having is in positions of power that are particularly dangerous, psychopaths are much more likely to seek those positions of power because they don't view the danger as a threat to them.
      • dark triad trait people do not see threat in a rational way
        • they think they can defeat the threat
    2. One of the interesting things about my job is I go around the world, and sometimes I sit down with former heads of state in authoritarian countries, people who basically were dictators 01:02:25 or despots until a few years ago. And what's striking about these people is that they have basically inhabited the ideal world for a Machiavellian narcissistic psychopath, somebody with the dark triad traits.
      • dictators have extreme amounts of the dark triad trait
    3. for the most part, if you're high on the psychopathy score, you're usually pretty high on the narcissism and Machiavellian score as well.
      • the dark triad
        • these three traits usually occur together
    4. dark triad traits
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    1. trait

      A trait is a characteristic of an organism. These can be determined by the environment, genes, or interactions within the traits. A genotype is the trait being genetically passed on to the offspring.

    1. law of dominance

      This law tells us that in a heterozygote, one trait is going to mask the presence of another trait that holds the same characteristic. Only the dominant allele will be expressed instead of both.

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